Women fans talk about the culture of dislike for a long time, the holiday was put on the PTT version of the article aroused the discussion, many people are curious, what exactly is Sow teaching , how do we face the difficulties of both men and women? Live is not worse than who, listen to the views of both sides, to find a better solution to survive it! (Recommended reading: sex Watch: Who is a sow?) When Shang became a popular )

Holiday, woman fan an article on sow teaching: Mioboya culture, in fact, reflects the anxiety behind it is shared to PTT, causing a lively discussion on PTT Bai.

This article is from the September female fans and the sexual liberation of the sister series of lectures first, the event site, we focus on the "network Sow teaching controversy" how to influence the daily life of the discussion, Miao Boya listed in the news of the dislike of women, talk about the reality of good women and bad women's dividing line

Sumade, a netizen who has been walking in PTT for many years, opened a lively discussion on the gossip version: "The so-called sow is to use its gender advantage to do some unscrupulous do not face things this type of girl is easy to distinguish as long as the" others are girls "as the mantra of the sorta. 」

He cited one by one of the evidence to refute the sow-teaching in the definition of the Miao-Burson, which is a feminist who has a vested interest in suppressing men and eating only the women's rights buffet.

Woman, why do you have a dividend/how can you earn less?

Sumade refers to female guilt: "There is a girl who has heard, you are a girl, so the responsibility of the family you want a shoulder to carry ah?" "and" The girl who is a tutor, easy to get 300 off "," Tsinghua traffic boys, want to earn some tuition by tutoring, but because the family limited to do the minimum hourly service services "," will criticize the girls of the male students after the stigma, then can ignore all the criticism of the female crimes. "

But as a girl, fascinated by feminism, can I say:

"Which boy has heard, because you are a boy, so the housework and emotional work in the home you have to shoulder." 」
The "2015 of the payroll and Productivity statistics industry has an average of up to 55,000 men and women in equal positions. 」
" women are obsessed with the 2015 workplace Friendliness survey , 69% women are plagued by questions about the meaning of their work, the imbalance between life and work, the difficulty of getting a raise, the stress of work, the long hours of work and the poor working environment. 」

Can I say, "What on the side of our society is exercising parental authority and criticizing women who enjoy the patriarchal dividend?" 」

But these are the facts, and I do not want to say so rightly. I began to think, as a woman, what do we have to criticize another group of "men"? What are we, self-righteous, simplifying people into two vectors, ignoring their differences? As a woman, what happens when we enjoy a patriarchal dividend? And, as a woman, how do we face the expectations of society for a "good woman"? (same field Gayon:"The sick woman" all body, all have the tired female trace )

Sow and sow teach, who are the real winners?

In this debate, who will win the last justice? I think that everyone in the hate is the victim.

I agree with Sumade: "If I were to have the next definition of sow, I think the biggest feature is double standards." "If we're going to teach the sow the next definition, as well.

We spend a lot of time fighting over who gets hurt more, whose power needs to be crowned, and who is the group that society has long neglected. We waste our time, pointing at each other's noses and blaming each other. Why do boys say feminism doesn't care about men? Feminists say their rights don't fight for themselves. (Recommended reading:"Tired of female disease" tired of women, is a man "become a man" a means? )

Yes, men are the victims of society.

They are the dividing line for the victory Group of Life and the LU Snake. They are responsible for more economic work; they want to be manly; they are asked to be "like a man"; boys were taught to help girls purse bags, to comity female compelled girls, to have patriarchal Knight spirit.

Yes, women are the victims of society.

They were cut to the right sister and the leftover woman. They choose from the career to choose life, is often expected to assist the family role, the woman behind the man. They were taught not to be too good or too flamboyant. From sexual harassment, sexual assault to pay does not differ, we must learn to accept to tolerate the social role of female identity.

Yes, there are a group of these people outside the physical sex, are the victims of society.

The Biansen who was ignored by law and how many comrades were blocked at the door of marriage; how fortunate to be seen the transsexual teacher Zengjia with countless non-listening transgender, the kangyong crying "We are not monsters" and the comrades who hid in the dark cupboard. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: legal disregard of gay stories, no love, no room Biansen )

Why do we have the heart to let each person live unlike himself?

Gender emancipation, starting with understanding the pain in your body

You might say, I've been talking a lot about it from a sow. But have you noticed that all the neglected rights are related to the negative culture. This is the first thing to talk about the misogyny, from the ancient Greek philosopher "women inferior to men," the basic exposition to the Chinese culture of the "beauty of trouble", since ancient times women have been the world's other, close to the negative spectrum of the side also become a cultural base, negative culture is " It is the way in which our culture has always been run that a stranger who is "never assimilated", through violence, removal and annihilation, hides the anxiety of the patriarchal standard. (Recommended reading: feminism to the male liberation!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

When we want to change this rule, goodbye new man, good-bye-woman slut! To overthrow all that has been defined, to untie sex, is to face the current "sow-sow-teach" war, but it is not a perpetual war, the best bullet for dialogue, and, above all, a heart that is willing to understand the situation of others. No one can deal with all the issues in one hand, and none of the articles can finish the presentation of sow and sow teaching. However, I just hope that we can see, look a little deeper, to see who the group behind the hate?

This sow controversy extends out of the battlefield a lot of people began to discuss the gay identity of Miao Boya, interpretation of her support network real-name system; Some people say that forcing "sow to teach out" is not a kind of oppression? The nature of the gender dialogue, which is distorted by all kinds of discussions, we still hope that everyone who pushes public figures can see the difficulties of their own sex and use their voice to discuss them properly rather than ignoring them and opening the battlefield with other issues.

Feminism does not exist to resist men, it is a conduit for women to reconcile themselves, and they are a way to see the male position through the female situation. Men naturally have a way of reconciling with themselves, but this method is by no means an aversion to another group. Male wounds, as well as starting from the fight against self-loathing. What we want to overthrow is not the meaning of a gender, but the system that regulates gender stereotypes.

Those who hate women to worship, lust, hate the feminist buffet, hate themselves as a male disadvantage of sow teaching, we should invite such people, together to loose "men should ... The unspoken rule that women should ... "no one should acquiesce to more victims."

Why do people eat men to pay? Why do men work women at home? From this moment, whether you are a sow or a sow, think again, and the dogma that has been put upon you, where does it come from? (Invite you to the woman fan to say: Mioboya and Su Mei's "Sow teaches" standpoint what do you think? )

"The same game" uses science and technology to address gender issues-gender violence decoding scheme

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