The cover of each issue has its own hidden story. Elle went to the 25th year of 300, women fans invited ELLE editor-in-chief Lu Shufen to share her heart of the classic Top ten covers, and your mind is the same? (Recommended reading:"Time Magazine" Barbie cover: When a girl can not be copied )

"What the reader wants is never a standard answer." 」

In keeping with the belief in such a magazine, Elle editor-in-chief Lu Shufen and Elle walked through solid 300 issues. Lu Shufen's first official fashion editor, just 25 years ago, when ELLE was founded, she did not forget the enthusiasm for fashion, she said, in the face of their favorite work, hardship that is inevitable.

Women fans invited her to write a 300 memoir, please share the story behind the cover of the 10 period, she remembers the Yang Jingyi of the cover, and the tenderness of Leslie Cheung, but also under Jolin Tsai's battle post, your mind of the top 10, which is the issue?

1991 Yang Jingyi, the classic of youth

1991,10 Month No.1 issue cover person: Yang Jingyi

"Street juvenile killings" is the 1991 ELLE, the year of the blockbuster, still remember that his colleagues are in the New South road of the National Salvation Regiment to see the premiere, and it has already become the new primary school now! (Recommended reading:24 years later, "Street juvenile homicide"!) Miss Yang's film Footprint )

Actress Yang Jingyi is our publication cover, filming at that time I was in the scene, her face is very fresh, completely do not know how to be photographed. After the movie, she went back to LA! Has not yet appeared in the media, but I will never forget her face, is a very youthful classical.

And 25 years later, this year's 53rd session of the Golden Horse Award will also be the hero Zhang with a flashlight to the stars of the stills, redesigned into a poster, to this new wave of Taiwan's masterpiece tribute to the representative, four-hour full digital repair version is also in the Gold and Horses Film Festival again!

No Classic at the moment of birth can predict that it can be a classic. The only thing that can test it is time.

1994 Leslie Cheung, the superstar's gentleness

1994,1 month no.28 cover character: Leslie Cheung

This is the most unforgettable cover shoot in my life! It's also ELLE's first male cover.

Know to shoot at that time because the movie my concubine came to Taiwan, Leslie, I was still a small garment editor, because anxious oneself prepared clothing whether he will like, for several days can not sleep! As soon as he entered the studio, into the room to prepare the modelling, saw a whole row of clothes for him, I thought he would start to pick! I didn't think his first action was to pat me on the shoulder: "You said that!" I like it all. "(Recommended reading:" Herstory "Farewell My Concubine )

Put on his clothes, he stood in front of the camera completely confident! Also ask the photographer, what kind of action is needed?! Is his body OK?! Fully considerate of the staff's feelings.

He was already the leslie! of the world. At that time I suddenly understood that the original "Superstar" is so.

2008 Shu Qi, the temperature of love

2008, May no.200 cover characters: Shu Qi

The cover title of ELLE's No. 200 issue is: Let the world see Taiwan. And at that time the film cause of Shu Qi, it is such a representative! Open cover story interview, to Shu Qi's title is: Love, difficult.

She was still single on the entertainment news and jokingly said, "I'm getting married!" when she walked toward the camera in a Valentino haute couture dress. "In the interview, she said all the people who look forward to the feelings of the same heart:" Love is the most important thing is two people can not be together. "Congratulations to Shu Qi!"

In the eight years after Elle 300, this month announced the good news.

2010 Banyan, Young future

2010,1 month no.220 cover person: Zhang Youjong

Elle's DNA is a kind of "Xin Rui new talent" Cherish the love! " Because we believe they are the future, and in order to meet the better future, elle must give them the best chance.

While filming the cover, the 22-year-old Zhang Youjong has just won the Asia-Pacific actress, and the designer of the ancient text also after many years, and finally someone as a Taiwanese designer in the U.S. Gen Art competition win the "Avantgarde Fashion Award." (Recommended to you: from Gen ART Award to open brand flagship store!) Ancient and Chinese: design is the rational weaving of the emotional weight of life.

Wearing the Zhang Youjong childlike face of the winning costume, like an angel! The report on the new talent, not for a while, often appears in the different topics of ELLE.

