Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon: A word lets the elders stop the wedding!) 12 constellation in the face of "when to get married" real reaction

Taurus (April 20 ~ May 20)

You are great at work. Whether you're self-employed or working for someone else, you're in the best position to get the best entry through the door. Your client or boss (most likely both have) trusts you, likes you, and wants you to be around them. This month people will see how much you can't afford to be in the industry, which is a favorite.

This trend continues for a long time, except for October, which will continue into the next year. The new moon of September 30 triggers a period of time when you receive a task that you have always wanted, and these tasks allow you to show a higher level of technology than you have so far. If you're self-employed, just use a bit of smart marketing, and your clients will be scrambling to crack your door with money. The aspect of you is exciting.

The full moon of October 16 will affect every possible aspect of your life, so you will feel uneasy in many ways. The full moon is connected to electricity-related planets, Uranus, will bring sway, connect-disconnect, AC, DC alternative energy. A secret that someone is trying not to let you know is now likely to surface.

Your partner may have been keeping a secret, or it may have nothing to do with your relationship, and, on the contrary, it may surprise you that the facts about the case during the discovery phase of the court investigation surfaced. The alternative solution may simply be to keep a secret from others, but if so, be careful, or it will spread out.

You also plan to travel in the middle of the month, most likely a romantic tour, a lovely idea-to travel abroad or need a passport to enter Paradise Island. The stars that belong to you help you peers effortlessly. All full moons have a four-day impact on them, so plan accordingly and enjoy every minute.

From the beginning of the month to the next few weeks, you will have a strong focus on health and fitness. Maybe you'll go to the doctor's for a checkup first and find out what the doctor suggested. Maybe you can go to a new, luxurious gym, or take a group of fitness classes, or buy a series of courses from your trainer. If so, your time is perfect, this is in 2016 years the best, timely, you should be satisfied with the result. (Recommended reading: when nudity becomes socially responsible: A woman's fitness proclaims a strong soul )

You have many advantages, many favorable conditions to succeed, this is known as the Taurus determination and firmness of the relevant. By the end of the year, you'll be the envy of your friends on the dance floor, and your stars will shine, not at the beginning of January, when everyone makes New years decisions. Now you have the right phase, dear Taurus, it won't be much later.

When this month is almost over, feelings will be your total concern. The Scorpio Crescent moon will bring a plan to make love or business relationships more stable and more serious commitment. Venus is in your marriage/partnership house all month, spreading petals on your path. In the end you will have your own happiness.

Translation: Star Translation Agency/Translator: You are beautiful I like

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

Since 2011, Uranus has been in your Wei palace, your financial experience is a roller coaster trip, sometimes a surprise, sometimes a shock, the next 12 months should be able to help you change this, because you enter the most financially rewarding year, the new moon of October 1 to open this momentum, October the first week to apply for a raise is very important, The best days are October 3 or 4th, and October 10 is also great because your planet Mercury coincides with Jupiter in the Pay house, which is the first time that Mercury and Jupiter have been in your pay house for 2004 of years.

or financial theme, but this time the focus is on labor income, the best day of the month may even be the best day of the year is October 10 11th, your main star Mercury and Jupiter in the income palace, you may sell or inherit property, looks like your house to get some fairy gas, this month also scattered to your financial palace.

You may have seen considerable financial opportunities or gains by the end of September, but this month will continue and expand this trend, Virgo is not a special material person, but the money will give you more choice of things to do, but also to get what has not before.

Mars has recently begun to hold your true love Palace, September 27 Mars into Capricorn, stay until November 8, the next few weeks, Mars brings you the love of confidence and attraction, your mystery has been noticed, although you may not realize, in fact, also exudes a lot of sexual attractiveness, may be high, if you are looking forward to love, A new peach blossom will appear. (Recommended reading: The appearance of true love: Meet the person who makes your soul vibrate. )

The last time Mars lit your love life was two years ago, so this month is a very special relationship, you should try to socialize more, although it is possible on October 13, 20th, 28th to find the problems in the relationship (the core of the discussion may be money), but after all, Mars November 9 left Your Love Palace, you should also The discovery of social activity, a lot of fun, and the possibility of getting all kinds of party invitations.

