Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"Write Poems for the Stars" for the beautiful soul of the water sign )

Cancer Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

do you have an idea in mind to write a book? Write a primer, write a two chapter, and talk to a publisher. If you are a player, you may get the role you are dreaming of, and find a good mentor to help you perform the role. No matter what progress you make in communication, editing, writing, translating, trading, research, social media, PR, publishing, or advertising-you'll do well. Your third house of Exchange will be illuminated by friendly planets-Jupiter, Mercury, the sun and the lunar eclipse of September 1. These wonderful planets will be your good friends and help you succeed.

It is likely to travel this month. If you pack your bags, you'll enjoy a good stay and you'll love where you go. Choose a near destination. If you are looking for a destination, choose a tree-lined place with a mountain view. Because many planets congregate in Virgo, you will enjoy the green and fresh nature. Finally, during this busy eclipse, you are likely to receive information about siblings. (Recommended reading: for their own design a trip "heart"! )

Then there are more trips, but the full moon of September 16 may be an international or long-distance trip. Many things will come to the surface, mostly about learning and knowledge. You may go back to school or pursue an advanced degree. Or you are busy finishing a project that is published and live. The stressed Nineth House also governs in-laws and distant relatives, so it may be necessary to greet them. Mars will be in a difficult angle, and you may feel that there are too many things to deal with and seek help from others.

In this magical September, Jupiter will move to the new constellation, one of the most significant changes of the 2016, because it will enter Libra on September 9 and will not leave until October 10, 2017. The homestead side of the business will be very bright. Home is the most important area of cancer, so this trend will make you happy and help you turn your home into a delightful place.

September 25, 26th You may get an exciting message about your family, probably your parents or a property. You might buy or sell a house, or rent or rent an apartment or a vacation home. This is the best one months since 12 for handling the homestead business. If your down payment is not enough, ask your parents, who may be surprisingly generous.

Mercury will be retrograde almost all month. But starting September 22 will restart the line. Do not sign any contracts until then. This month is not a good place to rush, even if you're under pressure or feel you've got the clout to make a decision, it's good for you to push backwards. Mercury will be retrograde in the area of your agreement, making the signing more uncomfortable. If you sign any contract, you will need to revise or renegotiate it later. Do it again in the last week of September.

About love, you will be in September 27 to November 8 to pay attention to your partner, because Mars this time in your pair of Palace Capricorn. Your cooperation Palace will also have Pluto, which means your partner may have strong opinions. You may need to convince your partner to do some of the changes in your life. For most people, this can happen to your partner. But it is also possible that you will need to discuss some plans and decisions with your business partners. You may not be able to control the whole situation, so try to keep a discussion before Mars comes to cancer.

If you are single, Venus will come to Scorpio, a wonderful place, and you will find some flash moments this month to meet a lot of interesting people. If you do not have a partner, you will find your love, because your magnetic field will be very strong.

The new moon of September 30 is the best New Moon of the year. It's a perfect time for a homestead-related business. The new moon and Jupiter are combined, you may be out of budget, but eventually the value of the matter is exceeded. If you are looking for a new place to live, it will be a sunny, spacious room and closet, and perhaps even a beautiful house.

Translation: star translation Agency/ translator: Who Who who (I like to see the story of the Angry Youth ~)

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 21)

As a scorpion, you like to spend a lot of time alone. Pluto, your master, teaches you to focus your energies on a single goal and never distract yourself from your thoughts and actions. Because of this wish you, you will like the following month, when Jupiter enters Libra, the first time is 2004 years to 2005 years. You will prepare for the best year of your life, and your era begins in October 2017. Although it seems remote, you need time to think about what you expect to achieve in the 13 months of October 2017 to November 2018. (Recommended reading:After 30 years of age: Dream to achieve, "failure" is the only way)

An important and rare year is on the horizon, and preparation is crucial. Remember the five or six things that have made you happiest in your life in the past. Don't spend too much time on this issue-write down the first thing that pops into your head. You are entering a new cycle, deciding what to keep, what to remove, what to keep away from, as a new beginning.

Think about your goals. What have you left behind that you don't deserve now? which are no longer interested in enthusiastic chasing? Add a new target to your list. The more you prepare, the better your year will be. The water counter continues from the beginning of the month until September 22, so the cancellation and delay will be released, your plan will be open, you will have more time to plan your life in which way to spend more satisfied.

