Woman fan interview Chen Xiaona, she is any master of the gods spokesperson, was also a bride Secretary . Chen Xiaona Teacher because of contact with the work of God, opened the vision of life. women are obsessed with Taiwanese girls ' day, inviting her to talk about the value of a woman who is engaged in most of the male industry and what she believes. Listen to Chen Xiaona that what really saves you is not the answer of God, but the doubt that you unlock from your heart. (recommend you see: Why can't I become the "Taiwanese girl" in the eyes of others?) )

The motives for starting a new secret are simple, just friends looking for me when his graduation results published model, I indirectly know this industry, I think you can holiday more income to earn money, learning to go on to dig out the wonderful place, I found that after the transformation of make-up can bring us the energy and self-confidence. People who are made up or put on makeup can exude a sense of pleasure and fulfillment.

In the course of the class, in the eyes of the vegetarian people usually with expectations and hesitation, because do not know oneself to finish makeup will become what appearance, from the beginning of the Color Yan to complete on the bottom of the makeup, mascara, blush, lip color, every little bit look gradually better elegant demeanor, and then draw eyebrows and eyeliner, eyes began to shine, I saw the expression on their faces as if they were waking up and saying, "I can live better!" I like that kind of shiny look that makes me want to learn.

It is the appearance of a smile on the face of a person who is acting as a spokesman for the divine profession and a new secret. In the Palace Temple we will have to ask the service beforehand preparation, before I have not dropped driving, has not changed the body Chengji master, I still Chen Xiaona. In advance of the question, I will see the people in their eyes of the sad and uneasy mood, after the end of the question, I received the message of the mood of the person who asked. That contrast made me realize that I could help them with another identity. Encounter any master, in order to solve and pay efforts, after dialogue with the gods, but also from the heart to solve the doubts, find the fragrance of life and let the eyes out of the positive energy. This feeling moved, and my sense of achievement made me feel that my life was full of meaning. (same field Gayon: no one to walk the road, only others can not take away the assets )

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With any master down, I can help people find his own do not know the positive energy, I am also a beneficiary, when I see them so spiritual satisfaction, I get the harvest will not be less than them, the heart of the head of the ownership moved will continue very long.

The courage of the spokesperson of the Divine Service: giving with the body

In the service process, any master down driving business will need to drink, the spokesperson dedicated time, strength, vitality, a time to drink four or five hours, I almost will drink a bottle of whisky. It's a heavy burden for me not to liquor. But because I see a lot of people in the eyes of anxiety and longing, I know that I do the job of God spokesperson is meaningful, the most important in addition to dealing with two different world things, there is the right remedy to deal with people's heart problems.

We will go through a lot of clean magnetic field before the driving, in the purification I will have been constantly dry vomit reaction, because the outside work and access to various occasions mixed, but also because of fatigue and magnetic field will become unstable. When he wants to come down, the spokesperson's body's magnetic field must be very clean, so there will be human contact with the spirit of the "clean up the magnetic field" of the induction action. It's kind of like when you get drunk, someone squeezes your stomach from the body, driving away the harmful magnetic field that shouldn't be in your body, and throwing up from the stomach to the esophagus. Until the magnetic field is clean, the gods will enter into the body to prepare for the official clothing drop drive.

The girl's obsession is full, first: The girl's physical strength is not good , the only match is the determination of willpower, the biggest learning is associated I also learn to be fearless two words. Second: The man who has fallen on me is a "male" God. His voice will change, relative to the throat of the girls need more than the general force to depress the voice, a long time, the throat will need to drink more alcohol, after the need for continuous maintenance of the throat. Physiological leave is also ah, girls know that the physiological period will be particularly empty cold, diarrhea, will stomach pain, but in the meeting when there is no physical leave this matter, but not on the spot leave.

Third: No matter the year round, wearing master's clothing can never warm in summer and cool in winter. Summer must have clothing, T-shirt, the last is the master's Treasure clothes, often hot after a retreat, the body is due to the sultry long out of eczema, rest for two days to quickly good, but also began to drink, wearing a treasure clothes, so the rash will be my other in the summer of a tattoo (ha). In winter, it is impossible for girls to wear more than a few. Still the same "uniform", at most a thin hot clothes, so the winter will see me shaking the battle, wonderful is, when master down driving, I actually do not feel cold, as for the back of the car after ... Of course is to grab down coats and wear ah!

To break the image of the self is wide and warm

Before I met any master, I was in touch with Guanyin Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva's behavior is to compare the stability of graceful, all movements are gentle, I am very acceptable, because it makes me look very temperament.

