womany Editor's: It's hard to open in the heart?When we discovered that friends around the world were in love with each other , who took part in another wedding, but were still single , didn't they have the courage to try to show their mind and pursue their own happiness with the who was secretly in love with the others In fact, it is not difficult to confuse, and it is right to have the courage to do it.Just let womany share some cute and sweet whistlework, and let's share with you.(Recommended to you: Who's not love at first sight?)

" What!He's got a girlfriend?"We've all had and loved one who missed the experience, perhaps because of the lack of confidence, and perhaps because we haven't had the courage to show your mind."Because it was too late to express your mind and missed a piece of love, instead of having to regret it, it would be better to be brave next time. It was just because we didn't say that we had no chance!(Recommended: Only love is the best of life )

To avoid losing love again, womany wants to share with you some of the whistle-white beware, so that we can talk about love and talk about a boom and boom romance .

Watch the first trick: sneak into his life

Be careful with the he , or to see the movie he likes, and take the classic words or concepts from the book or book into the conversation, so that he can pay special attention to you!

In addition, you can show your mind by supporting what he does. For example, if you are a drummer or a basketball school team, you can help them add fuel to the group, indicating that you have a support for them.(Recommended reading: The Taiwan Philharmonic Orchestra!This is a very,INTERVIEW: Hey!Don't talk about dreams again )

Watch the second trick: Do something romantic

romance is not for you to buy him a large number of stars, or to send a 999 roses ... These things might give the other person stressful or even scaring the other side. It's a little bit more like, if you run into a cardiograph at bar and buy a drink for him/her, though it's very old, it works.

If you want to get out of your mind, if you meet your heart's temperament, Mr./Miss Right, you can also try to buy a book for each other, and tell him your mind.(Buying for the mind-she: Looking for your soul mate, the Red Box in July will be hot!)

Career Third: Back to ancient times ...

The third trick is to let you go back to ancient times , as explained by Li Weijing's old age, and sometimes we should throw away the electronics and return to the old days.Instead of trying to use Line, Messager, What ’ s app … and other communication software to confuse, we can give each other a short sweet mail (like < e-love letter ), and then give each other time to respond slowly, instead of telling the other person you want to go out with a cute little urine strip.

A small reminder: If you want to go back to the old times, not to write a lengthy and difficult love letter to each other, write a short and sweet urine strip to your cardiograph, and it may be even more useful.(Recommended reading: 10 letters to Daddy )

Be careful with the fourth move: Don't make a difference, make you different from others!

In addition to the first three beware, we can also be adorable, humorous, and unique. Even if we don't make a success, it is not an impression of being afraid!)

Pick a book that you like, lend it or give it to an object of your heart, and tell him that it's a book you like, because you like him, so he wants to share it with him, and after he has read the book, talk to him about what he has learned.The advantages of this method are very special. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to talk to him about the book, and see if you're right in the process of chatting.(Sibling: Ten Safety Code for First Appointments )

Last and last, I would like to remind you that you have to be confident in your success or not, and you must remember to love yourself.Love has the courage to get hurt. After the injury, we should know more about love, give ourselves a chance to believe in love, and bravely to love!

Together with womany, bravely love
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Let's > > > > practice love

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