2013 The fan ye and the black and white

2013,9 month no.264 cover person: Karl lagerfeld+ Fan Bingbing

Before that, Elle never had a fashion designer on the cover, and this was the first time that he was a famous man, and he was no better known than the star. and "Fan ye" Fan Bingbing is with him mirror model! The photographer is Carl himself! He is as quick and accurate as he is at the scene of the shooting! Not only the accident light, each set is only photographed 15 minutes in the evening 10:30 start shooting! It will be finished by midnight.

Fan ye in front of Carl's lens, neat and calm! Like the designer's favorite black and white.

2013 GUI-Lun magnesium, an aesthetic experiment

2013,10 month no.265 cover character: GUI Lun magnesium

22 should be the year of the Art of ELLE cover story planning! Especially invited to the domestic well-known MV director Birjalai as the entire cover story of the planning, must balance the plane and audio and video of the different thinking needs, bold challenge plane and audio and video simultaneously Pat System, is a difficult.

Because "2 and 2" then extend the concept of relativity! The desire to obey? Or do you respect minimalism? More challenging the upside down image arrangement, but also a difficult. Hit a staggering budget in order to put out the scene MV grade art scene, hit the staggering budget, it is more difficult.

Fortunately, the protagonist is the film Elf-Lun Magnesium, finally successfully completed the performance of the film as compared to the art of the ELLE cover history of the most difficult planning!

2015 and the morning is like a Dar Caro

2015, September no.288 cover characters: Ariel

"The Perfect girl next door" is almost everyone's impression of Ariel. But just married her, accepted the proposal of Elle, with our cover team to the French south of France's Blue coast, standing in the French manor-growing plants, not only to change the past pure style, become gorgeous! More like the heroine in Dar Caro's painting. (Recommended to you: the gentle and strong Dar Car Lauren left a painful final sentence: Long live life!) )

Ariel successfully challenged a different self! And this is the most important central task of every ELLE cover project.

2015 Jolin Tsai, give us the battle post

2015,11 month no.290 cover person: Jolin Tsai

All the stars that once boarded the ELLE cover, the only one who will send us a "war post" is Jolin Tsai!

Most of the stars are very tight time, can quickly do not slow! But each time she was invited to accept the invitation to the first through the broker said, hoping to have a new challenge, from the first time five years ago with the Japanese artist Murakami on the cover, to 2015 to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the French mother's edition of the era cover series is to mount the peak! We are also invited to design Guerlain small black dress perfume, famous international French visual design Kuntzel & Deyges to draw cover background.

And Jolin Tsai challenges from the two post-war years ..., has been performing to the present era of technology, seven different shapes! After the great weather, she did not think of the most like is the "s era of the minimalist style."

2016 隋棠, no life.

2016,4 month no.295 cover character: 隋棠 + baby Max

The first time you have the chance to put the child naked in the magazine! It's a cover for a full maternal eruption in the entire office, regardless of whether there are married women!

The editorial team calculated that 隋棠 had a baby and was ready to make a comeback, and immediately contacted the cover arrangement early. In the process, 隋棠 in FB share of the marriage intelligence, not only touched the countless longing for love of women, her baby Max is popular Gao. Lovely to make people melt! Through countless communication, Max dad finally because want to give the child with his mother forever as a souvenir, agreed to shoot. (Recommended reading:"Women in the private to talk about" 隋棠 with life proof, do their own women The best life )

"Don't worry, I am single for three years, do not because of fear of loneliness will be able to hurt each other, but also hurt themselves." "In the interview 隋棠 this passage, in the became the hottest love quotes!"

2016 small S, the sunny and carefree

2016,9 month no.300 cover character: small S

No matter what they say! I live in Taipei, I like Taipei! In the important moment of Elle 300, I made a "cool Taipei" cover project. Said also wonderful, stood small S Taipei corner, unexpectedly has a kind of humorous subversion "Kangxi Flavor"! I like her in the long embroidered dress standing in the streets of Chifeng, Taipei Rima on the road to welcome the picture of the sun, good poetic, but also good irony! There are girls who will face the Sun, afraid of the black us, escape is too late.

Jump Open the original life inertia, take a good look at this city! You really will find that we are accustomed to those, the original is very taste.

"The same field plus" ELLE 300, where are you?

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