Even the false to, I said than planning to go where to play, we need is a lonely , down-to-earth loneliness, a good feeling of their existence, do not continue to avoid their own unhappiness. An article, invite you good, the time to yourself, from observing loneliness, and then to enjoy loneliness, escape how easy, but lonely always down-to-earth. (Recommended reading: sing red alone sum!) Interview Wu Bungfang: "After loneliness, is to grow up")

The New York Times recently published an article, "Loneliness is a disease, more terrible than obesity,"pointing to the contemporary loneliness, MIT neuroscientists found a brain block called the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN), which is the root cause of human feelings of loneliness.

The article says, "Loneliness is similar to thirst, hunger, pain, and is a reverse message." Refusing to acknowledge your loneliness is as meaningless as refusing to admit that you are hungry. 」

I look for data, lonely unhealthy, lonely will make you insomnia is more likely to lead to dementia, loneliness is a modern civilized disease, lonely people are abandoned by modern society, lonely to hear more than the evil, as if people must live how lively, just call success.

This is a time to encourage the noisy, you can use the simplest way to create a link with another person, tracking, point a praise, turn Twitter, typing message comments, leaving their own traces so easy, loneliness and thus become more terrible. (same field Gayon: independent bookstore operators talk about solitude learning: Your loneliness makes you strong )

Have you ever thought that you are afraid of being alone?

What you need is not a journey, but a solid loneliness

"When you can talk to yourself and slowly save an emotion and brew an emotion, you are no longer alone, and when you can't do it, you are always in a state of loneliness, the faster you run, the tighter your loneliness is." --Chiang Hsun

Chiang Hsun in his book "Lonely Six" in six chapters to talk about loneliness, lust loneliness, language loneliness, revolutionary loneliness, violent loneliness, lonely thinking, ethical loneliness, he said that when you rush to flee, loneliness is more to your oppression, to observe the loneliness is actually not lonely beginning. (Recommended to you:"Chiang Hsun-wen" pool re-read the "Little Prince": Do not understand the eternal sky, will not understand the myth of beauty )

Many like modern people, we ask ourselves to pursue all things happy, holidays, friends around the rush to sue, you even take a vacation where? Where are you going to play? Why didn't you remember to grab the tickets first? How boring is it to stay home?

Because of fear of loneliness, we produce a lot of happiness, want to quickly break the status of loneliness, happy choice seems to become broad, but most of the time we also paradoxically become more not free: We no longer have the possibility of unhappiness, loneliness and thus become more huge, like a beast.

I often think, will not, our life need is not a long journey, but a solid loneliness, let us feel that we are here, do not abandon the unhappy self? Don't be afraid to fall alone?

Escape is easy, but lonely and down-to-earth

"The first object of love in life should be yourself, write poems to yourself, talk to yourself, be quiet in a space, listen to your heartbeat and breath, and I believe that this life will not panic when it goes out." --Chiang Hsun

I used to be afraid of loneliness, because the fear of loneliness so choose love, because afraid of loneliness so like lively, because afraid of loneliness so I hate to eat alone, because afraid of loneliness so a person at home, I will turn on the TV, twist Open the stereo, light all the lights. (same site recommendation: 20-Year-old wandering: In the city to become more lonely but complete people )

A person's time, helpless, really do not know how to face themselves, do not know whether there is a need to face themselves. Textbooks teach us to identify the world, but do not teach us how to coexist with ourselves, we spend a lot of effort to identify the world, but do not want to spend the same strength to get along with themselves.

I later learned that the first step with myself is to hug the one who doesn't know, to feel the fear, not to run away, and then you can start groping, what are you thinking, what do you want?

We are all in the same herd, these problems are actually more difficult than imagined. Loneliness, after all, is their own business, anxious not to escape.

Then, can go to feel lonely state and feeling is what, feel lonely? Do you feel like crying? Do you feel happy? The process of observing loneliness always brings a bit of pain and very full, let people learn quiet, learn to establish a relationship with themselves.

We can find that it is also important to establish a relationship with ourselves. Feeling lonely, is the beginning of independence, I know, I can accompany myself to a very far place , I know, emotions are neutral, no good or bad, happiness is so, not happy is also; I know, escape is easy, but lonely down-to-earth. (same field Gayon: The love letter to the strange and the Freak!) Interview Ma Xin: "People have the ability to recognize the road")

From feeling lonely to enjoying loneliness, there may still be a long way to go, but from the beginning of observing loneliness, we are walking on the road.

Finally, if you feel lonely, then gently send yourself a poem, from the time of a poem to start practicing, accompany yourself.

"You say we need a lonely
Far away to No city
There's no place by the sea, you say there
A place where books can't be taken.
Not necessarily beautiful, not necessarily quiet
But there's an absolutely unparalleled loneliness waiting there.
No more state affairs, no news
Can curse or sing loudly
You can talk about a relationship without a purpose if it's not too much trouble.

But anyway, I'm still not quiet.
No matter how you interpret it,
Probably because of it, honestly.
I can't even remember being alone.
Might really need an affectionate
Faraway Place, say a little
To really think of my own existence.
I mean, no more hysterical boredom.
That look--Sheliteng The reason we all have this boredom