The recent marriage issue set off a wave of toilet discussion, the toilet is a gender-extreme space, so extended the "own toilet" discussion, how do you think?

Weekend marriage affirmative news Hot Teng actress to fight for their own toilet speech aroused public discussion: "The same marriage law, please make another new law, do not share the same laws and different marriage, clearly the difference between why must use the same law, you knot your I knot my, each have the legal basis is not very good?" Is it all right to use each and every piece of law? "More said:" Please "fight, take, you, self, oneself,", the future also please fight for their own toilet? 」

What do you think about "fighting for your own toilet"? I would like to talk about the situation outside the venue of the 12/17 Legislative Yuan second instance marriage affirmative law meeting. In the afternoon, many anti-marriage groups threatened to go to the Legislative yuan for the toilet, but were blocked by the police, claiming it was "a violation of human rights".

When you want to go to the bathroom, you can't do that. So, we also think of those who often choke urine, can not go to the toilet children.

The Ye Yongji of real existence

When the country is small, there is a boy in the class, eyes water bright, talking whine, one of his eyes of the white part of a little blue, the class to laugh at him is not normal, is a freak. I used to watch him cry for a while, and I remember the way his eyes were imprinted with the white water when he was tearful.

He likes to imitate Jolin Tsai jumps to see me 72 change; at the National small flea market, the boys exchanged swords and he liked to pick dolls. We've been writing a diary for some time, but insist not long, Exchange diary, he used to tell me with clumsy handwriting, he really envy girls can tie braids, he also said, whenever the boys bully, in fact, the heart is a little happy, he said actually like to be those smelly boys attention, So Tease (challenge) they seem to be a good way.

Those boys, see Sissy want to bully, at first was walking on the road kick him a foot, later is overturned his table, hiding his chair, even after class, I heard in the frolic often someone took him into the toilet to take off his trousers, hurt him.

Then, on the first floor of the country, I never saw him go to the toilet after class.

I don't know what happened in that bathroom, and I didn't get a chance to know.

However, the world is not only such a classmate, not only one is afraid of bullying so the class time to the toilet, died in a pool of Ye Yongji.

The Ministry of Education has sampled 100,000 students of the bullying field, campus bullying most often occurs during recess time (accounting for 74%) and school Time (58%), and the occurrence of the most places is in: the Toilet (70%), teaching Indoor (66.6%), up and down learning Way (55.8%).

So when these adults shouted "human rights to my toilet," we didn't know how many children were in the public toilets and were afraid to take a leak rather than step in. (Recommended reading: Jolin Tsai Concert reread Rose Youth: Ye Yongji died, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

The real rose teenage girl: If I'm out of tune with society

The sadness in the toilet stretches from the campus to the society, perhaps you are not surprised, a girl dressed in a neutral dress into the toilet, the grandmother looked up to ask you are a male female; negative temperament of the boy, hesitate to be in the rush hour to enter the toilet; transgender people, feel that no matter is the ladies ' and women's toilets, do not welcome their own toilet.

The "Please" dispute, take, you, self, oneself, "toilet" how cruel, that is, public space, we have to divide the ethnic groups, classes. As part of the Guardian League parents unhappy "homosexuality and I share the same law." The space to the system shows the gender power, from "crowding others living space" to get the mainstream power of verification.

From the study of gender imbalance planning in the campus, it is pointed out that the toilet lacks the gender difference plan from 1995 Zhang Qingfen. 1996, the Taiwan University Student Society and the Urban and rural Gender and Space Research Institute had launched a new women's room movement, BiH Herng also suggested that social space with male strong female weak restrictive other flexibility.

It is discussed from the "Mechanism for the protection of all sexes" to "make the gender at ease", but the main thrust is to give each gender a safer and friendlier public environment. How do we give different living spaces to the difference? I think in terms of hardware, we should consider different congenital physiological differences in the design, in terms of space, we must create a toilet need not panic space.

What does this space look like? It has been said that the segregation should be exact, male and female, and even gay; it is said that we can expect a sex-free toilet to allow everyone to walk into the public space. (same field Gayon: male emancipation of feminism!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

In the face of the next step in public toilets, let's look at the results of promoting gender friendly toilets from campus.

