Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Last weekend, I and the successful University of two students in the women's paradise had a happy dialogue, they came for the lecture, smiled and thanked to learn to leave, but I reflect on them more themselves. This afternoon we have a lot of discussions about teamwork, two people feel that this society prefers the victory Group of Life, the leader who loves to speak loudly. So silently do the executor, seems not to be loved, so the silent person, always relatively suffer.

I jump to the topic: so do you want to live the life you like?

A classmate said: "I want to go to the village to do long-term service, because I think the story of the little people is very important." 」
One classmate said: "I am not unsure, but I am now in a lot of activities to try what I like in the end is what." 」

Ask this question, can discover in fact we often understand the thing that oneself likes, but envy oneself does not have. And that "no" is not necessarily the life they enjoy. The so-called loss, but also may be a state rather than the end, detours, people may be more than the straight walk to meet more incredible scenery.

I ask again, why do you question yourself now?

They say that because they have participated in many teams, it is conceivable that the reality of society is this: people who speak loudly will win.

When I was in college, I often questioned such questions, often resentful of injustice but unable to change. Later, I found myself in the past, complaining that no one had seen me before I raised my hand, and that I was not willing to listen to anyone before I questioned him. (Gayon: The day-to-day exercise of self-leadership: "Don't worry about the vague future, just make it clear now")

I give myself too little chance to act for the things I care about.

Besides, what kind of job are we going to be? Many people feel that leaders speak a good talent, and I look at all the people who can tell the truth and how many have two brushes. The best leaders I know are not the ones who command others, but the people who see the light of others and give them to the stage.

Most people think that the leader is the love of the limelight, or perhaps the world's leaders really look like the students said, "can only speak, do not work." But I shared with the women fans like the mode of cooperation to them, I say, here, we are our own leader, and may be the leader of others at any time.

The reason why we dislike "most leaders" is because we have heard the top of the hierarchy in the position of leadership, do not understand the hard work partners, or because there are a lot of imposition, so that the team is not.

A good leader, know how to be responsible and free, understand the timely release and the backing of partners, must be in the team work to move out the space of personal growth. A good leader, after questioning, will not have to go without concern for the dynamics of the team.

If you question the leader, please use your hands instead of secretly complaining.
If you want to do a good job, please say something better about it after you ask questions.
If you think you are obligated to change, don't be afraid to be a leader.

Until now, I have reminded myself to learn from the identity of a good teammate and leader, for me, the direction of the leader is not "above", but sometimes in front of the people who break through the resistance, and at the end of the team, fixed their feet to see the distance, caring partners.

How to improve your sense of workplace happiness? I think it is important to understand the direction of the team wind and ego, in the March process of consensus:

What we need is not to climb, but to move forward.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

Just this week, Wei Xuan in the team meeting to share a very interesting theory of flying geese, but also the future of women fans development expectations. When the flock is flying, the leader of the wild goose if tired will retreat to flank, another wild goose will then fill up to fly in formation of the most front-end, flying in the wild Goose will be used to encourage the front companions to maintain the overall speed, as the rear of the pace of the lead. (Recommended reading: Dear Leader, hire someone better than you )

A long-term plan to fly, the perfect is good, leading the wind is also good. Hope that more people see this theory, in their own team life to learn to do the current, can cushion the flying geese.