single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "BJ single Diary" 15 years later, you can love again? From the girl to the ripe female, Briggie finally also toward the second half of life, but, she also cherished the courage of the girl, every time a crash, all have to exhaust strength, love worthy of the heart. (same field Gayon: single diary: "BJ pregnant" I like you, is the way you are)

You often think that after 30 years of life will not appear too dog blood script, presumably at that time, you have to drive a good car hobby people, have a stable tenure of the day. More than 20 years old in the workplace, in the fall of love you think so, these failures, are just to make you step-by-step towards success. (Recommended reading: "Teen Revolution" The failure of theNew Century Aesthetics: "Refused to become" a model of the girl )

that desperately lose weight or thin not down life ah, say yes not Get drunk and face it. a one-night stand wakes up alone in the morning , in Love in the more than 10 years of the game, or a person blowing birthday candles, there are always some moments, too many moments, we like "BJ single Diary" of the Briggie, as a silly sister.

For 15 years, Briggie's red diary for the Red IPad, everything is progressing, she would rather be a stubborn person. Briggie likes to live so childish and not play tricks. She always thought that men are all trouble, always come to screw up my life. It sounds ambitious, but when it's time to fall, there's no doubt about him.

This kind of living, let society to you very disappointed. The following code of independent women doesn't work on you.

"Neither tempt him nor sneer at him, but make an indifferent and restrained ice-lady." 」
"The way to get a man's heart is not with beauty, food, sex, or an attractive personality, but to be capable of showing no interest in him." 」

you are a big woman in the workplace, does not mean not to do love little Women, women's titles or large or small, you do whatever you want. Dear Briggie, we are not clever in the face of sincerity. In fact, you do not need to have a better self, because you are weak, confessed, clumsy, so that you are not false to live your life. Briggie said to Mr. Darcy: "I hate you for drinking and smoking, and your nagging mother, but I just love the way you are" she wants to like herself.

"You can't make the same mistake, but ... you can't make it." 」

So you crazy after the youth can be very wild, like Briggie do a ridiculous light ripe female, in the old Love and New World, pregnant don't know who father is, in stability and enthusiasts through you still shaken.

You know, not to live a happy life from now on so simple, you are such a woman to the present, your failure justly. Love is not perfect, life may betray you, so you have to give up on their own, in spite of failure, but also to make their own appreciation of the posture.

Dear Briggie, The greater the living, life is not afraid of turning, not afraid of losing face, also need not care how to live standard. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Holly's Confession, I love you but I never belong to you )