Emmahuasen and Tom Hanks on the cover of the British version of the Gentleman magazine, they do not talk about the film, to talk about the relationship between feminism and the world. Tom Hanks shares himself as a feminist , and he supports same-sex marriage because he is convinced that love cannot be categorized, is not just a second-right question, and that he will also point the finger at Oscar, that the film industry still has many needs to review and learn from the television circle. Look at the excerpts of the interview that women fans have translated for you! (same field Gayon:"Gender observation" feminist Century to Talk! Emmahuasen and Gloria. Stan can )

In February this year, Emmahuasen declared comeback after a year, saying she wanted her 2016 to be feminist. She launched the online feminist reading club, greedy to read, to climb the classic feminist, to strengthen their own, and then magnanimous face the world's emerging gender issues. (Recommended reading: Emma Watson set up the feminist reading Club!) The first book to read the classic "My Wandering Life")

"Let yourself be a strong person, so you can use more love to face the existing hate." "I thought so when I saw her announcing it.

In March this year, Emmahuasen and Tom Hanks boarded the cover of the British edition of Esquire magazine, Emmahuasen invited Tom Hanks to join the HeForShe event and interview Tom Hanks from a female perspective, from self-development, family, to the feminist and Hollywood film industry. (same field Gayon: ten years only wait until a female director!) Oscar too "masculine" controversy: getting more women into the movie Circle

We are no stranger to Tom Hanks, and most of the time we remember him in "Forrest Gump", "Holocaust Rebirth", "Rescue Private Ryan", "Da Vinci Code" in the masculine appearance, the film has worked for nearly 40 years of the strength of the actor, interviewed, talk about why he supports same-sex marriage Why we choose to be feminists is because in the 21st century, if we do not work for equal rights, it is a shameful thousands of years of human history, we see his very soft side.

Tom Hanks: "I'm a feminist."

Emmahuasen: Do you think you're a feminist?

Tom Hanks: I think I am. We live in the 21st century and learn from the history of the past thousands of years. If we do not continue to strive for equal rights, equal opportunities, equal freedom for the living, and continue to let the rights of men and women alone, then we waste the past time.

Emmahuasen: I know you have a son and a daughter. I am also moved to hear your full support for your wife's pursuit of career success. I don't want to overdo your personal life, but when you educate your offspring about your relationship with the business, is gender equality a priority?

Tom Hanks: My mother took the initiative to leave her unhappy marriage, while she was working and studying while pulling up her children. My sister also struggled for her life. My wife and daughter never felt that men had the right to dominate their lives. The women I meet at work always bring me a more diverse and varied view, and I feel like I'm getting a lot of it just by listening to them. (same field Gayon: Society does not need more "good girl"!) A heartwarming TED speech: "Don't be a perfect coronation girl, make her brave and adventurous"

My support for these women and my daughters, and my support for men and my sons, has never been different.

On same-sex marriage: "The direction of Love is infinite, should not be two points is not the question"

Emmahuasen: You're quite supportive of same-sex marriage. As I said in the UN speech, we should think of gender as a spectrum, not simply a dichotomy of opposites, and anyone in the spectrum should have a comfortable place. Is that what you think? (Recommended to you: Emmahuasen's Shocking United Nations speech: "Not only for women's rights, but gender can be free!") ")

Tom Hanks: Look at us humans, each fingerprint is unique, and each eye is different. No two snowflakes are similar in shape, and so are humans. Everyone is as unique as the lines and wrinkles on the prints and fingerprints, and so should our gender. We love what we love, and we are passionate about the things that inspire us.

Love can lead the direction is infinite, should not become the second point of right and wrong, forcing people must choose one. (same field Gayon: Wait 15 years of kisses!) Irish gay marriage referendum through moving photographic collection

Women who are not sexy? Hollywood's film industry can no longer reflect the real world

Emmahuasen: I know you are interested in politics and business issues. Do you think it is important to increase the female participation rate? Have you seen the news that the former Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the cabinet would be made up of 50:50 men and women?

Tom Hanks: I saw the news and I was happy to see it.

Emmahuasen: You often work with outstanding women in the workplace. Your work "flying into the Future" is directed by a female director, Penil-Marchel, who, in the Pink League, also works with Gina Davis, who set up a Davis agency to voice the sex rights of the film industry.

But even so, Hollywood is still a long way from affirmative action, either in front of the screen or behind the screen. In the 2013 popular movies, the female characters with lines were only 30%, but women were four times times more exposed than male actors. Previous reports from the New York Times pointed out that 76% of the academy's film academy members were men and 93% were white. Catherine Bigelow is the only woman who has won the Oscar for best director, and has never nominated any female director of color before. Why do you think the gender issue in Hollywood is important?

Tom Hanks: I think that the film art is gradually disconnected from the art level, the women in the film is always difficult to take off the sexy or responsible for the image, this is not accurate reflection of the real world. For me, a really great movie has to be the audience to identify themselves in the film, even if we are not of the same sex or speak the same language.

When gender dogma and role unspoken rules determine who writes stories and who plays the story, women are always asked to play the sexy or the wife role, which weakens women's integrity and multiple identities. I don't think it's art, it doesn't inspire the world.

The film industry is superstitious, with a sixth sense, weird old rules, and past box-office records to bet on next-minute box-office hits. But the world is much wider than Hollywood can imagine. I think the TV circle is better than the movie circle now, there are more women in the TV circle, there are many women in the production, women have their own shows, I hope that the future film circle can gradually follow up. (same field recommendation: Anne Hathaway, Julie Ammole, Kelly Mo Reagan!) Four female stars against Hollywood sex counterattack )

We need more of these dialogues to understand the difficulties of gender, to talk about the oppression and limitation of the patriarchal system, to enlarge the gender pain in life, to stop blaming each other, but to think about each other's way forward. So we have the heforshe activities of the United Nations, Esquire magazine's "women&men we have to talk about" unit, there are women fans are currently in the sex reading club. "