single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Liu Mingxian sang "I don't want to be more than", waved the habit of the competition himself. Love is not to be in rivalry. What we really need is not a clap of thunder, but an audience that understands you . (Recommended reading: single diary: I Don't mind loneliness, it's more comfortable than loving you )

We are all the people who ask for it.

About love, you wait too much, waiting to read, waiting for him to turn back, and so on the day of recovery. You look at your former self, willing to take a shower and wait for him to come out of his friend's liquor bureau smile to give you a sunny, endure temper, do not waste easy to spend a few hours; you lose your favorite baggy clothes, put on his favorite tights, you throw away his art movies, and watch a hero movie.

"No stage no music, no clicks, no matter, 10,000 times I hope you can hear." 」

There are several times in this relationship, and every time wasted by the slag man is converted to your equivalent experience. You are no longer waiting for people, you don't want to live for applause, you don't like to be the puppy.

You finally understand, love does not need applause, also do not need the audience, not a professional to play people, play well again, are vain.

"I do not want to be more than, love is not out of the competition, because you see me is always a contestant." I do not want to sing, to sing how many bitter bitterness, but your heart has already been fixed by WHO. 」

You stop singing a song that doesn't fit your voice, and you no longer imitate the contestants you've been with for the same time. Love is not the same, can be calculated by the score, not to call love. Happiness cannot be replicated,

The good news is that we have been through the waste to become a person we need. You just want to say to him: "Miss you, I become better, not to match you, but let me more support to live their own." 」

The best love is not a diamond ring for others to see, it is not because you deserve to be better. But in a lazy bed, to accompany you to sleep, calm awake, but I love you, I can still be the same.

"The same scene plus" Women are obsessed with the guest single diary insomnia Guardian star Liu Mingxian

Insomnia accompany the department female Liu Mingxian, want to hear said that exclusive your single diary,

She will be at 10/27 (four) 17:00 @ Women Fans Fb fan group, with her healing singing accompany you through the possibility of insomnia night.

one -body diary insomnia Guardian star invites you to leave a message at the end of the text favorite accompany you insomnia love song, and tell us in love you have compared the story.

To participate in the event, there is a chance to get

"Liu Mingxian 11/5 found live music live concert tickets x 2" a total of 3 groups or

Liu Mingxian send insomnia to You "Taichung Wild Hot Springs Live Two people have failed the hostel ticket x 1" A total of 2 groups to make you a good night's sleep lucky Oh!

Methods of participation

1. Message write down: My favorite song is accompanied by my insomnia is ________ (song), In My love has been compared to the story is ___ (story)


One of my favorite songs to accompany my insomnia is "I don't want to be more than", in my love has been compared to the story is: once he told me he likes short hair girl, so I cut my long hair for 10 years, but I know I do not like the short hair of me. I have always been with his "imagined" the Best of me again.

2.10/28 the list of the lucky winners published at the end.

Congratulations Lucky ~

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