Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"The Illustration constellation column" Aquarius, Gemini, Libra: The sexy keyword of the wind sign )

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 20)

If you feel like you're missing out on romantic love life, you should feel like October is a great time. The October 1 New moon will be strong for the first 11 days, and Cupid and his little angel Unit will go out and shoot the arrow at the right person.

If you're single and you're looking for the right person, October will be the month when you're most likely to meet someone who's interested in you in 2016 years. The companion Gemini will also enjoy the early October, because the recent heavy occupational stress will ease, you may start to relax, smile and twist your butt with the music.

You'll spend more money this month than usual, but it looks like you've still got some savings in buying one or two luxuries, or you'll put some money to keep your financial growth goals. If you have a legal money dispute, or a process of divorce, and want to distribute your assets fairly, the discussion will become intense as the warrior Mars arrives at your joint property house. At the same time, your Guardian star, Mercury, will be associated with the elusive Pluto, so a confrontation could erupt. Things may reach their climax from October 15 to 16th, so be prepared to do so.

You will be creative in your work, and if you are an art designer, you will have unique insights. The sun, mercury, and Uranus fill your five palaces, adding an appeal to your expression-some influential, possibly high-profile VIP clients-may call you a genius directly. However, please be careful before and after the full moon, there may be an important project off track, you need to focus on all the content and pay attention to the details.

At the same time, one of your friends or loved ones may act strangely and show a character face that you may be annoyed with in a way you've never seen before. This Full moon will have a strong impact on everyone in a different way. Because the full moon is too close to Uranus, a woman around you may begin to show emotion and make your feelings polarized from one end to the other. This may be an emotional period, and the problem may also reach its climax.

Uranus is always associated with accidental trauma, so be careful what you say, especially if you can't take it back. You may want to say something less later. On the other hand, you may not want to continue this relationship-when you see what's happening, the decision is entirely yours. The full moon of Aries is a special fit for your Gemini Sun, so in this or that way, you gain long-term benefits, even if you can't see the truth immediately.

Your Guardian planet, Mercury, will contribute to this outcome, and it is in harmony with Saturn, a long-time planet, just two days before the full moon, October 14. Your plan is likely to be delayed before and after the full moon.

Things will calm down as you approach the crescent moon on the October 30. The planet Neptune, the dream and the creative, is in your career house and will form a good phase with the new moon, encouraging you to make more self-expression than you normally would. Suggest trying an idea that you think is sensible but risky-and that's when you should be at work. If you do it yourself, business should be very active, you may have to hire new people to help.

Keep the pace of success, Dear Gemini, because the projects you did a few weeks ago and now will be the basis for a promotion or an important job offer next year, at the end of 2017.

Emotional aspect, you are glittering. The best two times of the year October 10 to 11th (depending on your time zone), this is a rare conjunction, mercury will be in Libra with Jupiter, this is the first time in 12 years, this will bring you all kinds of happiness. Whether single or married, these days will be very romantic. On the other hand, these days are also good for signing contracts, especially when it comes to a creative job. (Recommended reading: A man's true voice: "As long as the heart, romance, everywhere")

Jupiter, the Lucky Star, came into your palace of Love last month and will stay for a whole year, even though you may experience a difficult full moon on October 16 (Let's hope it doesn't), but keep in mind that you are in the best time to find true love in ten years.

Literally, nothing can stop you from finding the partner you deserve. October 26 will be a great day for you about love, where Venus enters your partner's palace and is in harmony with the lucky Jupiter. This day is Wednesday, but please also carefully plan a work after the end of the activity bar.

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Liu Kitten

Libra (September 23 ~ October 22)

As a Libra, over the past few years despite all the efforts you've made to try. But it may be that the adult world is like this, full of heavy responsibility but no fun. And who can blame you for having this idea? However, life is wonderful and I think it will prove it in the early October.

The universe is ready to make it right, too many disappointments and frustrations are now beginning to fade away. The New moon of Libra, September 30, is the only New moon in Libra this year that has opened the happiest window for 2016 years. (If your birthday is four days around September 30, you'll be lucky to double.) )

This New moon opens a 10-day energy gate, which is a good opportunity for you to pursue your desires. The goal you are pursuing may be very personal, so the people around you don't know it. Act in the first week of October. In addition to this, today there is no other special day, good luck Jupiter last time in Libra is the 2004 thing, if not at this time the pursuit of precious longing but unfortunately one thing oh.

