Written in an interview with Zhang Tiezhi: "Success does not have to me, I can do is to continue to walk on the road" after, to see the Zhang Tiezhi for you to choose the Independent thinking book ! The so-called independent thinking, is not intermittent subversion and the body of the revolution, choose to go to a not take for granted, but more comfortable road.

"I hope my writing will penetrate our world, interpret the meaning of the changes of the times, capture the rationality and sensibility of history, and inspire people to act." 」

Tiezhi, in his new book, "The Burning Age," wrote, "Both sensibility and rationality, and I interviewed him, the depth of the feeling of the weight is very similar." The times are chaotic, he does not panic, with the eye of continuous diligence, the entry into the era of writing, continue to walk on the reform road.

He said that he had been walking and was not lonely, and saw more and more fellow travellers, so he would continue to hand-to-hand combat. He chose the road is not taken for granted, natural hardship, but he said people have to believe that they have the ability to think independently, to doubt all the established framework, you are willing to open yourself, the possibility will come in.

"Independent thinking is always to remind yourself to see another possibility, you train yourself to jump the box to think things, not just lazy to use the label to understand the world." 」

I asked him if he had any independent thinking practice to follow, he scratched scratching embarrassed to say, it may be old-fashioned, but more reading and more thinking is really useful. Reading allows you to have a deeper knowledge of the background to think, after thinking, you have the means to verify and challenge their own ideas. (Recommended reading: Read the text landscape: If there are only 100 books left in life )

Therefore, independent music, independent bookstores, independent films are important because they appear to be closer to the personal life attitude and choice. When a society can tolerate more independent voices, more personalized display, this society will grow more yuan in the living.

"Society should not have only one kind of esthetics, one kind of sound, that is too uninteresting, I hoped this society, can let the color different flower to bloom ceaselessly, this is the independent value." 」

He used the analogy of flowers, I closed my eyes to imagine the appearance of flowers bloom, such as the value of personal life, very beautiful, very free. Enclosed is a list of five independent Zhang Tiezhi that give you five nutrients and invite you to walk along the flowering road of independent thinking and change.

The nutrition of individual freedom:"1984"

The first selected 1984, this is a freshman I was reading the book, through this book, I realized that the oppression of the system of personal freedom, and independent thinking in the future will become more and more important.

Thinking of the broken generation:on the road

On the way, it is Jack Kerouac's work to tell how several young Americans are traveling to find freedom and to regain their awareness of themselves. It is not the book that affects me much more, but the "Kerouac" (Beat Generation) of the literary context in which it belongs.

They are trying to explore the dark and disturbing side of the world in their lives and their work, and that may be more real.

Reaction to the mainstream: "Love of Rage: The 60 American student Movement"

The 60 's of the United States, I have been very obsessed with the theme. I read several books in college, one of which is the "Love of Anger" (out of print) written by Southern Shuo.

It was an age of youth rebellion: They posed new challenges to mainstream values, political order, racism, and really changed the world.

Subversion of historical conception:The story of Taiwan's democratic movement in the Hundred Years ' pursuit

Also saw the Li Yu of the "Taiwan Democratic Movement 40 years", completely broke my 18 years old before the Parto system education construction of the Taiwan Historical view, one side to see tears, because those who sacrifice youth and life for the ideals of the predecessors.

This book is out of print, and now readers can see another set of more complete books, "Centennial Pursuit: The story of Taiwan's Democratic Movement"

The fury of Rock and Roll:voice and Fury, the noise of thetimes

In fact, the impact of my independent speculation is very deep of course is rock, but when young, Taiwan does not have any good books in this respect, but there are some rock and roll sociology translation books, and now mostly out of print. So, to talk about the impact of rock music on the independence of the spirit can only write their own:"voice and Anger: Rock can change the world?" ", the noise of thetimes: The voice of protest from Dylan to U2."

After reading Tiezhi's independent thinking book, perhaps the future, no longer afraid of a rock like a life, subversion, thinking, so closer to freedom.