single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Admiralty 51, chronicle the weight of "a green" win six awards, playing Zhu Qing even Hu Han won the new actor award, said "A green" is his first love, at this moment can finally tell everyone that they are an actor. Looking at her, I can not help but think of Zhu Qing eyes, in the desolate generation, so refuse to hot, such as incendiary bombs. If you want to love, Love like Zhu Qing. (same field Gayon: Gender Observation: written in Admiralty, Taiwan's first female guide to broadcast Pengian)

In the vast sea of humanity, I saw Zhu Qing eyes, a moment turns out to be such a thing.

A clear soup noodle female students, a plain face, in the bones than who are staunch, her hand clasped in the note, the letter "The wish to have a life" is her fate, 513 from that moment became her belief in the troubled times, the fate of the tattoo.

North and south so there is nothing to be afraid of it, Zhu Qing a looking back, staring at the turbulent era of war, her men flying in the sky, she put herself to stand as a navigation tower, neither arrogant nor dignified, coordinates, identified love.

With pigeons 513, Guo Yan pestle waiting in the school gate, Zhu Qing eyes but more hot than burning bombs, see Guo Chang naked ashamed. Guo Yan all the way, Zhu Qing became his only soft rib, he was vicious, pour also tenderness million land to her promise, "If you don't marry me, I want to curse you, life can not find the person you like." 」

Love in the Gang years, there is no virtual and Wei Yi, no ambiguous guide, pull hands have represented our future are all in solidarity, the days to come will never be better, but you are at one side, my heart a horizontal, up her mind is not afraid.

Not a paper marriage, not gorgeous wedding yarn, do not worry about the United States Oath, you protect me, I protect you, the most displaced time, Zhu Qing and Guo Chang pilot each other, incubate the most static good love.

If you want to love, I hope love like Zhu Qing. A piece of paper, led me to a very far away place, love, only look forward, not to look back, the troubled times left behind, and you in the front, you are not in the place is my home.

If you want to love, I hope love like Zhu Qing. Even if fate blows disorderly footsteps, I still can use a love, for my own life pilot, loved you, I am not afraid.