Sex-friendly toilets, breaking the gender temperament of the frame

These years, the Taipei Municipal Bureau of Education has designed gender-friendly toilets in the people's livelihood to promote the concept of gender equality in the campus, becoming the first country to have this toilet in Taiwan. Sex-friendly toilets are also known as neutral toilets, gender neutral toilet (gender-nautral), the toilet space does not take the physiological sex as the partition, but lets any sex person all to be able to ease the toilet which has no obstacle, and may completely protect everybody's privacy, does not need to fear the embarrassment again, facilitates the different person to use, implements the gender pluralism.

Sex-friendly toilets are a promise from space that all genders should live in a safe environment, thus breaking the rules of a closed toilet and a sense of gender ownership. From the spirit of the "male toilets crowding out negative temperament", "female toilets crowding out masculine characteristics" norms.

2004 Browne put forward: "Women's room as a female space, nominally to protect women, however, by virtue of this discipline, the male and female body" due "line of continuous replication. "But such a discussion could result in some gender-related oppression of the women's toilets or some ethnic violence in the toilet."

So we also have to see that sex-friendly toilets also need more mental-side initiatives. "No sex toilets in the new university," the experience of evaluation and thinking, said: 81.6 of respondents support schools to set up more sex-free toilets, but the use of sex-free toilets, only 65.7%, of whom only 26.6% women. Through the observation record also found that the gender-free toilets are still used as male toilets. Many (especially female) respondents to the toilet privacy line of attitude and use behavior, still continue to develop the original gender role preference.

This reflects that gender reform may not only "remove men and women two points", may also add "multiple" options, so that each gender identity can safely enter their favorite space. The so-called pluralism, is to exclude from physiology to lust, gender temperament of the two-yuan identity, in order there is also a safe place. (Recommended reading:"china sex Watch" Everyone lives in each person's clothes!) The naked crisis in the women's bathhouse )

Do multiple flows bring side effects?

In addition to opening more options, think about the potential that comes with it, especially when the actress shouts "own toilet fight", we should think about how to open the "exclusive" from the psychological level. First of all, to clarify the resistance to multiple choices of several mentality, from the toilet issues to the curriculum to place the plural gender, marriage equality .... And so on, against the diversity of the different sound is: first understand the sound of the normal system, and then to understand the difference, can not use the minority rights bullying heterosexual value; Behind the multiple flows is the liberation of lust, bestiality, incest, may persecute the state has no legal ... Wait (Recommended reading: A gentle dialogue to counter the noise: Don't let the unknown nourish your fears )

In fact, it is not difficult to find such a statement is still standing in the "heterosexual value" criticism, the priority to choose the right in the "patriarchal subject", did not really see social differences. So we need to tear down more than a toilet, the real long-term bullying human not only that one copy father long system, crowding out the Non-mainstream group of people, but also to instill a single values to education and system culture.

The first step we have to take is not to "own the toilet cover, our own law to fight", but how to communicate with the "opposing question", so that each kind of rights and interests can be respected. The so-called side effects of multiple flows may be unavoidable cases of a society, such as the existence of bullying or even sexual violence, but we cannot use this as a way to put labels on "multiple genders", but rather to deal with the issue separately and to delve into the reasons behind each issue.

In other words, in the sex-friendly toilets and gender bullying issues, one can see the sex-friendly toilets set up the original intention and purpose, the other direction is to delve into the cause of gender bullying is not the "toilet" itself, but people are accustomed to in the unknown corner of the weak to violence, and then see the system to change space to promote gender progress.

In the data on the toilets in the campus bullying 70%, we tried to make "negative" and "masculine" not two extremes through the establishment of a sex-friendly toilet, and we look forward to the implementation of "human rights" by removing "different ethnic groups entering the toilet". Come again, starting from the doctrine surface and the system face is the foundation first step, we must do more is uses the education to make the gender consciousness popularization, lets "The independent and the Healthy gender view" replaces "the segregation and the protection", from the spatial elasticity and the inclusiveness, practices a more empathy society.

May a vested interest in the patriarchal system, when shouting human rights, think about what you would do if the baby who was peeing today was a child of his own family.