His life is with a stubborn to fight, we see the glory of the runway 10 minutes, is ancient and the accumulation of several years of the bottom interreligious deep, this time let us listen to his life story, his design Giguan. (Recommended reading: flowers bloom in the Love garden!) The world's first flagship store, Johan Ku, a direct hit

In the December 2009, Taiwan created the "Taiwan Light" of the design industry, and he won the United States ' largest international costume competition Gen ART avantgarde Fashion Design Award in a gorgeous robe made of wool (the Vision of avant-garde), when the media rushed to report the The "light of Taiwan", from Taiwan to Tokyo Fashion Week, from the ancient and the light of the moment to catch up with his difficult family environment. Our impression of the ancient and the text, is tireless, in the cruel fate unwilling to be God's domination, is from the mother learned to endure hardship when eating. This time in the interview, in addition to the ancient and the text in the life of one step in a footprint, we heard more ancient and text of the mother's sincere feelings, as well as the adherence to the brand, with rational logical thinking to create perceptual works of harmonizing.

Talking about the ancient and the text we must think of his fame-emotional sculpture (emotional sculpture), the ancient and the text that this series is the stereo with the appearance of the control ability, he challenged the line and three-dimensional maximum extension. When I walked into the world's first flagship store, I was fascinated by the woolen clothes on display in the window, and saw that the championship was very shocking, and every detail was carved out of the Chunhou of the texture itself, more like a piece of art. Can create such a beautiful work, must be a designer must have the gift of God? But the ancient and the text said: "Do design, and intuition has nothing to do." (Recommended reading: The Ancient and the Tokyo Flower Fashion Show!) The pop season is over, the attitude lasts forever .

Design is not a gift, but a careful speculative process

"Design is not an intuition of beauty, but a process of thinking and dialectic." 」

It is said that many people think of design as a kind of gift, in fact, the design needs more slow and simmer patience. He said that design is really not a very intuitive thing, like that many people would think that ancient and blockbuster lucky, in fact, he used to redouble their efforts to dormant for a long time. High School is about advertising design, never thought of going into the popular design he was very surprised to enter the University of the people beside the "brand" obsession, when the students queued to buy 30,000 bags, he has been desperately to take the case, flat, advertising, what kind of cases are OK. Ancient and the article said: "I 17 years old on the plane network design to make money, so desperately street scattered case 67, this is to support me to do what I want to do." 」

The ancient and the text said that the design can be good, but not only from the cool, in his world view of the effort is inevitable, often my question is mixed: "How can you survive that period of time?" He was amazed: "Is this not supposed to be?" "Perhaps is from the mother's hard work deep chisel in the heart," wants to arrive the goal must pass through a bad road "such idea lets the ancient and the text each step to walk solidly." (same field Gayon: Rihanna and Julian Moore all wore his designs!) Handsome fashion new designer Altuzarra)

Ancient and Wen talked about Mother's eye fundus always have to say endless emotion, such emotion has sadness, cherish, don't give up, Miss. His father died young, and his mother raised him with her brother and sister independently. From an early age to witness the mother of every toiled, those profound has become his creation of nutrients.

With the movie narrative design, the emotion lets the work have the life

We all know that ancient and literary preference to the concept of film to create works of emotion, the work often has the fascinating and meaningful movie, he has used "The Blue Love Picks" and "The Fire Lover" sculpture work character, last year published "the falling beauty" inspiration from "The Sentiment garden", this year's 2015 Autumn and winter series also to the movie "The New bridge Lover "Concept published. The experience of film viewing has accumulated from high school, at that time also did not expect to become creative inspiration, ancient and Wen chat 2015 autumn and winter series very much like "bridge lovers" in The Edge of Love, Julie Yebino Xu from the dignified home and then have the elegant car line, protagonist wandering and love so have a wild and crazy line.

2015 autumn and winter series "michèle"

I wonder if there are three films in the life that have profound effects on life? He thought about it, and said that his favorite movies are like their own life experience Ah! The ancient and the text first talked about "double-sided Wei Veronica Card", a pair of twins in the world exactly the same two people, a Wei Veronica know their body has a disability, but the ambition to sing the vocal music died in the stage, the second does not resist their fate, the same is the death is not the end of the tragic.

Ancient and the article said: "Comprehensive two Wei Veronica card, and my life trajectory is very similar, I insist on walking on the road of their own ideals, but not too much to criticize themselves, embarrassed themselves." I believe in one thing, that is, how much resources are available to do, and if it is something that should be done, do not give up. 」

Sadness is the creation of nutrients: life is the most truthful movie

Ancient and Wen's temper is very stubborn, his eyes to resist the fate of the best way is not to require shortcuts, along the trajectory of life. In ancient times, I talked about the second movie, "Blue Love Pick", which influenced the scenery of life. Film content is a woman because of a car accident overnight lost her husband and children's story, the ancient text said: "A tall when sitting in the cinema to see the film, after the show I almost was stunned in the position of completely unable to move." That was my mother's story, he lost his father for a moment and raised his child. 」

It is said that he fully understands the metaphor of Lauski and fun and speculation, just like every time the heroine immersed in the water under the suffocation, in that strong blue scared unable to breathe, powerless to resist, the ancient and the text of childhood experience despair in the blue halo, so there are ancient 2013 autumn and winter series, He weaves the emotional rendering in the dark with the Blur and the mixed Tun .

