Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

One of the things that makes me feel so great about working with women is that you can always understand that you're still short. Still not enough of this matter, you have to tell yourself, do not fake the hands of others, by you remind yourself, that is the most painful.

Two years ago, I feel uncomfortable is the beginning of growth, discomfort is a collision, so you find yourself too protected in the comfort zone to grow, had to bite the bullet to do unfamiliar things, at that time for me, uncomfortable is difficult enough. (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

Now I feel that the lack is the beginning of rapid growth, understand the inadequacy, you will seriously tell yourself what place the solid fill, only to find out that their own this place is empty, if continue to rely on their own, if you continue to be satisfied with what you can do now, you will not go farther road.

Discomfort is not enough, you have to in discomfort, do not evade to see yourself not good enough, and then admit it, find ways to add it.

Deficiency is actually very neutral, no good or bad, it is your current state, is the power of your power to ebb and flow, you will thus understand that the work is really flowing. Not to be in the same place, but in every link, we try to overthrow the past, over and over again, so happy.

So, each period has its own problems, the same problem comes into your life, you will respond in different states, to cross the different walls, to find the right answer for you now. (same field Gayon: do what you're afraid of!) "You haven't changed, because you only do what you like," said the mother of contemporary art, Mary Serena.

Always walk the familiar road, not meet the new scenery.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

Recently, women fans have started experimenting with new team work methods, meteorological freshmen, to break the logic and habits of the past, I just found myself card off, long time no such mood, feel that there is a place in the head knot, think things clearly very simple but want to not transparent, can't help feeling, work for the third year, still can find their own card closed, It is a painful but enjoyable thing.

I just remembered, I used to, afraid of being pointed out, feel that all the suggestions are negative, feel that the lack of recognition represents the current self is very weak; now I think it's a lucky thing to understand and admit that it's not enough to admit that you are willing to be strong and know that you can go ahead and go farther. You are willing to admit the inadequacy before you can find strength.

In the female fan work, over the past few times, there have been several tears several crashes, let me willing to learn to become a not afraid of the difficult people, let me slowly become a can enjoy their own lack of people, let me know I have been walking in this road, how good.