There are two more eclipse this month. Although you are not the most sociable constellation on the Zodiac, the September 1 eclipse will persuade you to take part in lavish events such as weddings or other celebrations. The new moon eclipse in Virgo illuminates your 11 palaces-friendships, events, and contacts. New Moon Opens the way, you will make important contact, a person will become your close friend. Saturn and your Guardian spark star are bad at this eclipse, so you're worried about the cost of attending the event.

But you'll probably be there anyway-it seems like an important thing to remember for a long time. Jupiter, combined with Mercury, advises his hosts to treat their guests with a lot of expense, like the royal family, where you will meet many fashionable, successful people and be stimulated by conversation.

The second eclipse, September 16, is the full moon eclipse, which will bring in a romantic relationship within the next week. By then, you will set priorities, including what you want to see in a relationship. If you are unhappy sometimes, you may break up now. If you are happy, you may decide to get engaged, and if you have a happy marriage or a commitment to build a relationship, you will be more intimate.

Why is a eclipse likely to lead to a breakup or commitment? Food encounters will feel to any extreme. Perhaps you may choose to have a child (if this is one of your dreams), this is the ideal moment for this idea. On the September 16 lunar eclipse, you may draw up a special plan for the children you already have. When eclipse occurs, there is no intermediate option-everything is either black or white to help you see and decide what is really important.

At the end of the month, you may decide to travel and let yourself breathe some fresh air in a beautiful environment and give yourself a little time away from the one months that are full of changes and activities. The New moon, September 30 at the end of the month, is lovely, giving you a chance to enjoy a comfortable vacation in a secluded place. You will want a luxurious accommodation, a place near the water, perhaps on a small island. Your fiscal tightening will ease-the sun and Jupiter meet in 26 in September, bringing a professional breakthrough that makes you happy to dance on the table.

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Joyce Lau leisurely (although not to, yearn. )

Pisces piseces (February 19 ~ March 20)

Two times this month: the first is the September 1 fall into Pisces to the palace of the Virgo Moon Eclipse, the cooperation, interpersonal, emotional issues as the focus of attention. You may get engaged, married, or have a business partnership this month. A bunch of planets are crammed into seven palaces representing Pisces ' partnership and marriage-including the good fortune of Jupiter, the messenger of Mercury, the sun, and the eclipse of the Virgo Moon (bringing opportunities).

The eclipse needs more fish and fish to communicate and discuss. The Earth-fire double star has a negative phase with the eclipse, which means that there are difficulties and obstacles that you need to overcome. If you are not satisfied with your current partner, you may want to replace the old one. The hydration phase of the wood makes the September 1 eclipse generally a positive effect.

It's not a good time to make a commitment, whether it's business or emotional, because Mercury is retrograde until September 23. When Mercury is in poor condition, things tend to become ambiguous, so it is not appropriate to make formal plans, commitments, etc. It's better not to start a new job. However, a previous employer or company is not the only one-because you are not building new relationships, but the continuation and advancement of the previous relationship. Or, for a long time before the water was reversed, you signed the contract, such as August, without prejudice to the new job. (same field Gayon: interview W TAIPEI insider Xu Neu Yu: If this job only makes you feel happy, you should leave )

The second is the full moon eclipse of September 16, falling into Pisces, which means that something important to you grows to the point. The eclipse makes those vital interpersonal and emotional. At the same time, thanks to the generosity of Jupiter and the sun, fish and fish will also get a well-paid job, if you do it, it is now possible to sign the deep pockets of new customers. In addition, it is expected to receive good news related to physical health. This Full moon food is a grand gift to you-the benefits I have just mentioned may come in turn or at the same time.

Then, September 30, the friendliest New Moon of the year 2016 falls into the eight palaces that represent the money of others. A few days after the new moon, you will see a large amount of money recorded. The money may be the prize, but the eight House represents a possible form of money, including commissions, bonuses, bonuses, licence fees, royalties, VCs or sponsorships, legacies, etc. So that's why I suggest you buy a lottery ticket, but don't spend too much money on it-because you don't know which area of the eight house is your lucky zone. Anyway, you just got what you deserve.

Although, this month is better for those who have a partner or have started to work together, but if you are single, you can still enjoy Venus on September 23 after entering the same water constellation Scorpio. Until September 27, when Mars enters Capricorn, Love will be hotter than ever. Mars will be transported here to November 9. The God of War will light the 11 house that represents Pisces's social life. Need to be in the limelight more opportunities, so much to prepare themselves for a few clothes, gold fire collaboration, only for you oh ~ You will become the focus of attention, all kinds of harvest admirers eyes!

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Clover (steady)