"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. This week to talk about the purpose of sports, some people say is the body to seek a good posture, some people say is for health, some people say that the movement after the happy dopamine ah, when talking about "weight loss" is not enough " politically correct " at this moment, I said that the movement taught us the most, is always honest. (Recommended reading:"elder sister's crazy quotes" sister do not practice the Mermaid line, Sister is the Mermaid )

Feminism recently has a lot of lively discussions about weight loss, body shaping and physical identity: As a woman convinced that feminism is a change in society, when I seriously realize that my body is not "perfect", when I stare at the bulge of the lower abdomen, pinch my loose hips, how can I be dissatisfied with my body dialogue? (Recommended thinking: Gender observation: Feminism, gentle is to oneself gentle )

If I am not free and easy for my body, not comfortable enough, there is a change of impulse, how can I tell whether I am toeing patriarchal value, or walking in the road of self-construction practice? If I really want to lose weight and want to shape up, am I not a "new woman"?

Once upon a time, plastic body and the desire to lose weight, became unable to say the secret, said that the export is not enough political right, it appears to lose the body initiative, so everyone to "health" as the name, into the gym, the Huaiguitai, once calculated weight, now care about the posture, is it really different

This question is too difficult to answer, whether from feminism or self-identification. So, not to conclude, I would like to start with my own story, this is a naked confession, it may also be a lot of women flashed through the mind, do not know how to say that the good words.

When I was still in summer, I was about to surf the beach with a group of partners. All kinds of body on the beach, take off the coat of the moment, I suddenly very seriously feel that their body is not Ready, I am not strong enough, waist is very loose, leg fat soft, calf no line, bathing suit behind the small lines, secretly embarrassed.

I stared at the mirror, it was really my body, fat a lot, not ready, and I have to go.

At that moment I found myself not frank enough, so, embrace their body from a loud cry of slogans, into a little pain in the practice of the process. In hindsight, the discomfort was very much needed, reflecting my location, just as I was naked.

Perhaps the reason why we exercise is not necessarily to slim down, not necessarily for the sake of health, but for the purpose of making us want to hang out with Barry, to learn to be more honest with all our bodies: including physical beauty, body aches, body protests, practice no longer escaping, and the opportunity to become more peaceful with the body, Find the right way to treat it.

It was a difficult thing to do, and the movement gave us a reason to tread firmly on this path.