Woman fan for your selected Ted speech: The16-year-old autistic girl's rocking Ted speech, Ted Speech: "You don't have to have a real vocation", a heartwarming Ted speech: "Don't be crowned girl with beauty", This week listen to the contemporary act of the Art godmother Mary Lena. Abramovich talks about the relationship between art and life, life let oneself know how to cry, know how to be silent, know the pain, know not only choose to do like things, how important.

"Let's go back to 1974, somewhere in the world there's an art gallery." The 23-Year-old young girl, standing in the middle of space, has a table in front of her, 76 items on the table that will bring her joy or pain. A glass of water, a coat, a shoe, a rose, and a knife, a blade, a hammer, a gun, a bullet. Next to the instructions to write, please treat me as an object, you can use anything on me, I assume all the responsibility, even if you kill me also can, we have six hours of time. 」

This TED speech, people first blindfolded, invisible, can only listen. The artist , Mary Lena. Abramovich (Marina Abramović) stands on the stage and tells her story.

"Someone gave me a glass of water and someone gave me a flower, and soon a man took the scissors and cut my clothes, then he took the thorn of the Rose and stabbed it into my belly; someone took the blade, cut my neck, drank my blood, a man pointed a gun at me, then another man took the gun away, they quarreled loudly, six hours later, I went to the crowd, Broken. I half-naked, shed a lot of blood, the face of tears non-stop flow, everyone to avoid and escape, they can not face me, so ordinary me. 」

What is the so-called performance, the performance is the present must be present, the audience and performers together, look at you do not want to stare at all the fear.

Marie, Mary. Roman Abramovich's behavior art, with meat as the Jingwei, extended all the pleasure and embarrassment of the feeling, to accept the blessing and pain, "human fear of suffering, fear of pain, fear of death." I show fear in front of the audience, I liberate myself from these fears, I am your mirror. I can, you can too. 」

Marina asked the audience to take the blindfold off, and we were going through a behavioral art, and I was already feeling a lot of crying at the other end of the screen. Art is the trust, is fragile, is the link, is the most sincere and the most impossible to conceal the relationship between people. (same field Gayon: summoning the Pure Witch: The behavioral artist is naked on the road to the world )

Body is the subject, time is the medium

Mary has a legendary lover named Ouray, who in the 70 's, Love is hot, full trust, willing to put the heart in another person's palm, to hair knot braid, separate; they separated that year, meet 2500 kilometers of China's Great Wall, from one end, in the middle of the encounter, wiped over, declaring the relationship ended, 12.

The memory of love is very cold, no big noisy and crying, deep love, faint distinction.

Mary's behavior art did not stop, she used the action to throw questions to the world. "Balkan Baroque," She scrubbed 2,500 cows ' bones for six days in a row, unable to wash her blood, nor to wash away the ugliness of war. Why the world to endure so many wars and malicious, smelly memory, incredibly became a part of the blood, was repeatedly recorded in the history textbook. (Recommended to you: The world's Common pain: war is not the death of people, but love )

Then, in 2010, the artist performed at Moma, and as soon as the museum opened, Mary sat for eight hours without moving. The pavilion has told her, "This is New York, no one has time to sit in front of you", and people have come and started to line up, willing to wait a few hours, just for a one-to-one gaze relationship.

Some people later cried, do not speak, pain and loneliness is great, breathing out, the eyes do not dare to blink, across in the middle of what, even the language has no way to understand.

Mary, as if to say, tell me all your stories. If you look harder, we will know how lonely modern people are, how eager to stop in your eyes, how they want to stop and not go forward.

Such a performance experience shook Malena. She shared that she would set up MAI institution, paraded "experience the presence" concept, body is the subject, time is the medium, if you want to experience, you must give me your time.

Six hours in the museum, from the viewer into the experience, seemingly extremely simple to walk slowly, drink water, coagulation, gaze, stare, lying and other movements, back to the realm of pure perception, so that the facial features open, no longer trapped. "Technology is not wrong, it is our approach to technology is wrong, you put down, you start again, then you are ready to understand the art." 」

Mary did it, she kept throwing herself in fear, she went to the unfamiliar, she went to smell the fear, she can leave at any time, can also start. (Recommended to you: Get out !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

Do what you're afraid of! You didn't change, because you only do what you love.

"In life, you're always doing what you like, and that's why you haven't changed." If you always do things the same way, you won't change. -----Mary Lena.

Do you ever wonder how life is made up? Your choices determine half the patterns of your life. "My method is to do what I fear, to do things I do not understand, to go to areas where no one has gone through, and that includes failure," she said of her special drive to avoid. I think failure is important because if you go ahead and experience it, you will fail. If you don't move forward, you're just standing still. "(Recommended to you:" Ding Juan Column "to save the time to complain, to spend more effort to" go forward ")

If you have seen the performance of Marina, you will know that any attempt to change the world in her performance will begin with a change of self. She can then bear the risk of being shot, she is willing to sleep with the bones of the maggots, she is willing to take the eyes of anger and vulnerability, because it is part of the world, she must first reserve, develop strong enough flesh.

"I think human beings need to change, and the only thing to change is the level of the individual, starting from their own changes." We can complain about government corruption, about famine, about war and killing, but what are the changes we can make on a personal level? We all have to ask ourselves that. 」

Before shouting about changing the world, please let go of the excess rage, and ask yourself, what can I do? Am I willing to take it? Or do I have the most, but only anger?

Mary finally invited the audience to find a stranger around her, gazing intently at each other for two minutes. Slowly breathing, eyes do not flicker, the people do not know, look into the eyes, but also look into his eyes, enjoy quiet. (same field Gayon: love is not accidental!) 36 psychological problems that make you fall in love with a stranger

I think maybe our world, sometimes really too fast. We don't have time to review ourselves. We just want to take the time to criticize each other, come to our refusal to deal with emotions, quickly to our choice to ignore loneliness, then, you would like to, and I look two minutes?