The recent South Korean film popular "Corpse Speed Train", gave us a default scene: The end of the train, you have 15 carriages of the amount, you will choose how to go forward? At the end of the day, what are your human values ? How would you choose to live for yourself? From "Corpse speed train" more can see improper strongest father's softness, and the rise of the feminine power new life. (content micro-ray, please read as appropriate)

Seoul went to Busan's KTX high-speed train, father and daughter sit on the car still have nothing to say, the girl was born last night, Dad was out of the sulk, father tired tilt head to sleep, not far away, a pair of sisters divided the draft boiled eggs, a baseball team noisily occupy a car, I thought this is the prelude of the Youth Idol drama.

When the door closed, a girl staggered into the car, look strange, murmured a few sorry, dragged foot forward, who do not know, the end will come.

The end of my heart is actually "corpse speed train" such, is not the beginning of earth-shattering, zombie servant Street, but from every tiny daily life began to collapse. Just still the female conductor, how suddenly body twisted, mouth bite? Have not recognized the bite of the human monster is what, first heard the government through the radio vigorously broadcast, we will be fine the government has been controlling the situation in the sky lies.

The worst of the end is not the sudden arrival, but the slow erosion of your fear, the infiltration of your fears into your skin, and the decay of a more terrifying heart than a zombie.

When the world is about to lean down, a few figures run small, they carry their own fate, they all want to go home.

The parent-child time of the corpse-speed train: Not the strongest father on the surface, but the father who confessed.

Protagonist one appearance, is a dereliction of duty of single parents, he remembers his daughter show Ann Birthday, do not remember that he had already in the children's Day sent the same gift, he tried to catch up with the time, he put the love copy in The notebook, can end up still work important. (Recommended reading: Family Photography Collection: 24 years old, I started to know dad )

A corpse-speed train, let him spend the longest time with his daughter Shuan, fled the zombie long day, he slowly learned how to close to his daughter.

They run through a section of a car, at first glance, a lot of pictures are Xiu Ann wide eyes at a loss, he picked up the daughter fled, do not forget the backhand beat off a few zombies, his white shirt splashed with blood, like a little girl hero. But this film is not so Hollywood, no one really is invincible hero.

If we look carefully, when he whispered to show Ann, the extraordinary period to be recited to himself, do not think to help others, Xiu-Ann will wrinkle the brow said, but grandma is so foot pain; when Xiu-Ann found that his father is only willing to live, regardless of other lives, she cried to him, "Dad, is because you only think of yourself, MOM will leave you." "She doesn't want to see her father worse than a zombie," she said.

Corpse speed train time to cry me, such a father in front of the zombie eyes do not blink, in front of the daughter can be fragile, he knew he felt guilty, he did not want to become such an adult. He made me see the Father's love, the focus is never protected, but in the ability to bow down to admit mistakes. (same field recommendation: write before Father's Day happy: How I wish you were really, a happy Father )

In the Korean self-interest, selfishness is very easy, a little daughter at the end of the zombie, to send a revelation to dad, you follow what kind of value and live, you become what kind of person. Every person you hesitate to save, every door you decide to close, will remind you again who you are.

Ggong does not need to be a new generation of the most powerful dad, he can be a closer to the father of the daughter.

Human beings and zombies who cannot be clearly divided

"Corpse speed Train" in the portrayal of more vivid characters, the pregnant woman, strong body health of the garrulous husband, mutual support sisters, love just budding baseball team small couple, anxious to survive the big boss.

Zombies crashed not only doors and windows, but all clear laws and all the way without any doubt on the goodness of the trust. World turmoil, by the way liberated all the hidden values, some with goodwill, some with gizzard, some lifting the feet, all the blade, rescue, betrayal and friendship, can happen in a small compartment.

Humans and zombies across the window of the car, more often, afraid of their own, gradually with the zombie confused face. "Corpse speed Train" asked us, if the loss of human nature, it is still alive? Is there a difference between the zombies?

Disaster current, may force the most ugly or the most good appearance, "corpse speed Train" one side by the protagonist and supporting actor, playing a righteous awakening of the banner, on the other hand, we understand that, in the end, no one is really the most heinous, even if the living pushed to the zombie big Boss is also. I remember well, he limped out of the car at the last moment, the zombie ruthless bite a big mouth, last gasps, the mouth of the broken read in his address in Busan, he said, "uncle, help me good, send me home, I really want to go home." 」

Or the little window, the baseball boy looked at the girl who had just been bitten in his arms, and suddenly he could not walk away from the world without her, does it mean living alone?

Are there any bad people in the world? At that moment, I suddenly did not know, all my hate is gone, I only know that everyone is good want to go home, everyone has exhausted the strength to go home. Some people discard everything, including the body and the value of human, still can not go back, some people go to the end, but left alone. (Recommended to you:"A poem A Memory" at the end of the world, Miss waiting for you to return to the people )

Everyone is betting, in order to go home, how much I pay as a person's price? Will I lose my face as a human being? Do I accept myself as such? "Corpse speed Train" do not have to sprinkle a large number of plasma, doomsday scenarios, the test is often the heart, the stirring is always human nature.

The last few scenes, pregnant women and Shuan finally get off in Busan, this road is very long ah, they walked into the deep caves, Xiu-Ann slowly sang the song that should have been given to dad, she knew this song can take them to a very far place. When the world is destroyed, when human nature disappears, they will by virtue of the long been the screen discarded, negative force, step-by-step reconstruction of the world, open their eyes, it will be a flesh and blood, zombie sprites, but waiting for the newborn world, as pregnant women belly children.