Shu Qi and Stephen Wedding news, known as "gold leftover" Lin Chi-ling, also so repeatedly by the media pressed why not married. But the happy ending more than one kind, the woman may love like Shu Qi, will sign the marriage certificate with the sex, can also make like Lin Ling's choice, concentrates in pursues oneself wants the life, but does not have to be in a relationship. (Extended reading: only This "happy" woman: Lin Chi-ling does not marry, social what? )

Shu Qi and Stephen Love for years, but two people always don't recognize gossip, only good friends, two people in 3rd without warning announced: "Well yes, we married!" 」。 The move shocked all walks of life, but also led to the media crazy chasing the dynamic of the leftover. (Recommended reading: Shu Qi's marriage is exactly, not finally )

Media pointed to last October, the three "gold leftover" Lin Chi-ling, Shu Qi, lam heart such as in Huangxiaoming and Angelababy century wedding is rare for the first photo, at that time the three people are not accompanied by men, can only carry each other's hands to "warm each other." And six months later, Lin heart such as with Huojianhua just finish the wedding, Shu Qi also suddenly into marriage, Ling Ling seems to become outdated, unable to meet the people imagine happy ending.

The media that 41-Year-old Lin Chi-ling, in the three girls of the oldest, love history is the most needy, for many years only wandering in a small Chuis and artists say Xu, hope sister can quickly terminate the identity of the female. But what is the "problem" of Lin Chi-ling single, worthy of the media to repeat the book her happiness play? It was as if her life needed to be added to the marriage to be a complete success.

Lin Chi-ling's happiness play only one end?

Single will die, do not get married will be sentenced Ah, the community of my discrimination is deep enough, you do not question the world, but also with them to discriminate against me ah! --"The Remnant is king"

Shu Qi married news, the media immediately impatient to ask Lin Chi-Ling's response, Lin Chi-ling smiled self-mockery: "Gold iron triangle only a little, then I want to refuel a little more!" "There's a repetitive stereotype behind easy words, let people see the society's demand for single women has never been less, with" life to marry as normal "vision," single is a heterogeneous "view of life is still the same, society still cannot respect everyone's different choice of lifestyle.

Looking back on Taiwan's society, when all the mainstream ideology, values unanimously praised the "paired", have asked "When can I receive your bomb?" "And to bless you as soon as you find the right man", single is not a kind of career planning that can be justly uttered, but is regarded as an unspeakable life-like state.

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From "Loser Dog" to "leftover woman", those unmarried older women are always ridicule is the marriage market failure candidate, is the rest of the discard, you are a new era of economic independence of women? Anyway, it still ends up Gulao life. Woman 30 pull alarm, age becomes an invisible demarcation, the lucky and unfortunate woman in two, once crossed this red line, but not smooth into marriage, then will be rudely attributed to the list.

Everyone in your ear, girls do not put too much thought on the cause of the old, otherwise no one wants. But why can't women choose to be single? In the United States, France, Sweden and other countries, single population accounted for more than half of the whole, whether single, cohabitation or marriage, nothing but a personal choice of lifestyle. The happy ending is not only the prince and the princess holding hands for a lifetime, whether it is a housewife or a career woman, women deserve to choose a path of their own.

There are more and more women want to achieve their own first, rather than to fulfill the family, but how to enter the siege is still a woman's most important life issues, not obediently follow the footsteps of people, anxiety and panic will follow. From Lin Chi-ling three not five o'clock ridicule oneself "no object", and then to Kovinge said unmarried women is "national security Crisis", the society constantly intimidate single women to be careful of time wasted, too pick the end is step on the "old Maid" of the No return. (Recommended reading: not agree with Ke p"unmarried female crisis theory" three reasons )

What kind of life do you want?

I hope I will marry in the future because of love. --"The Remnant is king"

The contemporary woman no longer is the family accessory, breaks through the past "the male outside, the female Lord inside" the established limit, may not depend on other people's life, does not need through the marriage to exchange "the long-term food stamps", therefore the love surpasses the economic consideration, becomes the woman to pursue ego's virtue. Do not love, would rather not marry, also do not want to condescend to a certain unnecessary relationship.

Scholar Anthony Giddens pointed out that in Western Europe in the 18th century, women's pursuit of romantic love and the emergence of the novel almost abreast of the times. So we see in the classic Pride and Prejudice, Miss Elizabeth was not afraid of her mother's chatter, not like her friend Charlotte chose to marry the rich Collins, in exchange for economic stability, she recognized that marriage is not the necessities of life, if marriage is not for love, it is better to live alone.

Li Jihong, a Chinese translator, says that "Pride and Prejudice" depicts three kinds of marriages: the first, represented by the Collins, is a marriage based on economic conditions; The second, represented by the Wickham, is a marriage based on sexual attraction; the third, represented by the Darcy couple and the Bentley, is a marriage based on love.

In women are generally expected to become mothers and wives, otherwise will be reduced to the streets of the big environment, the marriage based on love seems too thin, so more appear to be Elizabeth Maverick, in the process of communication with men, she does not bluff, but also do not wronged themselves, and focus on the pursuit of their own longing for love and life.

But in modern times, women come into the workplace and want to walk into different lives, good wife, good mother's expectation is still the same, make them not allowed to have the choice of wayward, others to your life than hand draw feet, irony is you too pick, also do not scale their own weight, false results are waiting to be left. (Recommended reading: leftover?) Just too honest to lie to myself .

We can be Shu Qi, in the sea ferry for many years, only to sign the marriage certificate with the sex; we can also be Lin Chi-ling, but also in the crowd looking for the warmth of the palm, not the marriage as the only value of life.

To the choice of life back to women, whether to make up to love a person, or not will be in the relationship of the stubborn, may the world can embrace the desire of every woman, let a woman to have no intention of other people's vision of the emboldened, obstinate to live their own life. (same field Gayon: Let's talk about female and victorious women: the freedom of economic and emotional independence )