Wu Kang Ren's play and life as tension full. This day we feel the story of the man, still with the childlike innocence.

"Next stop, happiness" in that spoony silly boy Huata Also, "Exit Office" red card Etiquette Division, "Globefish" in the decadent and passionate coach,"Anesthesia Storm" and have a sense of justice insurance business, played a lot of popular idol drama, also participate in public view, great love Taiwan's quality drama, Shuttle in the screen of film and television, he is Wu Kang Ren. Wu's play colorful, just as he did more than 40 kinds of work before entering the field, he realized life and practice life way, is always alive and bloody. About acting, Wu Yuenen said: "Acting is a cause of conscience." 」

Life, is not to play their own good enough

Wu Kang benevolence: "From last year after the" Exit office ", I really feel that I am an actor. 」

He's been in the act for seven years, he said. Wu generously benevolence Frank to himself stern, strictly in the film field, he is the kind of people who will observe every role of the film, when the actor is gathering spirit to cultivate emotions, but there is a play, Wu Kang Ren will come forward to say: "We help him, don't quarrel with him, he is putting into emotion." "Wu Yuenen said:" I started the mentor is Li Qiyuan director, he taught me the most profound is: "It is not easy to play, let the opponents play very good more not simple." "" (same field Gayon: Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Gentle love oneself, is Rao that cannot "perfect" you person )

The drama of Wu's generous benevolence, never just put in his role, he put in all actors in the script, dialogue, action, emotion, like every scene as a life to 焠, so hard and heartily, if asked his last role, play like his performance? He always said, "It could be better." "Wu Kang Ren also described the opponent play:" To understand what other people want, to be an actor can render opponents. He said that acting is not about living, it is more important to learn how to achieve others.

Wu Kang-ren talk about the play to Turkey, his acting philosophy as he treats others, his own success is not complete, more important is the meaning of the individual exists in the world.

The most gentle collision of a man

In addition to the role of the play, the act of piercing the heart, We are more aware of his serious attention to details of the rigorous, and sometimes reveal the tenderness of the man. How to say his tenderness? Wu's way of looking at the world is very magnanimous, it is his gentle way.

Wu's generous and angular, very strong, very direct, his practice has never been less, for example, he will pay attention to water, for example, even if he smokes and never throw cigarette butts, for example, he took part in the sun Flower movement, sitting under the stage to listen to those brave impact of the system young students Wu Yuenen said: "As a public figure I have no baggage, but there is still a line, I would like them to speak on the stage, but I think if I take my identity to speak on stage, my mood may cause more people to deteriorate the perception of the incident, but we do not want who loses who wins, but the government's real solution. 」

"A perverted system that needs to be rammed. "This is Wu Yuenen in the" anesthesia Storm "himself into the play, he said this is the sun flower movement to his inspiration.

Wu Yuenen said that we are like sheep in the fence, and sometimes feel crowded, the owner changed the pasture to think that the vast, actually did not really escape. He talked about our life under the system, particularly serious: "We live in too much political drool, media, gossip frame out of the illusion of the world, the hardest is independent thinking, in your daily acceptance of so much information, how you protect yourself not to become that person, have the sovereignty of judgment. (Recommended reading: Face book does not share also happy!) Happy not happy All is own life )

Wu Kang Yan speaks these words of awe-inspiring, you can feel his every word of the temperature, feel his eyes under the insistence, you know why he wants to board the wrist, you know he always open eyes to the world, this is his care and care of the way, his soft is very firm, very hard, very secure.

What makes you successful is your lack of angle.

Wu Kang benevolence has a kind of characteristic of righteousness, but he laughs that he has done too many tasks before he entered the profession and has not seen anything bad. I see Wu Kang Ren is a time to understand the community, not shy to express their position, willing to go to the system of the citizens. Perhaps Wu Kang Ren never feel that he is an idol artist, he focused on his role in the actor, but also to consolidate the edges and corners of the character, he said: "30 years old I thought that their edges and corners were destroyed, and later found my angle more sharp." 」

Wu Yuenen then drew a picture describing himself as a cube, nearly 30 o'clock was milled into a cylindrical body, now 33 years old, he formed a rounded corner and in the shape.

