Zhanghua County Huang Yufen proposal that the curriculum should not be integrated into the ideology of multiple sexes, women fans want to use an open letter to respond to Dr Huang, please do not put your standard answer to the child.

Zhanghua County, Huang Yufen, asked the county government not to include the multiple gender ideology textbook in primary and secondary school curricula, nor should it be included in the examination content to educate students on the correct concept.

She wrote down two reasons in the statement, first, sex education should teach children to "respect the difference" and "establish a friendly gender environment", and the current high school citizens and Society of the press Sanmin, South one, Dragon, Kanghua, Kangxi, Hanlin Six versions have appeared "Heterosexual hegemony", " Homophobia, accusing the community of discrimination and persecution of gay groups, has constituted 1.7% of the concept of bullying 98.3% majority.

Second, this kind of controversial ideology and knowledge included in the examination and there are standard answers, has constituted the ideological bullying, is to children and adolescents of brainwashing education. The ideology of history lesson is learning from, the extreme sex ideology should let the child mature after 18 years old, then judge by oneself.

I would like to respond to the honourable Huang Yufen that perhaps the two points of objection which seem to stand on the ground today reflect how subtle discrimination is, how habitual most violence is, how difficult it is for a heterosexual society to shake. Gender rights and vocabulary light to be "see" have to go through a lot of checkpoints, and finally black and white into the textbook, was a high wall blocked down, the same distance with the same understanding, the foreseeable future. (Recommended reading: feminism to the male liberation!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

Sex is not a majority: The purpose of education is how do we let children identify the world

Huang Yufen's argument is based on the assumption that gender diversity is not yet a standard answer to the "controversy", Fear of children "brainwashing" suspicion, and then complained of a few oppressive majority, is called bullying.

Dear Huang Yufen, sex should never be the war between the 1.7%"minority" and the 98.3"majority". Gender identity and sexual orientation is not a country, dividing your side with my side, different, do not contact each other, nor is the minority of the obedience and service of the majority of the "violence."

School education is important because it relates to how children identify the world-when children follow maps to identify three of oceans on five continents, when children unfold the periodic table of chemical elements, when children Chi Tang and song Ci, and when children first meet trigonometric functions, moji sin and Cosin Whether he should also be deprived of the right to understand the gender spectrum, and whether he should also recognize the world-like and gender patterns outside heterosexual sex (cisgender)?

What is the physical gender and the psychological sex? What is gender temperament, sexual orientation and gender identity? What are the multiple genders? What is cross sex and asexual love? Having these perceptions is more likely to reserve a child to know the world and to be as important as any other subject education.

So he won't go along with the other adults and shout "dress is disgusting." So he will not crowd out the class masculine characteristics of the girl or the feminine characteristics of the boys, so he can find himself, honest face his own gender identity, so he will not use the majority and a few eyes on the world, and can respect each and his different people. (Recommended reading: interview Zengjia Core: "If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?" ")

The children's timetable is full of mathematics, society, Chinese, Chemistry, English, physics, and children should read gender. Sex should be put into education because we are unwilling to replicate the oppression of gender identity in the past world.

After so long sex movement, what people strive for is what, the child should see hear, should not in the name of "protect", put them outside the real world.

Heterosexual hegemony really exists, it oppresses all people to become their own freedom

Huang Yufen, let us also admit that we are in most of the world of thinking and designing with "heterosexual" and "cis-gender" thinking. The so-called heterosexual hegemony, oppression is not only the gay community, but also different gender identity groups, will be reversed to oppress the "unwilling to be gregarious" heterosexual. (Recommended reading: heterosexual male sex confession: I am accustomed to the world, the original to others are full of oppression )

So for a long time, comrades in the street hand still have to sneak, so transgender suicide rate does not fall every year, and then after 30 years old no object, others point to say how not to marry. If there is a real bully, it is heterosexual hegemony to the same set of standards, on different individuals, so that the body and people, no free choice.

If we do not want to live in a world of oppression and pluralism, if we do not want to hear the story of the next Rose Boy Ye Yongji , if we are more willing to establish a friendly gender environment, if we are more willing to allow everyone to be ourselves, we must let education help us and nurture our children.

I think of the Mandarin daily published, "You can be a heartbeat for anyone," it says, dear boy, you know, your love can like the world like Sakura, peach love snow rabbit as no gender, you can justly for anyone and dumping. The child also relish to read, many adults anxious to jump abuse. (Recommended reading:"Kro magic" of the Teenage School: girls, can be for anyone echocardiography )

Gender, this is a way for adults and children to learn together. No one is stronger than who, who is right, we are not "mature" than the child, nor "protection". The "protection" in Mr Wong's mouth is a more brutal "isolation", so that children cannot imagine living groups and solid love with whom he lives in the world, because they are not the standard answers that textbooks teach him.

Our world is too bad. In the way the child becomes himself, what we teach him is not the dogma and framework that makes the world good enough, but the possibility of bringing him to know more about the world. Let education lay the foundation, incubate children embrace differences, let him grow up on the road, willing to work together to transform this not good world.

Dear Huang Yufen, I think that is the true meaning of respect for differences and the creation of a friendly gender environment, which is the key reason why we need education.