single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. See "Monthly Wife", Money to buy marriage, can not afford to buy heart. If marriage is a contract, why should we love each other seriously? More expensive than love, is a stable life. (Recommended reading: single Diary: My single, no sympathy )

"If there is no love, but the relative things can also be satisfied." Like money, a stable life. But Ah, that feeling is sometimes strong enough to endure. If it has always been one-sided anticipation and anticipation of this feeling, then sooner or later this relationship will face the end of the day. The wife of the month, Mr. Hill.

Sen Shan Li to the housewife's work as their own professional, she with "even if no one see also want to achieve the perfect" heart to complete every household chores, so "the profession of housework" let her pay for the price, job-seeking wife, a no love, the interests of the first contract relationship, rather than marriage, more like trading. Compared to many marriages, their exchange seems to be more akin to the two lovers, so that emotional Labor has a price.

Money to buy Labor services, emotional services, the contemporary dare not to marry the Japanese people, do not have a means of economic mobility. "For modern Japanese youth, marriage and children have become a luxury," said the book "The Dirty old". In addition to economic pressure, the book also discusses the most reason for young people do not want to marry, is the stereotype of marriage can not make people look forward to, Mom and dad only play father and mother, not men and women.

Yes, these people are not willing to go into marriage, a person can enjoy the quality of life of two people, a person does not have to get up early to make breakfast for her husband's children, a person does not have to do, and so who home of the blame women, a person's life does not need two families agree, no one can stop you from playing LOL to dawn.

It is the female sacrifice that no one wants to face squarely, and the pressure of the family to avoid the distance with the man, let the marriage become a cage.

So "the monthly salary of the wife," the contract is interesting, I do not love you, but as long as we get everything, what is wrong with marriage?

If the nature of marriage can think like this, marriage will have more substantive meaning outside the law, not love grinding into two stare, not youth grinding into a yellow-faced woman. If there is no equivalent remuneration, why should we enter into marriage?

Maybe like Senshan, because you can get 940,000 NT household chores a year. The experience of all love is fabricated from the formulation of the hug day and the wedding trip. Don't talk to us about soul mates, wait for the stability of life, let's practice falling in love, until life is not panic, can be swayed by love.