single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The 51 session of the Golden Bell , Li Tianju's winning speech to the gay issues on the table. He said, "I have no hatred for homosexuality, I pity them, but they cause the extinction of all mankind." "No, I want to say is not discrimination, I would like to say is the" dominant group "of people, when they can see why they are so justly in love? And why in love, to erase other people's love track? (Recommended reading: Taiwanese Christian couple's wedding address: If you bless me, please also bless gay love )

Last night, the 51 session of the end of the Admiralty, Li Tianju held up his hand "the best actor of the Mini play" trophy, in the stage to prayers words instead of opens, shouting the future hope that the younger generation many win the prize; backstage interviewed he looked up, "I openly say that I will not support homosexuality, because it will cause the extinction of mankind, I do not hate the gay people, I love them, I pity them, but I must say it is wrong, I will not for a little money to endorse, sell their faith, which is a very big curse for our descendants. 」

Li Tianju open to say love, to the comrades back up the crime of social chaos, said the role of the gay human nature twisted, said that gay love is the beginning of the world extinction. In the name of "Love", he said enraptured, spread the end is love or hate? I don't understand.

Women fans fan group put on the discussion , someone pushed the text said, "You call people respect comrades, but how do you not respect Li Tianju" not support? "For the sake of the sake, Li Tianju Big Brother's acting profession obtains the recognition, but his one does not support with the destruction theory, earnestly has suppressed to another group of people's life."

I've always known, the reason why the world often let us down is because there is one of the most difficult discrimination, to see their own advantages, justly said that the world should have only one order, a love, a heterosexual hegemony, do not want to see the vast world, do not want to see the real situation of the living people.

At the end of this month, the topic of the gay parade was "fake friendliness", which I felt was very congenial. Comrades need is never a cheap love and compassion, but the body and human respect, love is not need who to forgive.

However, comrades in the street hand still have to sneak, job hunting boss a hair so short you are still a woman? thought that wait for 20 years, society finally more diverse, everyone can say that I love gay friends, happy to see a Admiralty, unexpectedly met people pointed to the nose said, are you comrades to kill us all mankind extinction.

I think of my gay friend B. A breakup, he asked me in a cowardly way, "is not anyone will sincerely wish us happiness?" He said he felt very tired, the lovers with the elder brother, not to deceive the family, but watched the parents staring at the TV on the abuse of gay and AIDS stigma of news, out of the closet how can not say how to export.

I think of my comrade friend M, she all the way handsome, but the most afraid can not go with his girlfriend to the future. She says she has the confidence to love her all the time, but she can't give her a home she wants. When I heard Chan say, "I'm happier when I'm married to the same sex as I do my wedding," she cried miserably.

Listening to the stories they told me, I heard more of what I had never doubted. When the heterosexual has to the marriage of the dogma of the reactionary, gay groups have never had the right to marry, holding the hand and the son is still too far from the oath.

Love is not fair, some people enjoy the blessings of superiority, the rest of love are seen as sinister foul, someone pit scar buried in the weak road, always hard. I would like to invite people as "dominant group", can you try to see their "lucky" why so take it for granted? Can you take the innate "lucky" to win more people's rights?

Until that day, Love became the daily rights and promises of all, I think, we can have a clear conscience, to discuss what love is.