The lack of angle is not bad, you should be the time of integration, you can not be changed principle, we must adhere to. Tact is just your path, and what really makes you successful is your lack of angle, your persistence.

Wu Kang Ren

Wu Yuenen said the round thing looked very comfortable, but there will be no personality, now he can still have their own insistence, he wants to use angular shape to embed the world, Wu Kang Yan said he is a cynical people, often have some "frown" things let him want to make a sound correction. He said that such himself, like the Ye Jiande in the anesthesia Storm , would be outraged and hit by the imbalance in the system, and he said: "Sometimes you see the" normal "may not be correct, but because everyone is so, we seem to be so. "(You will like:" people should have edges and corners!) Don't be so tactful that you don't recognize it. "An interview with Hong Kong female writer Denethor poem )

(Photo source: Anesthesia Storm )

He talked about the recent cyber bully: "As we speak in Facebook, we are used to the Internet to face the world, we are limited to a habit of living, and you must not look at it the same way as everyone else." We didn't even know we were sick. The virtual environment as a reality, unknowingly stuck in such a lifestyle, face book, line, Instagram, the information received here as a life of nutrients, when you do not get nutrients will certainly hurt. "

Wu Yuenen talk about Yang Youying leave some distressed, said: "She still too late to see so many people love him, she still too late to be heard." All we can do is tell ourselves again how independent we are from those voices. "Wu Yuenen said that living in other people's rules and labels, are you and I need to go to the framework of the collision." The more noisy the world, the more meditation to hear the real voice, we have to carve their own courage, those who can not kill you, will make you more determined moving. (Hey dear: to commemorate another angel's departure: The pain of this world, let us bear together )

Acting is the cause of conscience, to be worthy of oneself

Asked how the Wu generosity of the face is the audience may also be the acid People's network of masses? He said: "As an actor, what is needed is applause affirmation, I passed a lot of checkpoints, last year only passed a" self-identity ", I believe that I am an actor. I used to think, why is it not for me to play? Now I think, in fact, there is no need to fear, no one has the ability to evaluate you. 」

Wu Yuenen said that most of the time he is not confident, every play will be disturbed, the unrest is constantly with their own dialogue: "What am I doing, acting?" "He said at this point:" Not everyone will come to help you, they have no obligation to help you, the focus is how you help yourself, understand your current situation, "

No one has the ability to really evaluate you, Wu Yuenen said that acting is "the cause of conscience", the most important thing is to be worthy of the heart: "A lot of skills, a lot of life, many feelings, a lot of human nature, a lot of walking, and finally return to their own heart." "Wu Yuenen said the return, sounded an honest, facing the naked self, even if it is unbearable, ugly, beautiful, naïve, all through the role of gentle hug, because worthy of their own reality, every performance is almost emotional injury point, take the soul to exchange with the role, this is the actor's conscience. (Extended reading: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: the export of life, with pain to exchange )

Wu Kang Ren: "Sincerely, can tell the story." 」

In the "Anesthesia Storm ," the sixth episode of a play, just reading, walking on the grinding for 2.5 hours, he said that it is the role of the key Ye Jiande a play, but also his ultimate goal in this stage. He was so afraid of the special suffering of the play mill, chatting up Wu Kang benevolence seems to still be in that mood, slowly sighed. I asked if the final play was in his ideal shape. Exercise self-discipline Wu generous thought to say: "Not bad, but it should be better." 」

Look straight into the pain, get closer to yourself.

We asked his performance particularly harsh, how he felt in the drama of the growth of the subject, he exposed the big boy smile, smiled and said: "I am old, abs disappeared." 」

Wu Yuenen said he was more confident and familiar with the show. "The actor is an abused animal, in the process of being abused more and more know oneself, understand oneself, accept mood of evil and pure." 」

Wu Kang Ren paused for a moment, he said: "I have just been looking at the back of Shu Qi's poster, I think she played" the best Time "," The New Millennium Mambo "must have been very miserable. You can play a "not easy to pull away" role is the actor's luck, I am very excited that I can be a script to become a psycho. 」

Wu Yuenen said this kind of abuse is, in the course of the act of consumption of his body and heart, he also said in the script can not help but look at the pain, escape is always easy, but looking at the pain, in order to leave his heart, a little closer. (Recommended reading:"Why can't we look directly at pain?") "I'm in a cleft-lip child's O.R."

