The results of the U.S. presidential election, Chuan Pu became the 45th President of the United States, and in Taiwan early in the morning, Hillary finally stood on the stage of the New York Guest hotel, the election speech. The following is the full text of the defeat, Hillary Clinton firmly reminded that this is not a time of disappointment, we have been defending the value has not been wasted, the future we have more work to do, I believe that one day, we can shake the hard glass ceiling, can expect a better America. (Recommended reading: seek consensus rather than create division!) Trump, 45th president of the United States: "I will make America great Again"

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was late for the defeat of Trump, the Republican candidate, after winning 270 electoral votes and a victory speech.

At 12:30 in Taiwan, people hold their breath to live pictures and see Hillary. At about 00 o'clock in the morning, Mrs Clinton, wearing a dark purple collar suit, is at the New York Guest hotel delivering her first public appearance after the 8th vote.

She first congratulated Trump on his election to the 45th President of the United States, and even thanked him several times. The crowd applauded, and Hillary felt sorry for Hillary, who said she knew it was painful and painful, but it was not a time for disappointment, not a time for mourning, and we had to defend a different voice for the democracy we believed in, and the future, Have more work to do.

The election results were a big stab in the Democratic Party, with 240 of its first female president in the White House, with the Republicans snatching more than half of the House and Senate seats, but the election was not bitter or torn, and Hillary Clinton encouraged support for the masses to continue to believe in value, as well as encouraging women and young girls (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: How far is the Hillary Collington woman president?) )

Hillary wins the speech: The American Dream is big enough for everyone to share

Thank you, all of you, and I thank you very much.

Thank you for being here tonight, I love you all. Last night, I called Konghichump and pledged my willingness to work with him on behalf of the country.

I hope he will be the president of all Americans. This is not the result of the election we are happy to see, we have come a long way, and I am sorry that we have not won this election to defend the value of our support and the desire for this country.

But I still feel proud and grateful for this grand, pluralistic, creative, vibrant election process. You have shown the best part of America, and being the candidate you support is the ultimate glory of my life.

I know you're disappointed, and so am I. I also know that there are millions of Americans betting on hope that they share this feeling. It hurts, and it's going to take a long time, and I hope we keep that in mind.

The U.S. presidential election has never been about an individual, or an election. It's about the country we love, and we look forward to the United States as a hopeful, inclusive nation. We already know that this country is more divided than we think. But I still believe in America, and I will always believe it.

We must accept the results of the election and look to the future. Trump is about to become president of the United States, we should give him an open mind and leadership opportunities. Because this is the spirit of democracy that we firmly believe in.

The constitutional democracy of the United States mantras the peaceful transfer of power, and we not only respect it, but also cherish it. We all have the same rights, equal dignity, and freedom of expression. We respect and cherish these values, and we also defend these different voices.

Constitutional democracy requires our joint participation, not only the four years of each transfer of power, but also the days to come. So let us continue to be diligent and protect the values that we share. To ensure that our economy is not only tilted to serve the elite, but also protects our country and the Earth. (same field Gayon: to half a century cowardly human beings!) Leonardo documentary "Before the Flood")

We're going to demolish the walls, and every American should be able to do the American dream. We spend 1.5 of our time gathering people from every corner of the country, and we have a common voice in our hearts: We believe the American dream is big enough for everyone to share.

The American dream belongs to everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, immigrant, LGBT, or physically or mentally handicapped.

How I thank you for standing with you. I'd like to thank Tim Kaine and Anne Holton, all the way to the company. I also thank Obama and Michelle, our country owes you too much thanks.

It is painful to lose the election, but never stop believing that we are worth defending the values we believe in. Yes, well worth it.

Lose, we have to use the long life to continue to believe, continue to fight. I want to say to all the women who have faith in me, especially young women, that nothing makes sense to me more than being your hero.

I know that we have not yet shaken the high and hard glass ceiling, but I know that someday someone will succeed, and I hope that day is closer than we thought. (Recommended reading: How far is gender equality?) Every country has a "glass ceiling" that is hard to break through.

I also want to tell all the little girls who are watching that you don't doubt your worth, don't question your ability, you deserve all the opportunities to pursue your dreams.

Finally, finally, I would like to say that I thank this country for all he has given me. Every day I thank myself for being an American, and I still believe that if we can work together, respect different differences, and uphold our love for our country, the better tomorrow will still be waiting for us.

Because I believe that by working together to make us stronger, we will move forward together. And we should never regret that we fought so. The Bible says, "Do good deeds, if not discouraged, when the time comes, will be able to harvest." 」

My dear friends, let us always keep faith, let us not easily lost and lose faith, because there are more opportunities in the future, and we still have more efforts to do.

I am extremely honored and grateful to stand for these values that we believe in. May God bless you, and may God bless America.