Supporters of gay rights in the streets, the establishment of "gay couples law" policy to express protest, women fans for you live interview, marriage equality is the youngest generation of the most important human rights war, and we can not be absent.

November 28, 9 in the morning, the legislature of Qingdao East Road, packed with crowds, we came to be quite affirmative for the people to support the scene of comrade. DPP legislator Ke Jianming recently said that because of "constituency pressure", the DPP is now inclined to adopt a separate law to pass "same-sex marriage law", which is a necessary decision, he says "Can not let everyone hurt."

At such times, it is hard not to think of Tsai's positive stance on marital equality before taking office, many people are disappointed, the policy to let them hurt, they took to the streets, to fight for their own rights.

To the scene, I saw all kinds of faces, bleary-eyed male comrades, hand-arm heterosexual couples, holding the children of the gay mother, standing on the stage of the gender opinion leaders, some of them skipped class, some of the work came to show, a lot of people, not alone. (Recommended reading:"Robing-wen" Dear Mayor: gay rights, more than marriage)

I thought about the way I came to the Legislative Yuan by taxi, and the driver said to me, "is that marriage equality or gay rights in the Legislative Yuan?" "The TV footage on the taxi has repeatedly shown the protest footage of the Union, and I firmly say that he nodded lightly and said a very quiet word of cheer." The taxi driver is very old, this is a slow generation dialogue, when getting off, I was very hard to say thanks to him.

Women are obsessed with the scene, for you to visit the people on the scene, let them speak for themselves. They have different objects of love, but they also support gay rights. Foreign media have predicted that Taiwan would be the first country in Asia to pass the Marriage affirmative Act, listening to them say why they came, how to look at the direction of the law, and the attitude towards equality in marriage.

Zhang Tiezhi: Marriage equality is the most important human rights war in the younger generation

I am Zhang Tiezhi, I support marriage equality, I 10 o'clock here.

We strongly oppose the law, because comrades are part of us and all should be treated equally and there is no need to set up separate laws.

I think the DPP must know that marriage equality is the most important human rights war of the generation, because it is the most basic human right, and it is shameful when some people enjoy certain rights and deny the same rights to another group of people. I would like to say that if the DPP really cares about the pressure of the ballot papers, they should support the amendment of civil law, otherwise it will be lost for a whole generation of votes.

I am heterosexual, but I would like to say that we are all comrades and we are all comrades in the same philosophy on the road to equality. (same field Gayon: The Burning rock soul!) Interview Zhang Tiezhi: "Success does not have to me, I can do is to continue to walk on the road")

Wu Xinn: According to Love to marry, according to agree to toilet

I'm Wu Xinn, I'm a trans-gender woman, and I'm a feminist. I'll be here more than nine o'clock eight o'clock today.

I think the legislation is like segregation, segregation is discrimination, I do not agree with the law, he is very much like the former black drinking fountains or the repression of the disadvantaged. I think everyone has the right to an equal family, no one needs to be deprived of, become relatively "low" person.

I have this slogan, "According to Love to marry, according to the identity of the toilet", now the Taiwan gay movement on the cross-gender understanding is not high enough, so I would like to talk more about the gender identity to go to toilet. In particular, the establishment of a "trans-gender toilet" would become very much like the special Law on marriage, and would become a specialized way of isolating transgender persons. There are also many issues of trans-gender, employment rights, the right to be educated, transgender people have a higher chance to face sexual harassment and sexual violence, these are also very direct attention, and change the legal sex, no need for statutory surgery, hope can also be concerned. (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

Wang Dan: If you can't make the country better, at least don't make it worse.

I am Wang Dan, I arrived nine o'clock, because I heard that nine reporters to take photos, it seems that there are not many people, I think the importance of people, because social policy depends on the voice of public opinion. Although I am not Taiwanese, I would like to support, because the issue behind marriage is to show equal value, is the issue of people's progress, I support marriage equality, because it represents the direction of progress.