2012-13 Autumn and winter the Vision Blue series

He went on to talk about Las Vontille's "Dancing in the Dark", the singer Jasper plays the role like his mother, the heroine's eyes are gradually blind, single mother, eyesight obstacle, illegal immigrant, impoverished identity lets her in if has the vision which has not had the illusion own life, compares the life into a song and dance movie, Ancient and the mother and the heroine in the life of the last moment of light-is the child, the most selfless love, ancient and wen Stitch sewing out of his designer's road, in other people's view of the tragedy, he chose to be his hero .

Ancient and literary talk about the mother's deep feeling is very touching, he said he was in the face of many things do not feel frustrated, but also because the mother's life experience is the most truthful movie, make him believe that "life is not like this?" How can all go on. "

Mother's departure, is another beginning of creation

In the 2012, the ancient and the text less a bright landscape of life-his mother left the world. Mother Cancer, the rest of the day in the life of the helpless spent, the ancient and the text said: "This is the first time, I face life feel helpless." "Ancient and Wen said that the challenges on the design road are nothing, the only person facing life and death is so vulnerable." In ancient times, when the mother was ill, she worked a long time in the hospital, because the worry constantly exhausted their will. I asked the ancient and the text how to walk through it? He said: "In the face of loss, can not really go through, only let time recover." 」

From the sadness of his eyes I saw a little tear light, the mother of pain. The old man said that he had pushed off the show in the second half of 2012 because he felt that the most determined force in his life had disappeared. He chatted about his series of 2010 works at the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, carrying his mother to see. Mother did not speak anything, but the ancient and the text can see the mother is very happy, very proud.

This scene in my heart to stop for a long time, I imagined them shoulder to hand in the ancient and the emotional sculpture works, do not say anything, but they all understand the happiness of this moment. (Extended read: A farewell letter addressed to my mother: I lost you, but I didn't lose your love. )

Gu Wen said that after the death of his mother, he rethink his brand meaning, he re-examine the brand strategy, the past business experience to review, he hoped that more people can bring his work home, even as a generation like mom, can come to see the works of ancient texts. So the ancient text began to measure the art and the real wear of the works, the development of Johan Ku concise series brand.

To be strict with yourself is to be kind to yourself.

The ancient and the text said oneself is a like self-reflection, changing people, like saying that when he won Gen Art Awards, he knew he was interested in fashion business, and began to do marketing research, which is not a paper book, he went into London to go deep into every show to see how customers and brands to compress prices , thinking about every aspect of the fashion industry. Every thing is also embodied in the ancient and the text of their works, even in the process of producing every embroidery he must be in.

Ancient and the article said many designers do not like to do marketing, but he is also in-depth understanding to understand, designers should not only care about the magnificent works of innovation, but also the market demand. "Fame" will attract a lot of heterodoxy advice, he should be more aware of his heart, understand the nature of the brand, will not go to the wrong way.

The ancient and the text is such another person, he prefers to detour the road, also does not trust this world to have copied the path the success. New sharp designers to open the world's first ancient and text in the flagship store in Taiwan, the ancient and the article said: "The most important thing is not to stop in the" design concept, to accumulate their own business knowledge, with the body to break. 」

Ancient and Wen: "Many designers do not understand marketing, but to do the brand, designers to do is not only the design, market, industrial chain?" Who do you want to work for and what's wrong with exporting? If you don't know, how do you choose the material? 」

The design is to walk in the misty scenery, enjoy the gorgeous 10 minutes

The ancient and the article says market experience is the book cannot teach also simulates not to come, the live ammunition walks again, those things are yours. He describes: "Brand is like marriage, will encounter a lot of daily necessities, must first have awareness." "Ancient and Wen said that the brand is not too far away from the marriage." There will be many challenges in the beginning, it takes a lot of effort to understand. (Entrepreneurial story: Australian entrepreneur Liu Daowei sarah:"Beautiful World will not appear in thin air, but we can start by changing ourselves)

Ancient and the text: "Do design is not to imagine beautiful, I often said that I was the most relaxed when the work of large bags to take to Tokyo, walking show that gorgeous 10 minutes." That 10 minutes I just need to be in the chaos of backstage command. 」

Gorgeous 10 minutes, behind is how many years of Kung fu? A few days and nights back to the accumulation of their own manuscript? The ancient and the Wen laughs said, walks in the fashion industry This chats the road, is in a smoke-filled beautiful scenery.

Ancient and Wen: "The fashion industry like walking in a smoky beautiful scenery, but this road is broken glass, leaving a little blood does not matter, be careful not to be seriously injured." 」

The ancient and the text said do not suffer serious injury, is better than everybody knows own brand core, when others desire Yuwengdeli you have to be firm will, does not let temptation lead oneself. We think that the ancient and the text is the fashion industry, he has never felt in the design industry, the design of emotional transmission, is the original intention of his brand.

An interview with the ancient and Wen two hours down, I understand in the five-ray ten-shot industry designer's innocence. To the mother he always carries a sincere love, that love lets the design in the ancient and the sentiment garden to bloom, in the Emotion Sculpture series extends the human nature the angular angle. Each series has said a long story, I imagine the "Bridge lovers" in the wandering love, think of "Blue Love pick" in the weakness of fate, he used each series of works, to composition life of the Floating World painting.

The ancient and the text enjoy every gorgeous 10 minutes, also enjoy the life of all the processes, I always feel that even his every brand of labels live in a very strong soul, that day walking in the ancient and Wen flagship store, there is a moment to touch the brand made of brass, I am very moved, palm weighing the volume of the metal in the meadow, Thought, every lathe, the edge, to the trademark, have a very heavy life experience, that came from the old mother's life is not known for the beautiful, from the ancient and splendid 10 minutes behind a few decades . have a chance to go to the ancient brand flagship store, you may find that the fashion in your eyes, under his hands very different.