They all say she is the chief female guitarist of Hong Kong and Taiwan, she has been nominated for best Mandarin Female singing and won the Golden Statue award Best Film music. Lukai's music is sometimes as sharp as a crescent moon, sometimes like a full moon carrying a scar but perfect. Having experienced bipolar disorder, she hopes to be a musician who has a clear conscience about herself. (Recommended reading:"Deng x Lukai" Travel is practice, meet yourself in solitude )

She had a guitar on her shoulder, a converse on her feet, and a plain face, and she went into a woman's fan. Lukai body black and white fusion of temperament, black is she experienced deep melancholy, white is her duty-bound to live naïve.

"You are not who I am" is a lot of people know her works, but earlier, perhaps you are in the "Flower Eat That Girl" heard her, from AT17 and Lin composed of women's groups, 15-year-old into the showbiz, she is not very accustomed to do the protagonist, in front of the spotlight on a layer of packaging their own until the heart is also scarce, after two years of bipolar disorder, 2015 Lukai launched the single "Dark Sky", she sang: "All gone, those who mourn and hurt."

The most anxious pain, life anger and tragic staggered chaos, she alone in the dark night. When the dawn came, Lukai softly humming, and it was a clear and deep fall.

The bravest thing is not to stand up, but to conquer this disease.

At the end of 2013, after a big concert, she felt her mental depression, confirmed bipolar disorder, she kept trying medicine in nine months, in addition to shaking hands and feet, restless side effects, the most serious when more hallucinations and hallucinations, only to himself.

Lukai said: "The biggest struggle has passed, when I was sick, I drew 100 paintings, then very simple idea, I sell it, you can put the money to help people like me, I know how painful the disease." "(The same field Gayon:" Xiao Yu into the column "nine-chart cassette you see the common myth of depression )

She shaved her hair at one of her special sessions in 2015, I watched the news terrified, she said the scene mom and dad is tears to see her shaving head: "I want to start again, start from zero, originally thought I would cuckoo, did not think of that moment, I feel completely quiet." Looking at the mirror, I am very happy, after three years of illness, I now finally stand on the stage, I will be a new person. 」

After the illness, she put her own painting vine on the body, to be in the physical for this time leave a mark.

"I want to tell myself that it doesn't matter anymore." 」

"Many people say I am very brave, I think what is brave?" I really do not think that I am the most courageous in fact you do not see. Courage is not to stand out, but I conquered the disease. 」

There must be a place in the world that will keep you alive.

This disease let live nearly 30 years head of her, finally willing to let go of oneself to know life: "Before work is everything, very want to present others like me, want everyone love me." Now I think, I am like this, I say to you directly, I need your love, if you do not love me, it does not matter. 」

"Fear of their lack of good ideas less, not afraid of failure." Of course always want to be Ready, try to good yourself, in the face of that failure is not owed. 」

I asked Lukai to say a word to these injured people, she said: "Your perfect is a little difficult to understand, does not mean that the world is not tolerant." 」

Lukai sighed, and it sounded like it was coming from the abyss. I asked what was wrong, she said, no, feeling.

"This is what I said to myself, write songs I have always told myself, do not feel that there is no place for me, there must be, there must be a place to let you live." 」

Lukai said: "You are not alone, when you feel that the world does not hold your place, at this time, in their own heart to find, good for themselves, the thought into a garden, to irrigation, to fertilize, the heart will become more and more powerful." "(Recommend: Depression Confessions: We are not fragile, but more than anyone willing to bear )

Your perfection is a little hard to understand, and it doesn't mean that the world can't tolerate

"Your perfection is a little difficult to understand is not the world is not tolerant" is a new song lyrics, Lukai September end will be held in Taiwan.

When it comes to imperfections, Lukai feels like he used to be a supporting role: "I am a very not self-confident person, AT17 at that time I was with the accompaniment, I was back to the back of the role, we will be compared to the eyes of the Lin body, which is not good and bad, each combination is so. When I wanted to play the role of Solo, it took a long long time to build confidence and sing songs. "The crowd's vision makes her anxious, until now this moment, Lukai to question oneself."

Every time she picks up the guitar, she always asks, "Why do I want people to hear me sing?" What else am I worth hearing? 」

"To make music is not to challenge other people who have albums, but to challenge themselves." I want to use this concert to tell you: "Your imperfections, is to make you special place." You are actually perfect, only occasionally a little difficult to understand, and occasionally let the world misunderstand you, we all need a more tolerant world. "(Recommended to you: give up your" perfect sickness ": Practice the life philosophy of bad)

What is your imperfect appearance? "I am competitive and want to have the love of the world." There are contradictions in every body. "Lukai said oneself is the Aries, the strange temper Needless to say, from time to temper, sad when a person hides, she is competitive, good need love, occasionally willful only want to forward."

Each question, is Koushou oneself, is also meets the sentient beings. So when she has the right to stand on stage, she is determined to sing for the silent social issues.

It's a messy time to be a man of the word.

From "I" to the world, is a very long distance. Lukai in four years after the launch of not only new works, but also a solid experience of life. After an outlaw, through the turmoil of bipolar disorder, she wanted to say at the age of 30: "The times are messy, to be a person who dares to speak." 」

"It's not easy for me to invest in four years of writing these songs," he said. In addition to doing music, I also want to have a sense of mission, a lot of people listen to me this album, said Ellen no longer small love, I put the contradictions of growth into the music. 」

Through a lot of pain, not afraid of failure, not only the previous only care about the results of their own, the issue of more concern, such as talk about air pollution, nuclear power, youth suicide, same-sex marriage ...

