The expected Ang Lee new film "Billiern in the middle of the war" (Billy Lynn's Long halftime Walk) "The Future 3d" version (FPS 3D 4K) in the Royal Products Hotel held a press conference, women fans for you to do the whole text record straight hit, Listen to Ang Lee talk about his courage to subvert the times. The new film maximum specification is 120 lattice per second, 4K quality, 3D stereo image, a unanimous 800 yuan, will be broadcast in Beijing station Granville Show. (same field Gayon: ten years sleep movie Dream, 13 Ang Lee's works Review )

"I want to create an unprecedented realism that allows people to experience what is real telepresence, the fluency of 120 of a second, just like the real world." --Ang Lee

When the audience has been accustomed to the picture of 24 frames per second, Lee Bold in the new film "Billiern in the middle of the war" (Billy Lynn's Long halftime Walk) proposed the concept of future concepts, the use of 120 per second ultra-high speed photography, to reflect the real sense, and the 3D technology for the first time in the plot long film, the In the past, we have given the impression that "special effects blockbusters" apply to 3d".

Ang Lee's new film will undoubtedly bring about a change in the film. Ultra-high speed photography of 120 cells per second amplifies all the subtle movements of the actors, testing their performance and opening up new ways of acting. For the audience, more than ever before, we can imagine that the real and virtual boundaries between, will not exist at all?

"Billiern's midfield war" press conference to update

More than 300 people's press conference scene, noisy, two points to, everyone is waiting for Ang Lee.

"Billiern of the middle of the war," the reporter will begin, the host opening, revealing a second 120 of the image effect, image transmission efficiency, will reach the film history has never seen the specifications. Taipei is the premiere city and one of the five cities in the world (Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei), with the latest technology.

The following is an excerpt from Ang Lee's speech

This time back to Taiwan, see a lot of enthusiastic media, feel very moved. We say that the future, but in fact not the future, is now the style.

When I was filming Young Pi, I felt there was a future over there, but I didn't know how to do it. In my heart, our digital movies allow us to do three-dimensional world, film is the art of realistic photography, to do abstract things, to tell the story, his image itself has been more real.

What I'm doing now is a breakthrough in numbers, closer to the world we look at with our eyes. I am not in fact to do action film, big scene, I am very pure, is want to look clearly.

Usually we shoot the face, because there are flashing, 24 lattice, plane, and I use real eyes to see people, and see a good actor performance is not the same, I always feel very sad, my film can not capture the real. So I hope that the future film is, with the eyes to see the very similar, but also do not lose his drama.

I am now more than 60 years old, I do not want to wait for the future I want to see now. I am also a novice film, I am still learning, first made out to everyone feel look.

This movie is not new, but close to reality

I think I have a biggest advantage is that I do not understand the computer, do not understand technology, I am "do not know the people suffering" director, I have been asked, has always been ideal. I often ask later, people say to me, "no one asked for this", I know oh it turns out so.

So for me, it's not new, I'm doing it in the oldest and longest way. Ordinary 3D message, 40 times times the message, very simple lens I used for a long time, still can't shoot out, in the heart also afraid.

I feel very lucky, art is actually an experiment, you do the same thing, that is equal to the office is not. I like to take risks to try something new, I like the adventure of the process of something new born.

You slowly feel that watching a movie is not about watching someone else's business, but about you walking in and that's part of your life. The biggest breakthrough is that the basic mindset of seeing a movie changes, you're in a new way with the story, and the interaction changes. This is a new inspiration and a new challenge for me.

Film is the process of re-experiencing and re-creation

Art is not what you have, but what you have. The gap is your art.

24 lattice has 24 lattice of art, 120 lattice has 120 lattice. I consciously want to be different from the way I used to perform, I will encounter challenges, light is not three-dimensional, action is not big enough ... Wait Now we have a three-dimensional image, we need to adjust, and this adjustment, is the artistic creation itself.

I've created a new version of every release, and I've been doing it for the past few months. This is the process of re-experience and re-creation of the film. The other is to look at 24 lattice and 3D This is what I personally go down to do. Even if I put it in 24, it's clearer than the average movie, I've got a lot of stuff mixed in. More progress than before.

Q&a question: I'm interested in the impossible.

