single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Many times, we are watching people love each other, only to understand how they are willing to love. Perhaps as Zhu Qing "Love you, I am not afraid of", perhaps like Lin "like you, is my one thing", or perhaps like "little Prince" in the fox, you want to tame me? (same field Gayon: rereading the Little prince: the world is beautiful because of the people you love )

"To me, you're just a little boy, like all the other little boys." I don't need you, and you don't need me. To you, I'm just a fox, just like the other thousands foxes. But if you tame me, we'll need each other. To me, you are the unique existence of the universe, and to you I am a unique presence in the world. "The Little Prince"

The Little Prince is the first book to make you understand what love may be and what it can be.

Open the page, with the little Prince's first person, static watching the stars rise and Fall, the universe good quiet, waiting for love to land. Open his eyes, see the sweet drops of red, see the Fox Golden Eyes, Color of love, from the heart of life, you quietly said to yourself, I also have the ability to love.

The Fox once lived very natural and unrestrained, did not care, had hunted the chicken, and was hunted the life by the hunter, but he secretly longed for, wanted A to let him be domesticated the person, does not bind each other life, but uses the huge gentleness, lets him regain the sense the world.

Domestication is reaching out and I want to build a relationship with you. I put me, in your palm, let you touch, not worried that you will hurt me. Domestication is a person will eventually let you understand that love is not to shrink themselves, but to open the world.

Domestication is mutual, I domesticate you, you tame me, we inhabit each other's lives.

So when the wind blows, the golden fields shake, the fox will think of the little prince's soft hair and smell the air full of love; So when the little Prince B612 to the Earth, will remember to take the tears of the fox, on the earth that end, there is a he had domesticated, unique fox.

If you want to love, to love Like a fox, I do not make roses, waiting for people to coddled me, to ask you the graceful, you would like to keep me? Dare you tame me?

If you want to love, to love Like a fox, Love is the risk of tears, let you have me, let me have you, do not fear the future one day, we must let each other go.

Because domestication is a memory, love always counts.