"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. Last week, you had a deal with yourself , and then there was action. Sports let me get a lot of learning is quiet, know how quiet people know how to accompany themselves, to go every difficult road. (same field Gayon: gender observation: Olympic sex scenery, women's freedom of movement is a great effort to exchange for)

began to exercise, I still dragged myself to go, although with their own agreement, it is inevitable a little absent-minded. The body moves, the head does not forget to turn, also has many things and so on doings wherever, in the gym steps the bicycle the pace, feebly, the turtle speed forward, saw the heavy training equipment, hurried to leave. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" movement does not serve the fish line, but also to the body its due time )

A sports friend looked at me, smiled and said you are so not attentive, simply do not exercise it. Exercise time is not make up, exercise needs attention, need your complete care, exercise is your relationship with the body, have a period of time only for the sweat of their own.

In this noisy world, the movement needs is really many people unbearable quiet, quiet originally so difficult.

The course of the movement, as if everything is particularly slow, the world quiet down, I finally heard their own breathing, I noticed that their back bladder oozing sweat, I feel the tension of their muscles slowly release, I am so rare to find that the body is here, and I together.

Many people shout that sports are boring, but maybe boredom is the focus of the movement, because we don't really focus on just building relationships with our bodies. Our world is too busy to pay attention to the outside world, always too much care about themselves.

That moment seems to be enlightened, because I am willing to quiet because of sports, I finally no longer abandon the body to leave, I mention it, it mentioned me, I and it together, can focus on the forward.

Exercise makes you understand the importance of concentration, and your concentration is enough to prove that you really care;
Sports let people cherish the quiet moment, know the quiet people more able to accompany themselves.

Decided to start the regular movement of the first month, I already feel that the movement is to start a torture their own way, you do not give up easily, ruthless heart to push themselves to the desperate, and finally will be more powerful to live.

That's probably the happiest place in the sport.

"Exercise Miss Sports"

Let's start with concentration! An aerobic exercise lasting 30 minutes (note), if your body is afraid of heat, start swimming first; If you like a little more speed, you can try cycling ; If you want to be simpler, try jogging, in short , not at every moment you want to give up. Make it easy for you to take a detour.