Marriage affirmative hearing, invited pros and cons to share ideas, for you to extract the content of today's public hearings, but also invite you to pay attention to Taiwan's current important issues.

"The homosexual population is 0.2 per thousand, bisexual is 1.7%, with 23 million people, the two are only 250,000 of the marriageable population." Is it not not to protect the minority, but is it necessary to undermine the system of majority in order to protect the minority? To protect the visually impaired, is it necessary to pave all roads to guide-blind bricks? --Judge Hsieh

"To marry a comrade, there will be a ripple effect, like if I saw a cockroach, it would mean more than one, with hundreds of cockroaches in the back." I would like to say that if my child is a comrade, I will still love him, I will accept, but if my child is not a comrade, forced to accept this disguised as a "pluralistic education" is essentially "gay education", I absolutely cannot accept. --Judge Hsieh

Is it possible to have a gay family adopt a child, another kind of "human experiment"? The Nazi massacre of Jews, the Japanese experiment in Manchukuo, and the adoption of children by same-sex families are similarly unknown. Wu Yuzong, dean of the School of Law, New World University

Early in the morning, open the marriage affirmative hearing broadcast live, saw Judge Hsieh in the screen shouted red, to the cockroach analogy in her eyes see "Comrade chaos", I do not know how many gay friends and supporters of gay rights, on the screen on the other side of the heart is broken.

24th, the public hearing scene, the political parties according to the proportion of the candidates, 25 experts came to participate in the marriage and the opposite of the number of representatives of the same marriage, the position is resolute, they said, "Same-sex marriage is not human rights, same-sex marriage is not equal to marriage, and heterosexual marriage is not the same." "and the International Convention is based on the marriage of the opposite sex, at most concessions to a single point of repair, or a special law to protect gay interests."

Support the same marriage representatives, from their own adoption of the child's real experience, but also for the opposition to ask one by one legal angle of communication, in this public hearing, can go closer to the legal amendment direction of equality, invite you to pay attention to.

Lin Zhijie: We become super milk dads who take care of kids.

"I was a lawyer in California and had the honor to see the federal government legalize gay marriage and let gays have their own families," he said. However, as a gay man in Taiwan, no matter how warm and stable our family is, it is impossible to legally marry and not legally adopt a child. --Lin Zhijie

The founder of the Queer Film Festival and Jed's audio-visual CEO, Lin Zhijie, figures that in the United States, there are currently 900,000 same-sex couples, 19% of whom are raising children, and about 100,000 children currently live in gay families. He was fortunate enough to have a five-month-old twin boy through surrogate motherhood, "I believe my partner and I will give the child a lot of love and care, just like my parents who have been married for more than 50 years." 」

Lin Zhijie smiled and said, now he and his partner become the super milk to take care of children father, they are earner family, life is very busy, but children like the center of life, they want to be good with the children grow up super milk Dad, so the coordination of the morning and night shift partner, I hope that day and night with the children. He asked, "as a gay partner, our love and commitment are different from others?"

He wry smile, "We want very simple, hope under the law safeguard, with the companion and the child lives together, as the comrade wants to integrate the society not to be excluded, our happiness does not pose any threat to the social system." "(Recommended to you: An interview with the Queer Film Festival curator Lin Zhijie: Be honest with yourself, but not just consider yourself)

Xu Xiuwen: Happiness, is a share of things that will not become less

Xu Xiuwen, director of Taiwan's coalition of partners ' rights and interests, then took the stage and expressed a feeling of excitement over the convening of the public hearing, "We are discussing the question of whether we should protect the rights and interests of same-sex partners and progress to the issue of how to protect our comrades, and I hope we will not "(Recommended reading: Gender Watch: legal disregard of gay stories, no love, no room Biansen )

He responded to a number of questions raised by the opponents and recorded the following.

1. Why should the rights of gay partners be safeguarded through the amendment of civil law? Rather than by setting up a special law?

The national reports of the two conventions on the exclusive rights of spouses, up to 498, could not, in fact, be enjoyed without the status of spouses of same-sex couples, and could not be replaced by "dependants".

2. Why should we object to a separate law/special law?

Because we know that there is no technical difficulty in amending civil law. 2013 Zheng Lijun and Belle, adopt our version to propose the draft Civil law amendment, the last legislative term, there are two editions, this term legislators more cross-party proposals, although there are slightly different versions, but the direction is to amend the Civil law practice.

As a legal person, law enforcement and judicial education practitioners and practising lawyers, we have no difficulty in amending the civil law. If the method of special law, the cost may be high.

3. Relationship of rights and obligations between heterosexual couples and same-sex couples

"What I want to say is that if we believe that the rights and obligations of same-sex couples should be equal to the spouses of the opposite sex, the question we must ask is, since the right and the obligation to get along, why the combination of the same sex can not be called marriage, not a spouse?" 」

What are some of the reasons for not wanting to give same-sex couples the right to consider certain important rights? There must be a very clear public interest statement. This will be in line with our Constitution's assessment of the implications.

It has been mentioned that homosexual marriage is unconstitutional, in fact, from a comparative constitutional standpoint, the opposite is the case. This is true from Canada, South Africa, the United States, and Colombia. It is unconstitutional to deny same-sex marriage, and to recognize that same-sex couples do not destroy the structure of the family and the right to heterosexuality.

Marriage has no total limit, and gay marriage does not affect any heterosexual marriage. Because happiness is a kind of sharing things that will not become less. At present, the version proposed by three legislators has a very small impact on the current system, and most of the relevant only "eugenic health law" and "artificial reproductive law" require a greater revision of the law.

Finally, the Xu Xiuwen lawyer gently reminded that at present, the opposition is fierce confrontation, a lot of tearing, it is very important that we should keep in mind the debate on the basis of facts, rather than deliberately distort the existing legislation, transmission of disturbing messages. (Recommended reading:"Xu Xiuwen | See comrade" Taiwan "pluralistic family movement", striving for not only marriage equality )

Give each different life a chance to speak for oneself

After the union's anti-marriage parade surrounded the Legislative yuan, we waited until two legal hearings, 11/24 and 12/1, focused on the pros and cons of the same scene, the proportion of each half, let the dialogue and the meeting, and generate a continuous discussion of sparks.

What do many people say about the significance of this public hearing? Will it cause more tearing? I was also very angry with the opposition, and in the 21st century, we still need to reiterate that "gay rights are human rights" is absurd. As a person, I feel that no one has the right to deny the survival of other people, perhaps the right to marry, perhaps the right to work, perhaps the force of life does not endure the right to public discrimination. (Recommended thinking: the true picture of gay love: love, have blood and sweat )

Photo Source: Guardian of the Happy Family Action Alliance

Look at the public hearings, think about it another way, perhaps before commenting, we have to give each and every other life that is different to us for the opportunity to speak for ourselves. Even if the process is painful, because only then can we try to understand why they care, understand why they misunderstand, and think about the difference between what we think and what we are doing at that point.

It is only then that we can move slowly to a better consensus on a single point of communication, so that we may, after each discussion, open up their gender imaginations to the world that exists.

And when gay and lesbian partners one by one stand out, with their different stories, fighting for love and the right to life, people will gradually understand that comrades from the mouth, will destroy the world of the scourge; gay flesh and blood in this world, they are your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends, your children, The one you pass on the road.

I'd like to recommend a woman fan. Previous gay series of interviews to you, we named "See Comrade", invite the public to see the gay partner in love and life of the track, to break the perennial construction of the stigma of imagination.

Finally, let's lock down the public hearing after two o'clock.