single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. A big question, the Chinese Paladin biography inside, Li carefree more love Zhaolinger or Lin? What is the weight of love? But for Lin, love is a verb, do not need others distressed, she anyway to love is, do not pursue a name, but to live dependent, if you want to love, to love like Lin, like you, is my one thing. (same field Gayon: single Diary: If you want to love, Love like Zhu Qing )

Tournament Zhaoqin The ring, Lin two see Li Carefree, thought you calculate which onions, with this lady singled out? Once a contest, a heart is smashed on the.

Lee Carefree with her as if, a bum, a stubborn very, seemingly all careless, but what all down-to-earth to heart head go, tears don't let you see, hurt stuffy don't say, but promise is commitment, like on the is like.

Rivers and lakes very disorderly, surging, Lee Carefree Main Line task is not and she love, but look for Zhaoling son. Also does not matter, Lin all the way together, follow the lover, seek his lover, covet all passing time, cursive a wandering.

Lin away from home, not because the world is very big I want to see, is because the world is too small, leaving home to Lee carefree together.

She sometimes pull up the face of the fierce Baba, lest reveal the mind, her that sentence "brother Li, in your mind, I am what?" "Hesitate, ask not export." But she also don't want Lee Carefree swallow promise, she as long as in his side, day and night dependencies, the wind and rain without fear of the walk down.

Their love is like this, shouting fools each other fool smelly eggs, take you eat all over the world, see the Beauty of the world, wind and rain, hook up to say, we eat old, play to old. She shakes the whip, he holds the sword, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Didn't like Lin before, think her nonsense, grow up, think she love good quiet. Lock Demon Tower collapse, this a three-person game, no longer have her play, she can't play, heart a horizontal, open Ling Son and Lee Carefree, unrestrained to death, mouth is that, originally I so old, and you love time has done.

If you want to love, to love like Lin, like you, is my one thing, love you, I have nothing to regret, follow you, I am willing to burn themselves, but also want to warm you.

Ice and snow, Lee Carefree frustrated back home, vaguely see Lin holding umbrella, holding memories such as he, snow behind, love in front, lit a fire, he just know, the reason why the world is warm, all because of her.

"Your love has always been quiet, to exchange your occasional care." 」