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Do you know what the 25-Year-old's resume looks like? It is said that the director of human capital, there is no experience of education, experienced by the work is too fast to change the frequency of the qualitative. A 25-year-old CV, not a beautiful one. These two days, there is a film circulating in the Stratosphere, 104 human bank ads questioned: not how the 25-year-old, who has not?

Some people say that not everyone is Ang Lee, some people say that the format of the resume is not 1041 hand fabrications. Without discussing the background of the labor force in society and not discussing the management, I just want to ask, how do we live our 25-year-old?

25 years old, graduated two years, a little foundation is not deep enough, a little disappointed not despair, a little capacity is still missing development. It's a time when it's so much more likely to be a victim of age-weird institutions, hating the environment, complaining about salary-but agreeing to go through with it.

104 The film of the human bank is not unreasonable, because the environment is so bad, people of every age, feel that they live the world can no longer rotten.

25-Year-old has such a person:

Ituge to society, but he is really lonely.
The sophistication of their own maturity, the competition as a progressive.

25-Year-old also has this kind of person:

Instead, he cares more about what he wants.
Money does not set his boundaries, he abandons ease and pursues his vision.

Because life is not easy, just unwilling to mediocrity.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

Sorry, the world is not fair, so you do not leave a little shame for yourself, do not live the life of reproduction. I'm sorry, you can not use the tender as an excuse, so find a professional that you should be proud of. (same field Gayon:"workplace female voice" do not deny the past!) To not a rookie or "SIS" 25 years old )

25 years old, someone in the workplace for two years, some institute just graduated, some people still squatting in the barracks. Forgive yourself for nothing, but fortunately, "no" is your biggest asset. Because no, you still have a choice, because no, you can decide who you want to be.

We are not Ang Lee, also not Wu Baochun, we can not chase any shadow alive, to be more focused on living as their own.

You may not be the most valuable, but you can decide what life is worth. If you are confused, it may be time to stop and listen to your heart and hear your inner drive . 2018 Women fans exclusive planning "Sister said School", to give you the New Year gift, is to find the gift: