A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Write a very similar to the single mood of the long distance , you are not around the days, I often think of myself still love you? Then perhaps, the distance is a reminder, let us understand that love is always free, life can not bind you, you have to love like that, love can not help until finally know, without the life, love can continue. (same field Gayon: A love psychologist tells you that seven long-distance lovers maintain the secret of temperature )

I often think, I still love you?

Wake up in the dead of night, look out the window, I will think, you on the other side of the Earth, what are you doing? We have time difference 8 hours, you should be awake, is facing the day-to-day problems.

I'll think, will you think of the same question? How do we continue to recognize love? In the traces of love more and more blurred, we are not only with the memory to love?

Distance pull away, not around, always used to measure the way of love is discarded. Open eyes don't see you, close your eyes can't kiss you, reach out hold you, crying no use, we leave each other is a lot of strong.

You said I never worry, you will take good care of themselves, to live a resounding. I said I did not doubt that the way away from each other, is to let us go after their dreams, and finally become a better person, still walk together.

I sometimes hate myself for being so independent, because I'm actually afraid, when Love loses its scent, loses its touch, loses its whisper, loses its heartbeat, and loses its weight at last. I hate the important things disappear, always silent, like never had.

A long distance is a bit like being single. Most of my life has nothing to do with you, my tears and happiness you do not see, you are not present, you do not understand, so actually dial the phone, open the video, do their best to describe to you, send out invitations, want you to my life, so I feel at ease.

Once two times three times, the screen at the other end of the yawn, you say sorry, originally so late, should go to sleep. Looking at the lover on the other end of the hairstyle, bought a new dress, I think everything is good strange.

The original really difficult here, this road, is from familiar to the unfamiliar road.

I just know that I can only hope not to love you, only in this way, my life can go on. In fact, all love is so, love to no longer love, life is too good cover for us to entangle together, but did not spend life, I hope that love is still there.

In those days that count their love and don't Love you, feel that love is free and can come and go. I do not know, how many like me, a long distance secretly write a single diary, and finally choose to play a foreign phone to you.