A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This time to write a B-type person's single mind. B-type people like the pursuit of novelty, optimism , full of vitality, easy to forget unpleasant things, dare to listen to their inner voice. See B-type people face the sudden breakup , but also have a bright turn. (Recommended reading: single diary: I am single, do not attempt to explain to anyone )

Always get up, you think you should be too capricious. (Recommended reading: The stubborn necessity of life: willful courage, achievement like yourself )

It seems that even meet all want to save, he was on the phone that head to you to break up, all the way grumble love to now happen to you all the shortcomings, split the spicy said a long string. There is no love, any reason can be a reason.

Finish, you hang up the phone, in the mind still a little flurried, in the face of sudden freedom, you also can not say how this is how to feel.

You think, maybe you like a person's state, a person has a good holiday, a person alone is also very good, you enjoy yourself for yourself and live in the Small World. Before you think of love, how do you go about your own, sometimes for an exhibition, for the anniversary of a department store, a small trip to the outlying islands.

You have sisters, who are willing to accompany you for a while, living in their own young. (Recommended reading: Zhang Junning x Chen Yihan Seven years sister love: Happiness is crazy with you )

You start to rethink the meaning of love for you, feel too easy and too quick to love a person, you have to know how to wait, after all, the world has too many changes, waiting for you to see all the prosperous. You have to cultivate the patience of feeling, even if you can not use the energy, and not too fast to invest. You want to give yourself more freedom, give yourself a chance to choose more, and learn to magnify your true voice.

Now, the experience of breaking up makes you grow up, and all the criticism makes you know who you are. Perhaps is just face to break up numb period, mood is perfunctory, two or three days later, you may begin to be sad, begin nostalgic, begin to miss Love. (Recommended reading: Research shows: Women have ex -boyfriends in mind)

But, you know you are a little different, if there is once again, self-willed and self-sustaining, you would rather choose self-willed.