Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Are you looking at the wife of the month? As a housewife is formally employed by the United States and Zinzha began the contract of " married life ", we think of the value of domestic work in the era of value, and love, rights, obligations and cultivate the relationship. While watching VCDs, while rethinking their love mode. (Recommended reading: single Diary: "Wife of a monthly salary" more expensive than love, is a stable life )

"Do I look like a newly wedded wife to others?" As a job in marriage, you can be free from the employee's circulation. 」

25-Year-old Mori Mei Millet murmured A word, single and was sent to dismiss the job, who knows the work of the text group graduates so hard to find Ah! Dad introduced, she accidentally came to 36-year-old single staff Zinzhaping to help do housework, this she is good at, while cleaning the windows while washing clothes day, she thought, since the work can dispatch, then marriage can also sign a contract, designated work item? What does she do to be good at, if it happens to be a marriage of labor requirements, can it be like signing a contract about the same marriage?

Hand-work, pay money, what it takes, she proposed to Zinzha "like employment contract marriage", she released unemployment status, raise their hands to cheer "I Finally, as a housewife was officially hired." 」

A few days ago, the monthly fire drama monthly wife to the eighth episode, adapted from Hainozimpo creation of Japanese comics, to find new yuan knot clothes and star field, reflect the contemporary Japanese, contract marriage what not? is more secure than the present marriage. (Recommended reading: from the VCDs "disguised couple" to explore "marriage": Marriage certificate of the surface of peace )

We all want to be married for love, but to enter the marriage system, the construction of two people's lives, to shoulder never only love, accompanied by love, but also the invisible emotional pay, and the time of the housework, and we know that such a burden has always been skewed in one of the sexes.

When housework, become recognized and paid for work

As a housewife, if the housework to pay the conversion of money, how much should be taken? Mr Zinzha, in Japan, full-time housewives have 2,199 hours of unpaid work a year (on average 6 hours a day, including holidays), which translates into an annual income of 3.014 million yen. The average monthly salary is RMB 194,000 yuan (equivalent to NT $59,519).

The rational Zinzha pushed the glasses, "so hiring you as a housewife and signing a contract for a de facto marriage also has a real meaning for me to save money." "Marriage, the effective use of health insurance relief, in the rent, water, fuel split in the case, have a wife to say really, than to ask a family cleaning staff to save money."

Looking back at the real family from the day theatre scene, the wife's status is not paid, housework is often underestimated, is regarded as "small matter", but the woman is actually carried out in fact is 365 days year-round "motherly love priceless", washing clothes, transfer children, cooking and cooking, care for the family, was required to exaggerated emotional labor and domestic work.

The wife of a monthly salary reveals two things so lightly, the first is that the job is to get it because it is good at home, to show that housework is a skill-demanding profession that needs to accumulate skills through learning rather than the natural vocation of a single gender role; the second is that Zinzha because of his busy work, it produces a lot of housework demand, Showing the private areas of domestic work, is the public domain of the implicit support of labor force. But the unpaid work paid by women in the private sector is often excluded from the calculation of the labor force.

Rigid social and gender division of labor, male outside, female Lord, housework in the name of "Love Labor" into the life of women, so little girls from childhood "access" more opportunities for housework, repeatedly deepen the role of single sex exploitation.

So when Mei-Mi signed the contract, take away the monthly pay, we feel in the hearts of the happy and a little sad unclear so. (Recommended to you: Feminism and intimacy: to be a housewife is not to bow, but to choose )

The time significance of the price of domestic work

Mei Millet's friends complained to her, "who can endure, to engage in cheating husband to wash underwear cooking, these three years for me in the end what?" If I went to work for three years and had work experience, but when I was a housewife for three years, I didn't seem to have anything. 」

Housewives in the private field of housework, not only unpaid, but also not to work, the housework Package Hill Sea and occupy more lead to housewife's "widespread poverty" phenomenon. Thus, feminists put forward the concept of "domestic labor wage", advocating social work in the public domain and domestic work in the private sphere, all of which should enjoy the remuneration, and housework is a work.

In the draft amendment to the matrimonial property system in Taiwan in 2002, the concept of "domestic chores" was proposed to add one of the 1003th of the civil law, "family living expenses, except as otherwise agreed by law or contract, by the husband and wife in accordance with their economic capacity, family work or other cases", the family work as the cost of domestic life. One of the means of burden, that is, "domestic work has a price".

At that time, the bill was not passed, and caused a strong rebound in public opinion, many people said that if the domestic labor price, it would be too utilitarian family, loss of love, just echoing the background of the bill, we intend to "love the name of" oppression of women to when? And if love is so important, why is the demand for love reflected in women's housework and emotional work?

Kessie Vickers (Kathi Weeks) in the "work of the question: Feminism, Marxism, rebellious work of the political, as well as after the work of the imagination," put forward the challenge, the domestic work if there is a wage, may be only more reverse bound women in domestic services, solidify and expand the gender division of labor?

At the same time, we must face two problems, one is the attitude of the capital society to work, which leads us not to recognize that housework is a profession; second, women are difficult to disconnect and the "inevitable" link, so "natural" to pay emotional labor and domestic work. (same field Gayon:"Pregnant topic" from "Orange Red" read the mother: The uterus is a privilege or a yoke? )

What I want to ask is, is it possible to start by freeing the household to the potential oppression of a single sex? Back to the parents and housework, since as the basis for supporting a family, is not the two sides to negotiate and share work items and content? We will then be able to recognize the professionalism of domestic work and the support component of a family that is far too much of our imagination.

The relationship between love, right and duty

In addition to domestic work has a price, "monthly wife" also take us to reflect on the nature of love, even love has the so-called beautiful essence?

Signed a contract to marry, agreed to good family, the end of the month, the original thought everything will go on like this, Mei Millet and Zinzha's next practice is actually love. Miss Li set a date for Mr. Zinzha, starting with the intimate embrace of the body, once a week, and on Tuesday, she only wanted a good part of the relationship, not jealous, jealous and skeptical. She considers these negative emotions to be the reason why love is no longer good.

They go the opposite way to modern "love and Marriage," a section of which lets us see the love, the right and the obligation in the form of modern relations. The contract is in black and white, rational contractual act, but the person is more free, when the love grows, the emotion lives in, accompanies, all is regarded as "the negative emotion" hides also cannot hide. Mi-su thought, once a week of "Hug Day" no longer enough; After a sudden kiss, there is no follow-up Zinzha, and Zinzha for the first time in the street to choose gifts for women, feel the heart of what is sprouting, oneself this is a breach of contract?

From a well-organized "contract" to practice love, but paradoxically, it seems that only by breaking the "contract norms" will make people really feel love. All the "not good" jealousy, jealousy, suspicion, actually turned over to prove that "love" does exist, if love has the essence, it will be both beautiful and not beautiful emotions exist. (Recommended reading: "Teen Revolution" The failure of theNew Century Aesthetics: "Refused to become" a model of the girl )

"Monthly Wife" inside, the absolute rationality of the contract, and the uncontrollable sex with love, let people see the happy, but also reflect on the existing love habits and marriage views, all of us accustomed to nature, perhaps not natural? All the rules that we think may not be binding on us, and only when we realize that we can not apply to all the existing rules can we break the scar and write down the love history that we may be frustrated but happy.