In the past few days, Taiwan's media and the community have talked about the major sexual assault cases , in the end who has the right to stand in the victim's position? Sex has never been a class with absolutely correct answers, so we're questioning and trying to find a settlement. At the same time, Emmahuasen, speaking at the U.N. , talked about gender-based violence on campus from educational parity, and declared that the entire community should rise to revolt as long as one person was victimized. (Recommended reading: Auxiliary large sexual assault victim apology, those who owe her apology, where have all gone?) )

In 2014, Emmahuasen as a global Goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, delivering a shocking "#HeForShe" speech in the United Nations. Two years later, she returned to the United Nations to speak about the equality of the campus. said that in Taiwan, the major sexual assault in the case of apology follow-up, also like from New York to call Taiwan.

promoting gender progress, starting with the release of resources

Emmahuasen, according to the "HeForShe IMPACTReport", pointed out the disparity in educational resources between men and women, the proportion of women and men in the school, the percentage of females in senior teaching staff, The academic resources that male and female students acquire on campus and the future career development to assess the progress space of gender equality. Further, she points out that the lack of women's access to resources creates an imbalance in power relations.

"Our college experience tells children that women are not part of the leadership community. Why do we let Girls go to school, but don't let her do seminar coaching? 」

She is convinced that the change of such unequal treaties, starting from the school education, regardless of women, minorities, comrades and other vulnerable groups, should be the basic "security" rights, rather than the pursuit of privileges, when the expression of universal society, should be back to the root, the establishment of a system to break the patriarchal heritage This is also the focus of the Taiwan Gender Group's complaints over the past year, such as the parade of Comrade Kaohsiung this year, the initiative to let gay issues into the campus, from the education system to protect vulnerable living space. (Recommended reading:"Xu Yu-Fang column" I became a feminist )

Emmahuasen: Giving your child a future worth looking forward to

Emmahuasen Hope School from girls to start releasing resources to the relatively weak, she cited research content, many schools do not want to give girls more leadership opportunities, even brainwashing students, "Gender violence is not a violent", in our impression of progress in New York, there are still shocking discrimination in sex.

"We should change students ' awareness of life so that they have different expectations of the world," he said. When college students are away from school, we rely on their own strength to learn to survive, in the campus environment should not have double standards, we need to see the possibility of society-equality of respect, leadership opportunities, and remuneration. "--emma Watson

She wants everyone to believe that the Kinder society is worth looking forward to, and that back two years ago she said, "I can't believe it, now we can see the Budweiser. The brand demands for gender equality and equal pay. When I spoke to the United Nations two years ago, I could not imagine that the first woman president would appear in the United States, and I would not believe that Lianton Hank also #HeForShe. Over the past two years, more than millions of people have been able to help the United Nations women's movement, and we may even have the first female Secretary-General. Dear America, please don't let me down. "(Same field Gayon:"#HeForShe "Emmahuasen interview Tom Hanks:" Farewell to women can only sexy film screen ")

Emmahuasen quotes Michelle-au-Bama for girls ' education, and she says those kids are our future leaders.

"If there's one thing I've learned in the past two years, it's that there is nothing impossible to accomplish in this world." 」

As long as there is a victim, the whole society should stand up and fight

In addition to the demand for equal resources, Emmahuasen the campus sexual Violence: "University education has the responsibility to protect vulnerable groups, from the institution-building support for survivors of space, this is not a privilege, please give them the right to be entitled." 」

This June, the American Stanford University sexual assault case lightly sentenced to six months of criminal responsibility caused a social outcry. The confession of the victim is even more heartbreaking: "In the newspaper, my pronoun is" the unconscious drunken woman (unconscious intoxicated woman), and for some time I even thought that it was me, and I spent a lot of time recognizing my name and confirming my victim's position. I have to figure out that I'm still a worthwhile person. (Recommended reading: gender Watch: "Sex is not about alcohol, it's about you.)" A letter from the victim of the sexual assault in Stanford to society.

2015 of the school's Sexual Violence survey says 23 women in American universities have been sexually abused, at the same time, the Harvard sexual Harassment questionnaire showed that the proportion of lgbtqn (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, sexual to doubtful and uncertain) was sexually assaulted or sexually assaulted by 17.9%. Gender violence is rampant on campus, and no one has the right to ignore it.

"When a person's rights and interests are violated, the whole society should rise to revolt." "She said with sincerity

Emmahuasen cares more about the world's equality than the dew-point picture.

Emmahuasen said the affirmative, in fact, whether in New York or Taiwan is still a distant destination. But she cordially invited all of us to go forward together. You may also notice that in these two days we saw more gossip from the Emmahuasen dew point than Emmahuasen's news of affirmative speech.

Just two days before the speech, the news broke out Emmahuasen by the American pornographic website exposes a series of dew point photos, has surpassed hundreds of netizens to read, one of the photos, Emmahuasen wearing a peach muslin blouse, chest glance. As he was busy with his speech, Emmahuasen asked a lawyer to send out a legal letter asking the pornographic website to remove the photos, indicating that the photos were taken by her image designer and that the copyright was hers.

Although the photo was taken down, Emmahuasen in the speech did not declare her views on the incident. Even Emmahuasen, a man who fights on the front lines of affirmative action, will still face the evil of social ferocity. We remember that in 2014, when Jane Lawrence was out of the nude, Emmahuasen up against her and rebuked all the people who had spread nude photos. At that time the hacker threatened: "Emmahuasen, you are next." 」

Emmahuasen did not retreat, because the world, justice is worth existence. Many people hate Emmahuasen to open their mouths to be equal, and shout her too much. But she has been involved in all the embarrassing gender issues. I always remember her speech two years ago and said, "You must be wondering what this halibeiteli character is doing here?" And why she has the ability to stand on the UN stage. In fact, I don't know if I'm qualified to stand here, but I just know that I value the problem, and I want to do what I can to change the situation so that all two genders can live better. "(same field Gayon: Emmahuasen The full text of the United Nations speech:" Not only to fight for women's rights, but both sexes can be free! ")

We don't know if we're enough. Standing in front of a huge wall of hate, each egg defy, with pain to verify the need to change the facts, just because we want to live in a better world.

You can do more than you think.

Women are obsessed with sex and believe that action can change the world!
As long as you stand out, you can let more people live in a free, reassuring world.