single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. life is so long, who did not love a few residue sequel, sister party talk about Slag man, night suddenly become very long. After you love the slag man, no longer bear grudges, you miss a paragraph you can not love, the end is not he does not love you, is you pass him, not afraid to become himself. (Recommended reading: brave to leave!) Five types of men who shouldn't fall in love

If you can, think of love as overdue, probably feel better. Every relationship has an invisible expiration date, regardless of what you imagine in your mind. Expired, the heart will be uncomfortable, the body will tell you.

I left Y that day, a drop of tears did not fall, the heart is dead, so will not cry, I no longer doubt what things in the world will not expire.

I finished the story, bowed, poked M motioned her to go on, P wiped the tears, the eyeliner left a pimple on her face, like the man, she was not going to make up makeup for the time being. The sister party, so unexpectedly became the Slag Men seminar.

What kind of man is the most scum? Women have different answers. M said that he may be slag, every love, she talked herself into a passer-by, but her face optimistic, said she believed is not love, but their own.

She agreed with herself, no matter the end, every love to do their best, is to not bear their own. "There are so many scum in my life, I want to say the one that I never forget." "m dial the hair. "He is l, to the end of the head I do not hate him." 」

M and L Watch the same movie, they are a person watching movies lovers, happened to sit next door. In the dark, they felt each other's breath, and M. heard the sound of L sobbing, and she drew a piece of toilet paper and handed it over.

From that moment she knew that L was a very soft man. Light, they have a tacit understanding of a smile, she found L laugh like a child, a face without desire. They naturally talk about movies, talk to the café from the cinema, and talk to M. 's bed.

L very bright, l very good, l hard face is like small animals, L is a man with a girlfriend. He said to M, you make me believe in love, M think I will be drunk, forgot to ask, then she?

The later days lasted for three months. They meet regularly, once a week so fresh, L soft as ever, considerate, often secretly hiding in the toilet newsletter, and then apologized to say, I have to go first, next week to accompany you.

M not noisy, she knew it was a love she could not have, he was not her child after all.

So she tried to love until she didn't want it anymore. The face of Slag man, M said, if you want to love, first worthy of their own, feel wronged, you leave. M no hate, love over and over again to teach her what is human nature, with L in the 100 days, she had him less than 50 hours, but the seconds are love.

The day she left him, she heard the cry of the baby, and she knew it was the voice of her new life, and passed him and was not afraid to be himself.

"Ten is Lonely Night hundred is pregnant with suspicion
Thousand is a struggling dream awake million is the iron core leave You
After this, I count myself as you live.