Q: This is a new specification, Christine in the interview also mentioned in the film is often not keep pace with your shooting speed, how will the director to ask the actors to change the new way of acting?

A. Before filming, I had to warn them first. This film can not be makeup, must be vegetarian yan, we have maintenance division, look at it. I know actors will be insecure, they must all have a safety net, but if you act like you're acting, it's not true. Actors also have some habit of action that must be broken.

I was also observing and groping, and I invited the actors to come with me. They all throw themselves out, actors too, and staff, you remind yourself that am I good enough for the job. Actually not studying, because we don't have a teacher.

You make inertia things, you are wrong you do not know. In fact, many things, is not necessarily to do so, you do not know.

We are proud to have dared to do so. Not only afraid, behind the fear is excited, feel a little fresh feeling. I was closed the door, my own research, did not remit with other big director to discuss, I just study alone, is already very head big.

People say I'm crazy, see the finished product I do believe that there is such a media over there, waiting for us to explore it, to develop it. I also look forward to the future of my peers with me.

Q: The director once said, "wedding banquet" when frustrated almost totally wreck wall, to "Hulk Hulk", you said to be grilled a layer of skin, this time how would you describe your state and burnout?

A. A lot of people ask me, do you ever think about giving up? I mean, think about it at least three times a day. After filming "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" I think I'm going to retire.

On the one hand I tortured myself to death, you have to break through the industry and everyone's viewing habits, it is difficult to very painful things. I do not care from the language of the film, cultural background, to the technical view of the habit of breakthrough, as if "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" After, just difficult things I have no interest, the impossible thing I have interest.

On the one hand I feel very tired, on the other hand I think there is a challenge I just strong. Do not desperately, as if the film is not interesting, do not make movies I feel more interesting. People like us, probably do it all our life, I just can't do it,

This thing just started, I feel I can not wait, so I jumped down to do, feel that I have a sense of responsibility. I am very tortured, but also think of a larger world in that, we human watching movies, psychological activity is how, I think I can do this thing, I think I have the responsibility to test it out, let me eat this suffering.

I would complain, of course, but I also have a lot of satisfaction and stimulation. I'm not going to ask why, because it's interesting that I can move on.

Why do you think this movie was taken like this? Can we dream in a clearer way for me? Before the next dream comes, I want to go back to the truth. Like in the fantasy journey of Pi, he has a second story, but I have to keep on creating the first story. (same field Gayon: live just to make a movie!) Three international female directors who set a film milestone

Q: Is it convenient for the director to use simple language, so that people can imagine the future of what kind of vision?

A: The future of the class is not what I took in fact, for me is the digital film. This 3D has a deep shallow, our coordinates have the X axis Y axis, I now is adds the Z axis to go in, your two eyes continuously scans, produces an impression in the brain, with the movie activity is similar.

To describe, the high lattice number is like you watch the slow motion, see clearly, but the action does not slow down. In the past 24 lattice, there will always be lattice limit, we are difficult to make breakthroughs, too fast to see clearly. But in the static, there are also many activities.

He is not the future so mysterious, is our relationship with the film in fact still stay in the film, but technology has already to another media, but our human brain still stay in the past.

This kind of movie, the feeling is very realistic, urbanite, this audience wants to decide by oneself: I see the movie likes to stay aloof, still be in it?

Film is a show-me business, I speak too much, there is no scene to see shock. Our eyes are 8 k,16 K, my film is 4K, but I think the breakthrough, the movie is another thing. I hope you can go to different versions, this time I have three versions, the difference between the body of the electrical copy and the creation, are very interesting.

Q: Does the director have the technology before he meets the story, or does he have a story before he meets the technology?

I wanted to do it first, and then I came across the story. This film, the technology first, but I have been a big challenge in the funds, deferred for more than a year still looking.

A new thing comes out, you always have to give the audience a reason. I think the breakthrough in this technology is very much like the war of the military, the environment is all sharp, when they come back to be placed in the midfield performance, their emotions can not stand. I put the battlefield together with a half-court show, and there was a sense of conflict. First there is technology, then there is the story.

When we see clearly, we can be very subjective, let each audience pretend that they are Billiern, to create a strong sense of identity.

