We have always believed that the wonderful life has never been because of gender differences, girls can have the same impact on social ambitions, girls can live to shake the weight of the world! This time, let us take you into the international, a glimpse of the world's female Force development ! APEC Women's innovative economic development summary meeting, look at the four key points that we have sorted out for you. (same field Gayon:"Try to please everyone, you won't progress" 12 female leaders talk about love, growth and the workplace )

In Wednesday, the 2016 APEC women's Innovative economic development wrap-up conference, hosted by the Women's Rights Foundation, was held at the Taipei Regent Hotel, where the founder of the woman fan Wei Xuan was also honored to be invited to participate in the event, to share women's obsession with the promotion of female power and the future.

Just arrived at the ballroom of the third floor, a view of the United States, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam and Taiwan and other officials, academics and business representatives gathered to publish 2013-2016 of research results to understand the use of ICT (information and communication technology) with commercial models, For promoting the role of women's economy and calling on more economies to develop women's power. Today, these attendees drop everything at hand and come here to let more people know how much more women will rise and how important women are in economic development! (Recommended to you: self-made Chinese female force: The focus is not on sex, but how you use your head to win )

"No economy can thrive if women are denied a seat at the table." ─john Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States

On stage, Kin W. Moy, who is now the director of the Taipei Office of the American Association in Taiwan, quotes this sentence as a powerful and powerful way to demonstrate the indispensability of women's economic development. 20 years ago, he began to advocate for the development of female power, at the same time, the father of three daughters, the neck looking forward to the next level of the impact of scientific and technological change, not just physical convenience, but also effectively eliminate the economic gap between women and men, I feel in his eyes and voice can not ignore the firm. (same field Gayon: you deserve a better salary, a loud refusal to pay for a different equal )

It's not just fear, it's a frame.

From the past until now, I believe we have, or still have "boys are smart, girls are to be beautiful" impression and self-restraint, when we imagine an ideal male, most people will use "wisdom" to describe, and in exchange for women, it will be " Gentle beautiful "blurted out, today as one of the speakers of the Wei Xuan share, it is this small time on the emergence of gender awareness, germination and growth to the current woman fans." Many people still do not feel that girls are suitable for the fields of science and technology, and the social role of the sexes is expected to be reflected in the selection of departments.

The APEC report notes that "in the 20 economies of APEC, the number of women who graduate from the polytechnics and work in the r&d sector is very small." "intel's speaker, Deborah, said," However, by the year 2020, there will be 1.4 million work-related jobs around the world, and if only a handful of women are involved in this field, the company will be a loss in talent selection. " To address such issues, Intel provides educational resources, STEM promotion programs, and increased scientific and technological knowledge to enable women to have more resources and opportunities. (Recommended to you: you and I may be victims or perpetrators!) From the naked women's shirts to see the ubiquity of Casual sexism.

Meeting process, Wei Xuan brought a hand-raising activities, please raise your hands, look at the people around, it is not difficult to find that in fact, 90% of the people are only half stretched, especially women will because of their own self-confidence, and not accustomed to be seen and heard, so that everyone has this awareness, Wei Xuan again invited people to raise their hands, this time, Although most people are still afraid to show themselves, or nearly 30% of people will hand stretched stiffly, by the rapid change of posture, let everyone know from the habit of changing small, we can increase self-confidence and the courage to do themselves, because the girl can do, never should be the framework of social imagination limit.

Science and technology not only from human nature, but also the female link gears

From the field of choice, women in the work, often consider is the balance with family life, in addition to business and housework, we care about personal career achievements, we also actually family today well.

Cai Yuling said that her previous commitment to telecommuting (telework) was to make geography no longer a choice for work, and Patrice, a professor from Australia, says the real-time online learning generated by the Web (e-learning) really makes the boundaries between home and work fields, Because the network technology and gradually blurred, if there is a family place is home, there are computers and networks, everywhere can be the cause of the base. (Recommended to you: the future of Home Office (Long Distance Office) )

Plus, most women run small businesses, want to get the initial venture capital, the masses raise money is a Da Jie side of the capital needs, and the use of public fund-raising is an important prerequisite, is to let the cause of digitization, in order to let more people see potential. Canadian Professor Lorna Wright also proposed "in Canada, most of the businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent 60% of the labor force, and 47% of these businesses are owned by women in part or entirely, but it is frustrating that only 3% of these companies have a revenue of more than 1 million dollars", showing the current female The size of the business is actually small.

To make the enterprise larger, can increase the export of overseas markets, to export, the necessary factor is the application of network technology, however, the 2015 diligence report that "there are 87% of Canadian companies, some or completely unprepared for the advent of new technology." The acquisition of funds is important to the success or failure of entrepreneurship, so the accessibility of Internet technology is one of the indispensable contributors.

The world is going to make you shine

"Taiwan's Microsoft's R&d department head, 62.5% are women" whether it is on the stage speaker or the audience, when heard this ratio, mouth type unconsciously appear O font.

The speaker from Microsoft, Anne, explained that girls are also very suitable as engineers, because as long as there is a computer and network, no matter where can work, plus women have very different characteristics, sensitive and careful, can be more accurate to explore the real needs, compared to scientific issues, but also to the social and community issues to find exports, Let the technology cold impression, because help mankind to bring a better life and change the warmth. Once women find meaning in science and technology, link to each other, not only can increase self-confidence, but also in the work and income has a good performance, have an independent economy, they have the consumption power.

In order to create a diverse and reassuring working environment, IBM accepted the first female employee in 1899, 20 years before women had the right to vote, and continued to use action initiatives, and everyone should have the same employment rights, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Joanne Lenweaver, a speaker from the United States, mentioned that her organization, WISE Women's Business Center, established a local female community in the United States, with Project Phoenix helping vulnerable women such as family violence victims to develop their careers, Last year, 125 women's careers have increased sales of 47 million of dollars.

Melanne Verner, also a speaker from the United States, said that "investing in the female economy does add to the country's progress, with data from the World Bank to Goldman Sachs showing that women are one of the most powerful groups today!" The McKinsey study points out that if we can give women the economic power they deserve and shorten the gender gap, global GDP will increase by 12 to 28 trillion trillion dollars by 2025! "To increase output value, innovate work, create opportunities, is that every country wants economic prosperity, the release of women's economy is APEC's economic boom and the global community to carry forward the most valuable investment." (Recommended reading: after Hillary, Tsai, why do we fear women are good?) )

When I looked at the Joanne and Melanne's confidence in speaking, I began to imagine how shiny it would be if every woman could inject tangible benefits into the world's economic society and know how much she deserved.

The difference is never the sex, but the knot in your heart

At the end of the meeting, the results of three years of research have concluded that ICT does have a positive impact on women's economies, and the parties are also working together to establish a simple and easy to learn online business game Software WE boss, from which to enhance women's learning will, increase the accessibility of entrepreneurial knowledge, currently available in four languages, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish , I hope women around the world can use smart mobile phones, at any time and anywhere, can easily access to entrepreneurial resources.

Women fans, together with Intel, Microsoft and IBM as Taiwanese business representatives, may be just a five-year start-up, but together we embrace the same philosophy, and we all work in our own fields to make a difference in gender.

I looked at the shy, unfamiliar faces of each other, and became more and more rosy as the curtain ended, as the heat of communication and excitement rose like the next dawn. At the end of the day, there were still nine groups of girls who brought the night of science and technology, with my age and even younger girls, from the medical, fashion, solar energy, social welfare and other levels into the stage, generous and confident in English to say they want to use technology for society, for the world to bring different.

We spent the whole day and night understanding that it was not a dream, but a change that was taking place.

Female force, is rising.