single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Shu Qi married , your face book dynamic wall on the moment out full of blessings, people say "she finally married", for Shu Qi Lucky she finally completed the most important level of life. You look at the wedding photos of her happy and calmly smiling face, found that worry, anxiety, waiting for the audience are the definition of their own, Shu Qi's marriage is not playing electric and other broken off to solve the achievements, is the right person to join hands, yes, marriage should be so. (Recommended to you: from Metime to wetime: Marriage should be a long, also let off )

Shu Qi married, face book full of related dynamics, many people say so, "finally."

Showbiz news may be hard to distinguish, but Shu Qi always let people feel that love is so without hesitation. Her name with many people together, each a vigorous, even if the tragic end, she face the camera smile, but also a kind of solemn and stirring beauty.

Many people say that she is waiting for marriage, she still openly wear white yarn, pick up flowers, as a good sister of the Maid of Honor. Media sealed her for four gold female, she chic to turn around, simply take a piece of the remainder of the king. From the drama "left" to the play, she put the older single this thing, live into a unique amorous feelings. Lazy calmly, she chose to go her own way, no one to disturb. (Would you like: leftover?) Just too honest to lie to myself .

Spell the cause to fight into golden horse, love can also no less talk about, she has its own pace, outside again noisy, her fengzi still so charming and enchanting. (Recommended reading: Golden Horse viewers in the hearts of the most regrettable remnant bead!) Shu Qi: I want to move forward

News has been to speculate on her emotional trends, every play is more than one gossip lover. She had never been quiet or frightened to deny it. Answer, you believe or not believe, she can not be free to control. If it is not to expose the marriage, we can not see her heart has been parked for four years, in a place worthy of habitat in the harbor.

So people say "finally", because distressed her devotion to love, because of worry about her happiness, because look forward to her integrity. (same field Gayon:"wedding not married illustration column" We love, still embrace "one person" complete )

But we are not Shu Qi.

People end up in their whole lives, but they are looking for a similar one. Perseverance is not a loss, happiness without others to give, a person is enough complete.

If it is not Shu Qi, we will not know that marriage is not the end of life, but two of people meet.

I hope our marriage is like Shu Qi, just "exactly", not "finally".