He said: "Give up is a very simple thing, you want to stick to do every day, the actor is also so, in a play, you may see the script to set the character cry to crash, but in the play is not want to cry, you have in that role, you want to hold back tears, this is also a kind of emotion, people's being brave is the normal, Do not need to use tears to change the mood of the audience. 」

Generous benevolence to chat up tears, he said the reality he will not easily in front of others shed tears, but is watching cartoon "Sea Thief King", the cartoon will silently tears. This kind of Wu is generous benevolence, do you also feel very lovable? an actor who is not so toeing and sophisticated, a big boy who smiled and said he was old.

The scars of growth are all nutrients

From the age of 27 into showbiz, this year he is 33 years old, we are also curious about how Wu Kang Ren to see his changes?

He said: "The past is very blunt, very rushed, eat a lot of loss, now seems to help me grow nutrients." No bad, no let mother sad, so that is very good. 」

Wu generously talked about the past, saying: "I may have hurt some people in the past to make them sad." Two or three years later, they are good, the past selective forgotten I suddenly remembered, made a phone call greeting, hear the tone of nothing, the pain is their own. "Wu Kang Ren vaguely talked about the reincarnation of the way of the worldly, it seems that we have lost in a relationship, or past memories, it is a kind of remorse for youth, begging for forgiveness."

Wu Kang-ren on Lu Xun's literary works "Kite", is the same feeling of being unprepared. Although do not know he to grow late nostalgia is what, is who? But I think, as "the Master of a generation" palace two said: "Life without regrets, it should be more boring ah." "And as Wu Yuenen said:" All the scars, are nutrients. 」

Wu Kang Ren: 30-year-old woman Smart more attractive

Wu Yuenen said it was because of what had happened, and now he is more grasp, after 30 years of age to see the relationship between the changes, Wu Kang benevolence feel now he still like a child, is learning how to become a man, he also said the average girls than boys precocious five years old, he looked at the girls 30 years old: " 20-Year-old Beautiful is collagen, 30-year-old Beautiful is smart, 30-year-old Beautiful is very moving, they will emit a fascinating pheromone. You may be cheated in your youth and learn to behave yourself. Work will also bring you growth and Shen Dian, have their own life goals to make such girls more attractive. "(Recommend you: Xu Yu Ning and Mr. H.H 30 years old: the courage to let go a fight for himself )

"Some boys do not like girls too smart, to believe that they deserve to appreciate your intelligence," said the man. 」

Talking about a woman's 30 at the same time, I asked him 30 years old for him is a kind of figure, Wu generous benevolence said these words: "Effective period." 」

Be an actor who has no "expiration date": Ten years later, I'm going to continue.

Wu generosity benevolence: "30 years old I am an effective period, because now is within the validity period, want to take a good grasp, do not know this freshness period will arrive when, perhaps I will never expire, want to see own good fortune and effort." I used to be beach meat mud, now seems to be a piece of pie. I wish I could have no deadline. 」

What would it look like in 10 years? Generous benevolence said in addition to belly not too big, probably is the guide play, insight into the film field state of Wu generosity Jen want to tell the story is not only their own story, but also under the system need to be told story. He said: "Ten years later, I hope I can continue to play, play a father, play more than I have not tried the role, continue to play, continue to live." 」

Wu generous benevolence in the play said the story of others, in life constantly carefully pondering must be told the story, he said "Sincerely, can tell the story." "My immediate Wu Kang Ren is not just an actor, in the play he attaches more importance to the role of the soul of the" re-creation, grinding a more tasteful story; in the drama he retains his "lack of angle", with "lack of angle" of the different nature to practice life. In my eyes, Wu Kang Ren is a man is a boy, his gentleness is absolutely, like his way to the world, his insistence is very moving, like he always do not go to the stereotype of the road. What if I ask him now if he has done every part of his life? I think he would still think it over and answer: "It's better." 」