And next month as Mars prepares to leave the Love Palace, Venus comes again, November 12 Venus enters Capricorn, then you get a long good time and have the potential to compose romantic love song.

Can travel at the end of the month or October 30 before and after the new moon, if the real trip, probably not for work, is for and you the only time to spend a good two people, this brilliant new moon and Neptune in the auspicious phase, Neptune in your marriage partner Palace, the month's short trip can weave a gorgeous memory. Neptune is in charge of large water bodies, so choose a hydrophilic zone such as the lake, the river, and the sea, and you will be relaxed.

What I didn't mention earlier is that the day after the new moon and the new moon of October 30 will inspire your imagination in the field of writing, so write it, dear. Everywhere, your sign is good at communication, let your inner critic to shut up, to write poetry, writing novels, integration of the script, this is your shine, your inner inspiration to be recognized , be brave and release them!

Translation: Star translation/translation: Illusion (fly between the real and the false)

Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

October is very special for your career, and it is no exaggeration to say that there will be a lot of opportunities for you to choose from. The new moon of September 30 is one of the best new moons of the year, and it will help you advance your career. In the days that follow, you must start looking for opportunities. Some job opportunities will automatically come to you, but others need you to look through the corners. It's better to be proactive. (Recommended reading: work abroad can really gold-plated?) Look for a job, you should consider not only salary

This new moon appears in your tenth House of Fame, reward and achievement, holding hands with Jupiter, who brings gifts and good luck, to gold-plated for your career in the first week of October. Seriously look for every potential opportunity to take on more responsibilities and further expand your influence, because if you look for it, you will find the light of opportunity to succeed.

As we all know, you have an ambitious soul and work hard and good, so the news you are about to learn may be a reward for your outstanding achievements in the past. Your Guardian Planet Saturn will support your efforts and create long-term security. For career initiatives, this is the most important one months of the 2016, or perhaps the decade.

The New moon opens a door so you do not have to win any position for yourself during the October 1 to 11th, but you must immediately sow the seeds for your future career.

Mars and Pluto are now in Capricorn, so your sense of being is still strong-even stronger than you think. As all these planetary forces support you behind you, you may find yourself bathed in a new light. The huge growth in your body is going on silently, and then your appearance will change as well. For example, you might want to make a new hairstyle, or choose a dress that is quite different from your past style. You are beginning an important new cycle, and the decisions and actions you make now will affect you for a year or maybe ten years.

Watch out for October 26, the glorious day of the cause, when Jupiter will be the tenth Gong star to take charge of your fame and glory. It will be a great day for interviews, public announcements, or other important actions to drive a career.

Your homestead issue also needs attention, which is a recurring theme in Capricorn's life, and something will come to an end by the full moon of October 16. The effect of this Full moon is a bit rough and tough, and it can bring surprising news, including that no one in your room expected it. Uranus, a symbol of unexpected events, is very prominent, and it will be combined with the full moon, which means that there will be changes in your home, or that news about a certain family member will surface.

What kind of role does your partner seem to play in the middle, or is it a destabilizing factor? There may be good news (for example, if you've made a bid for a house), or it may not be so (if a family member feels unwell and needs your help). It's hard to predict what's going to happen, but it looks like you need to pay a lot of money to deal with any situation. Don't put your schedule too full, so that when the full moon brings any news, you can respond to it in time.

Have you ever been invited to a Halloween party? So be prepared for it, because this year's dress will be very creative, breaking all the records.

At the end of this month, the Scorpio Crescent Moon, October 29, will bring a chance to travel. The new Moon is also very romantic, as it will receive a fascinating signal from your 3rd Gonnehei, the symbol of a short trip. Try to arrange a trip near the water. This is a great fit for Neptune-and you will be satisfied.

Translation: Star translation/translation: Wangxiaoya (orange lemon Tea & Three flower civet cat enthusiasts)