Q: For the first time with son A, what does it feel like to be filming?

I photographed it, and it was pleasant to think that father and son could work together. In fact, I am very tortured to the actors, for their children, it is inevitable a bit of protection mentality. It's very incompatible to protect the child's mentality from the habit of training actors, but this time I think it's pretty good.

I would like to continue to film, too many things I do not understand, I would like to continue to delve into it. I do not know that you have read the 120 lattice, and also do not want to look back at 24, but if you can, recommend that each version has been seen once, compared to the difference.

Q: The director suggested that we look at this film, prepare what kind of mental state?

I think what kind of status can be seen, I hope that everyone to see the film, are feeling selfless. Ecstasy, is my job, not the work of the audience. Like me, I like close-up of the face, to observe the face of the meticulous expression, let me feel a feeling of intimacy, delicate feeling.

I have a confused but also firm belief, I just want to see this film.

You do not take the other people's mouth can and not as a law, you want to do you will do it. You do not challenge it, you do not let people see the future of what hope is, the evolution of the film is slow. The experiment is like this, sometimes you also go to do some stupid things, stupid people use stupid method to always try, sometimes a flash of inspiration.

Technology is still relatively simple, you take this technology to do art, this is more difficult one thing, it is more difficult to change the world's established habits.

I think, a media out, you have a coping style, you need to use such a new media, to present art. The media itself does not compete with each other, and different media have different responses.

Q: The director you have challenged various types, often have everyone unexpected challenges, this time the biggest challenge for you?

A: Usually talk about the type of film, like musicals or love movies, I want to use new media style, new visual effects to make a breakthrough. After this film, I hope to try something more unreal. Including love that seems to have no, more fantastic type of film, with new media technology to do look.

At the end of the question and answer time, Ang Lee slowly stood up before leaving, toward the media seats waved, I feel the near future weight in him, his pace unhurriedly, but from beginning to finish, have not given up the belief of forward. Thanks to Ang Lee, use a movie to make the future closer to the present.

The story of "Billiern in the middle of the war"

"Billiern's midfield" is adapted from a popular best-selling novel, Banfonden (Ben Fountain), "Half-time without War" (Billy Lynn's Long halftime Walk), against the American football Super Bowl's Thanksgiving-day event, Describing the young soldier, Billy returned to the United States from a barrage of gunfire, only to receive heroic praise in the half time of the dance, the brutal "battlefield" and the hypocrisy of a peaceful "Half-court" in a satirical contrast.

In addition to the new generation of actor Chowen, there are famous actors including Von Disso, Christine, Gerrett Hodlen, Christack, Steve Martin, A.

No more distortion of the movie screen! Four questions and four answers decoding the concept of future

Q: What kind of picture will we see in the future?

A: The first is this version of the screen resolution can reach 4096 X 2160, in addition to the resolution is the general screen 4 times times, usually the general digital 2D or 3D film overall film size of about 100-200GB capacity, but this film for offers high frame rate images, coupled with saturated pure color, capacity to achieve 40tb! So the playback equipment is the world's latest technology cooperation, just the media server can handle 32GB per second without compression signal. In addition, this specification color performance because through the laser light source, may perfectly present the absolute true color.

Q: Is that different from the 3D I used to see?

A: In the past 3D film viewers see the brightness of about 2.5-4.5FL (ft Lambert), this version of the brightness of up to 28fL, is equal to the past you see 3D film 9 times times as many, can be seen Ang Lee after the "Juvenile Pi Fantasy Drift" after the new experience of the 3D.

Q: Does the whole hard equipment cost a lot of money?

A: Yes, because in addition to the modification of the film Hall, in addition to the combination of powerful laser light source system, the global Painting grid processing the fastest projector, the world's top media servers, such as the cost of adjustment equipment, the current light in order to put this film will spend 30 million of the investment costs.

Q: So how many studios around the world have this version?

A: There are only 5 theatres in the world, namely, Los Angeles, New York, China, Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan's Beijing station Granville Show Studios. So a fan pilgrimage is definitely coming, this is the version you will see in this lifetime! The new film is the highest specification of 120 lattice per second, 4K quality, 3D stereo image, a unanimous 800 yuan, will be in Beijing station Granville show broadcast!