You also seem to be concerned about your house or family, as Mars has recently moved into your home palace and will stay there from September 27 to November 8. October is the ideal time if you want to renovate a house before the holidays. If you need to sign a contract, work order, or other important paperwork, choose on October 11, when Mercury will be perfect for the good luck-oriented Jupiter.

The full moon of October 16 is not the kind that everyone is satisfied with. The full moon is unstable and unpredictable, and will fall into the seventh House, the House of your partnership, about your marriage partner and business partner. Some things go to the tipping point, and the source of contention for your partner, business partner, or other partner is directed at a family member.

It may also be that you suddenly need to take care of a family in distress, and there is no sign of it. You may find your partner erratic and unable to help, and you can't predict your partner's behavior. If a friend's opinion is involved, it will only complicate things, and your friendship Palace will be surrounded. A friend's opinion is not so helpful as to be counterproductive.

Of the 10 stars, seven are converging on the groundbreaking basic constellation, and everyone, including you, is eager to make progress, and you will be able to resolve an important event involving yourself and your partner on October 16. You seem to be expected and waiting for things to improve. Despite some nervousness, this Full moon will eliminate misunderstandings and fix things once and for all. (Recommended reading: Seven seconds first impression wins!) The fashion of the professional scene to wear teaching )

The best date of the month is October 26, when your Guardian star Venus and Jupiter are in a Libra match. Make the most of the day, you can arrange interviews, conferences, first day-anything you feel you don't know is on the brink. It's a happy five-star day, a welcome day after the emotional full moon.

You may need to pay attention to financial problems later this month, but the financial aspects are also improving. You may consider asking for a raise on the October 30 crescent. Think about all the contributions you've made to the company, list them all, and then raise your salary when you've just finished the new moon, and the closer you get to the new moon the better.

If you go it alone, you have the opportunity to raise the price, so you can give yourself a gentle test. If you're in the creative field, and the new moon is sending a big eye to Neptune in the distribution palace, which means that you can add a lot of fresh ideas to the project at hand, it might be entirely acceptable to show your plan to the client.

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Aquarius (January 20 ~ February 18)

It seems that your October is accompanied by a luxurious journey, shortly after the beginning of the new moon. This new moon has the ability to let you embark on a dream journey. If you have to go on a business trip and bring your partner, this New moon is an easy place to combine work and play. Saturn will also bring good news. If you make an international business trip, you will do well.

Other sparkling areas include media (TV, radio and Internet), import and export, legal affairs and tribunals, or anything else that requires you to get a higher degree. The two notable days are October 10 and 11th, and these areas may bring good news to celebrate.

Mars gives you the ability to do some strategic thinking. No matter what you are doing now, you need to make a good effort before the show. This could happen around November 8, and Mars will make you brave, bold and controlling. People will be attracted to you because you will be able to show off the projects you have been working hard.

You can actually release your project a week in advance, just before the end of the new moon on October 30. This is a good opportunity to start a new venture or to show new ideas, because Mars will enter Aquarius on November 8, allowing you to influence industry leaders and support you all the way. Be prepared for cheers and applause, as well as possible promotions or prestige tasks.

Also, the new moon of October 16 may affect your long-distance travel plans. You seem to be going to work, maybe meet a client or finish a task, but when you want everything to go well, you will. At the same time your partner, life or work, will suddenly become angry, let you more frustrated. Also focus on your health, especially your stomach. You may have some bad food in the vicinity of October 16. (Recommended reading: life is a long journey: the courage to get lost to have a way out )

You may get good news about your residence, your other possessions or a family member. It is also a good chance to have a long journey or to talk with people abroad. If you sign the contract on this day, Jupiter will bring benefits and take care of the relationship. Circle Good October 26.

Your career will bring very good news, because the new moon will illuminate your honor, reward, Achievement Palace, giving you the best chance of the year to move you forward. Make sure you look for such opportunities, because you will find that this is the best chance in 2016 years.

Next month is important for your romantic life because Mars enters Aquarius, from November 8 to December 19. Then you will have a busy social life, life becomes full of sunshine, it is also time to take the biggest step. Whether you are single or not, you will enjoy the time when Mars is in Aquarius.

Start now and keep an eye on the whole month, including all possible trips. October is a good time to look around, even if you can't leave home. The wider world is waiting for you, and you will see a lot of opportunities in all areas of your contact. Looking back on the past you may think that your thoughts in the past are narrow, and this month's theme is to grow and learn, and that will benefit you greatly.

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