Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

For a while, the word slash has been turned red again, from what 2007 Marci Alboher published in the New York times column, which was later assembled in the book, "Not Just a job: a career survival under multiple pressures." This book by many of the "migrant/entrepreneur" story points out that the youth can not be satisfied with a single career lifestyle, but also questioned a person: In addition to notebook, what else do you have? In addition to title title, there is no more than your business card bright-eyed story? (Extended reading: Workplace notes: "republication out" Why are you standing here? )

General manager Moonlighting Uber driver, China's "sub-answer" Popular with knowledge to make petty money, while doing theater side writing freelance workers ... Slash young people through multiple occupations and abilities vector, make themselves a difficult to be the frame of the person. Such people invest not in wealth, but in the story of their own lives.

The emergence of the slash youth early foreshadowing, Millennium, we said that it is a composite talent, and then a decade of popular Cross-border talent, interlacing as foster this old saying gradually became the past style.

From the professional cross-border to professional cross-border, people no longer meet the monotonous way of life. I told the chief editor, we are also like slash Ah, to do a new media editor, but repeat the day, follow the times to learn, used to do things, as long as the science and technology forward, always from scratch.

Women fans are such a team, taking Lab as the core, and extending the project, which we call the planet. Each planet, from different Lab partners, each in the new biosphere irrigation, absorbing the nutrients they need. Every new planet (project) has a whole new mix of material flows, and the team's evolving sense of erosion makes the working model less solid. Designers learn to write programs, media PR to join the community group, edit into the company on Board process ...

Everyone is doing their own breakthroughs, looking at their abilities, look at other people's professional, challenging ease.

I say that a woman is a savage growth, gentle progress of the hinterland, here, you must know what you want to be what kind of person. Across the planet is also a kind of slash, we laugh this is "stealing", the experience of others and treasure House are there, you still do not suck the essence is a fool. So as content editor, I watched the rise of the "vote Live" study of HTML, my experience in forum and activity learning how to walk into the reader's life from a writing person, looking at the skills, not willing to stop the partners, I also want to continue to my favorite future forward.

Compared to a lot of flexible play work people, I am not slash, just walk on the halfway slash. Most live in this age after 90, all on the halfway, one side to adapt to the environment, high-speed changes in the media, and constantly updated work skills. Halfway on the slash, there is no body and multiple posts, but may be deepening their different abilities, I am aware that the young people are not forced to survive squeezing out different professional, but because there is a strong sense of crisis unwilling mediocre, so became a slash youth.

Halfway on the slash, may not lose their job, but also do not stop, stretching their other professional. Slash is not romantic, but may be wonderful, I also hope to become a "work for their own" slash, to give themselves more flexibility and space, to contact the things that have not learned to understand a new world of production.

Many people around me are already alive. "Not stereotyped" work patterns, the development of network ecological remote work will increasingly support the needs of multiple workers. While he was sleeping on the couch, she took the case, and she threw herself into the social transport organization to write, and he started his business by writing programs. Their story gets thicker, and if you're not on the road, you should be nervous. (Recommended reading: should not be reconciled with the reality of life?) Your choice determines who you are.

"Be A slash." You do not have to resign to travel, abandon bread chasing poetry and far away. But you should ask yourself, what else can you do besides this secure job? What kind of life do you want to leave for yourself?