When I first met any master, I was very repulsive!! Because he is in my traditional impression, is not the temperament of the image. If I was a man can be heroic I think all reasonable OK, but I often said I: Is a girl, you told me to open my legs to drink this right!! At that time I have been "very ugly" two words declined, now think of it is really grateful to master tolerance. Probably refused for a year, found in the middle of the master is very different to me, I am the second generation of temple, I have heard many predecessors and traditions said, if the gods to you, you do not obey, he will make you sick, the movement is not smooth, the work of resistance, so I am actually very bad impression of this matter.

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I never thought that Master was not the hardliners I imagined. I found that Master was very intelligent and fully mastered my personality, he used the honey tricks to contain my temper, help me work, ears to remind me to increase my intelligence, take my step by step in. I think he is a good teacher, he is very focused on basic education, more people's hearts can feel wide and warm, I put down my heart and dedication.

Before meeting master, my personality is actually very introverted, can also say inferiority. I'm not autistic, but I'm not confident. I did not have a picture before FB was founded, and it was the master's intelligence and personality that rendered me. I felt the vision of the eye, is the master often in my right rear, behind me shook his fan fan, in the appropriate time will be forced to kick me out. Put me out of my self-limiting demons, these are the only step past the threshold will know that everything is in their own block. (same field Gayon: If Life rejects you, go beyond it )

He often said to me: "As long as there is a breath in, what are you afraid of?" Everything can be turned around. As long as you are willing to try to change.

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To enjoy happiness and to enjoy mistakes, life is only level

To be the spokesman of the God, like to see everyone's smile, I like to see everyone happy.

Recently we started to have a live broadcast. One of the reasons is: Master in the question, not like the traditional way of asking, do not pay attention to one-sided answer questions, so the time can not be fast, maybe 10 a night. I once asked: Why do you have to pay so much trouble? Master: Ask a person to go such a long distance, must solve the problem, not just get the answer. The answer is not always willing to change the matter, only the answer is useless. Master said: "He spent so much time, the disciples also bother to drink so much wine, only the answer is not enough, compared to ask him more like class, there are some questions to ask, listen to his class is enough to solve the set." Don't have to come all the same. "To tell you a concept, Master will interact with you on the live, just to give you a warm magnetic field."

I have also thought that drinking is a good burden to be tired, and must divide up a lot of my working hours, must sacrifice their time and body. Then why do I have to do this? I will repeatedly ask myself, the answer is always the first time in my mind the picture is the smile on everyone's face. I believe that it is a very strong positive energy is also a sense of belonging to life, I hope you can like me, enjoy the limited life of what happened.

The ancients often said: "Failure is a common military strategist." We all know the truth, but why are we so annoying? I used to be afraid of failure and frustration, will be dull and unhappy for several days. Now I encountered setbacks only two words, that is "excitement." Because by the reason I will find the right way to adjust, to overcome this failure no longer repeat. A mistake is a normal thing that a person will face in life. Joy and sorrow are as important as music, and if you do not have the training of anger and grief and frustration, then your happiness will be no level.

People are often trapped in blind happiness, unable to accept setbacks.

Master also broke the gender role, why don't we?

When you ask me what I see in Taiwan, I think it is a pattern and attitude.

You have the responsibility to make your life more fulfilling. Many girls will despise themselves a little. We can do a lot of things, just don't dig ourselves out, we will adhere to the established role. What kind of pattern you want, you have to respect yourself, you will come to such a degree.

I had a lot of attacks when my master's identity was first established. Because Master is a male God, the general male God will only find boys in the impression. The most common tradition is the three princes, compared to the lack of gender points. The first part of the ordeal Master taught me one thing, Master's persistence is the attitude, I have been laughed at I was a false spirit is artificial, but the master never mind not to be angry. At that time I felt wronged, misunderstood and ridiculed, and he helped me to discover the potential of the other side of myself. That is the pattern, you have to open the pattern, do not say that girls can only be what to do, or only to do some specific work, rather than only limited to do their own limitations of the competent part.

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There is a lot of equality now, but not so much equality. So I think the most important thing is to respect one's attitude of responsibility before asking for equality. Whenever I want to resign, I think of the smile on the face of the person who is asking. I am just very simple to think, if everyone can experience the enjoyment of life how good.

Many people know that I am a god and a new secret, they will say I am special. I always look at myself in the same mood: I am not very special, but I work hard. I am not special, but I am luckier than the average person, have this opportunity, can when everyone with another world of translation, I think I met the gods after everything. It brings me every adjustment and growth of my life. We do not regret the joys and sorrows.

Even if I am hard wronged. But I will be very substantial, I know that they do not live in vain, will be worthy of their own.

I am a Taiwanese girl Chen Xiaona, I am the god of any master spokesperson, I believe that girls can do anything, as long as she is enough to want.

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