I think the legislation is discriminatory, if we cannot make the country better, at least not to do worse, I feel that the law is more regressive, which is tantamount to drawing up ethnic groups, saying that the ethnic groups do not deserve to apply the civil law, which is a kind of national discrimination, the problem is even more serious.

I went through gay marriage in the United States, watched the progress of the affirmative movement, and I was involved in the first Massachusetts booming of marriage equality law, when I watched many debates and discussions about gay marriage in the United States, and I was very supportive of the meaning of marriage equality. (same field Gayon: After the United States Constitution guarantees the same marriage, Taiwan is not the 51st state: Our battlefield in Congress )

Boy: This is the age of attitude, can the government stop disturbing the public?

I am a designer boy, I 9:30 to the scene, today came to the scene, mainly to see if there is any situation, the scene looks very peaceful.

I came to be very blood, walked a bit bored, I think this is very baffling things, what era, the government also let us need to fight for gay rights on the streets, let me feel very tired. I think this is supposed to be a matter of no consideration, it is very disturbing and wasteful.

I know it's a compromise between the ruling and the opposition. But I feel that this is an era of attitude, and I feel wrong if we are to take the path of the previous compromise, because the guard person he offends will not vote for him, because those who are offended by the law will not vote for him. Why is there a need for additional legislation?

I think Taiwan's politicians often hope "everyone is good", but now the times will prove that this attitude is wrong, Taiwan in this world, we must play a more open, more diverse small island countries in the Chinese community.

This should not be considered, we still need to stand out, it is absurd. I feel that I do not even want to talk about "support", which is the right that everyone should be born with. Is it difficult for him to pay the same tax and he should have the same power? He wants to get married, so I can't get married, what is it about other people? (same field Gayon: interview Super "Taiwan" designer Kid: Taiwanese people are dead do not admit that they are very complicated! )

Fan: Do not isolate the law, but can discuss the companion law, in the marriage system to choose another

I'm Fan, I arrived at nine O ' Day this morning. We all know the importance of mobilization, do not want to see the members of the Union exaggerated remarks, do not want to let the community feel that only the voice of opposition, so the support of the people to the scene, but also want to express to the community, support more people than opposed to the people.

The little member has said that the law department's same-Sex Partnership Act, which was conducted last year, did not decide to introduce a "same-sex partnership" or "Law", and the Ministry of Law respects all the legislation of the Legislative Council, and there are no administrative or legal obstacles in the Department of Legal Affairs. If the result of the final legislation is a same-sex Partnership Act, the Ministry of Legal Affairs does so, and there is no established position.

One thing to say is that it is three separate things to amend the civil law of marital equality, companion law, and gay companion law. If marriage is painful, it should be supported by a discussion of France's previous "companion law" and a law that heterosexual gays can use. (Recommended reading: The victory of gay rights!) France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act

Regardless of sexual orientation and sex, if there is a marriage and partner system, it should be fair to let everyone use, but not the identity of the difference. If the companion law can give us a system other than marriage, we can go in that direction, and I support it.

Finally, I would like to ask members, if you are 20-40 years old, I believe that more than 70%, or even 80, will almost always support the civil law and protect the rights of gays and lesbians. It's not blue-green for me, it's generational difference, and how we can communicate with the last generation will be the next big issue.

Much Yao x Jianliying: We have no choice but to go to the streets

I am much yao, I am Jianli ying, why to come, I feel like this is not the choice, is that we must come, this world and the protection of the Union to push us to the streets.

For me, a government with a ruling edge is still treating people in a tempting way, and is irresponsible. The legislation is a segregation policy, the same as marriage, why should it be divided into gay marriage, heterosexual marriage? Why treat your people with segregation policy?

For me, marriage equality refers to tender rights, as gay and sexual minorities, at all levels of life, by all kinds of discrimination, we need this law, it is the basic human rights, through it can let everyone see that all kinds of love are allowed. (Recommended to you: to light growth, writing youth!) Interview much Yao: You don't have to be the ideal of who

From day to night, from Qingdao East Road to Zhongshan South Road, we are still here, and you, see?