"I want to leave a trace for the times. Our generation is close to the times because of technology, and I hope to record it before the time is over. "Lukai said that Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, John Lennon have written The Times into the song, what is the dilemma of our modern?"

"This is what creative people should do, for me, not just the pursuit of real-time clicks, the music to have a long-term vision, to the next generation to leave something worth tasting." 」

Lucky to live in a chaotic age

Lukai talk of the era, in her live also has a great transformation. I remember 2016 Lukai in Dagang, singing on the eve of the 30 birthday, Lukai stood on stage and said, this song is dedicated to Huang an, Chen Yanxin a class of people who report the independence of the state. She shouted at the middle finger, you are not my who. At that time she had just shaved her face and voice, strong and firm. (same field Gayon: drink a sip of beer!) A musical sacrifice for life: Seven love Songs for a hero's daughter in Dagang

Image source: Lukai

"We are fortunate to live in a time of chaos. 」

"As Hong Kong people, I hope my songs can leave their environment to the children, and the times of the cry." We are undergoing a change, and now the people of Hong Kong often have a mind, we do not know where to go, see the lesson is a very precious moment. Fortunately, this is a very unique age, with painful struggles and the power of people's anger. 」

20 years later, 30 years later, pop music will change, and love goes through several packaging in people's mouths. But Lukai's album, which records the appearance of this age, still stands.

Through the Umbrella Revolution, Lukai saw Hong Kong people unite: "The former Hong Kong's sense of political coldness, after the Umbrella Revolution, people know the importance of their own strength, know that politics is very relevant to individuals." Now there is hope in Hong Kong, because we have a lot of strong people who want to change the political situation, and from this election we can see that the people who have the court can help the people to make a sound go in, and the people of Hong Kong have not given up. "(Recommended you see: unwilling to do only days, He Yi poetry:" In Showbiz to be a chivalrous woman, in fact, not easy ")

Do indie music to know what you must say

Lukai from the record company to do his own album, run through the Hong Kong-Taiwan music Festival, she said this album was launched is the award, music is really not easy: "If you do not love and mission, in fact, you do not make music, because you do not make money." 」

In the past, as long as the music, now from the printing, publicity, video MV are themselves: "A makeup hair to how much money, that 500 yuan to save, these trivial things to think about." But when you are completely responsible for your product, you will know what you have to say and what the true value of music is. 」

A man came out, I asked you regret it. Lukai said: "It is completely worth, did not change my confidence in my music." 」

Asked her to talk about indie music, she said that independent music culture in her eyes does not refer to the independent film, Lukai said that many Hong Kong singers, even under the record company, have their own rebellion, independence is a spirit, a new kind of communication, rather than form.

She remembers the first live:"of the AT17 to Taiwan, leaving a message on the bank of the mansion. This feeling can never be forgotten, a small space, with a guitar, to tell the audience a story. 」

Lukai debut 15, the Heart of music is consistent: "The essence of music is the same, give you happiness, give you the challenge, give you a heartbeat." 」

Do you remember when I asked the happiest time? She said the stage performance is very happy: "is those on the stage to be complacent, selfless time." "What about the pain?" Think for a long time, the most painful is not other people or environment to her frustration, but the arrangement card, a tone does not come out. (Recommended you see: life, responsible for their own is enough )

Smile for a lifetime, also very boring

Lukai is such a person, she always ask as a musician, she still owes the audience what? Faced with the name Lukai, she was not worthy of herself.

What is music to you? She contemplative for a long time until her eyes were warm.

"It saved me when I needed love the most." When I need love, music guitar, all in. 」

Music accompany her through the most painful confused scenery, let her to know the pain. Lukai always says he needs love especially, but someone can give it to you when you want it, but music always gives her what she wants. The space is playing "a person home", she said like this song Ah.

"I wrote a song like this, and every time a person is miserable and unhappy, I always have company." When a creative person is really happy, you can write a song, accompany you for life. "The creation of the time, of course, the pain, digging their own deep, but she said" like tattoos, pain is good. With many things in life like, pain, but also a sudden, laugh, but also a sudden. What will go through, to accept the pain all of a sudden, enjoy that suddenly. Because, it won't follow you forever. (same field Gayon:"Adult's fairy tale" look at your pain, love your problem )

Lukai said, enjoy the pain, to accept the real end, so live more taste ah. Many times, her understatement of life has made me breathless: "Laughter is ah, you will not laugh all your life, laugh for life is also very boring." It's like drinking coffee, sometimes it's a little bitter, and it makes life more profound. "Lukai is the person who lives by heart, she waits for the next notice after the interview, in the woman fan grinds a cup of coffee."

I think she's like a bean-curd thing, wait, endure, and then quench. When she laughs, she makes people want to love, saying, your coffee smells good. The fragrance which bursts from the bones, is real and warm in her.


After the interview, Lukai wait for the next announcement. Music to Pink floyd〈breathe〉, she was flying up, said this is my favorite "Flower God Café."

Lukai said that the French film is very touching and pungent, eyes, hugs, the soul of the phase of her obsession. Combing the film, we all feel that the most beautiful things, as if always to transcend the form of love.

We talk about the same favorite movie, she looks like the world's baby, joy or sadness are clean. Past life so far, from childhood I to the Times, have to love with heart.

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