A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This time, write down the type O person's single thoughts. O-type people like the pursuit of romance , passion, strong character, emotional richness, know that they should adhere to the matter. Look at how the O-type people boldly show love, eager to pursue the long brewing secret love worry . (Recommended reading: single diary: I Like you, do not want to get you )

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn festival, face book suddenly someone started to sing. You searched for a long time in the dynamic registration message, looking for his name, in order to make sure that he would go together.

We meet at the school gate, you rarely arrive early, a hurry to find his car, while he did not pay attention to the rear-mounted mirror on the back of the helmet, put on.

"Just as you give me a ride!" "You overbearing and a bit of slapstick tone to him said, he just looked at you smiled, indefinitely your intentions." With the side of the students have long been seen in the eyes, you often like a child around his side, there are always questions to ask, the face book appears on your travels with him or joke pictures, the whole world understand your positive. (Recommended reading:"for you song" Between Us, a good friend-style ambiguous )

You and who are very good, there are many suitors around, but you do not want to condescend to so, you have their own ideas and perseverance, you have to find their own.

Love is for you to share with those who know your laughter. And he is, you have exceeded the original limit, the big operation of exaggerated said, from late night snack, movie midnight, after dinner blitz the park for a walk chat, all inclusive, but he always did not speak. If you want to be joking, you must say it today. (Recommended reading:"What those movies teach me." People who know you will love you the way you need them)

To the star gathering point, 88 people each point one or two song has been the song of the screen stuffed full. Finally your turn to the song, is Huang's "not just friends."

Singing the chorus: "You never know, I want to do more than just friends" you sang with exaggerated limbs and greasy whimpered. Your pair of eyes went in the direction of his sitting and found that he was not listening and chatting with the people beside him. The box is so big that you can't see his face.

After singing, you fall down. People next to the continuation of the joke, but also imitate your tune aside 取闹. But your heart has not laughed out, in order to pretend that there is no strange waves in your heart, you fake smile response, but because deliberately and look loudly, the whole box people have stopped action, focus on your smile. (Recommended reading: A song A Love Memory: the world in any case desolate, loved him is not afraid of loneliness )