single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Lin is engaged to Ding Wenqi, the former Deng Zi chess again to be pulled out, but what exactly is this engagement and her what close? Let us put our predecessors in the name of a way, but also put their own not reconciled to a horse. (Recommended reading: single Diary: My single, no sympathy )

Lin is engaged, my face shorin in the stratosphere, I shouted, one side of lovelorn blessing tearful send away psychedelic little prince: "Although the male God was robbed, please you must be happy", "can accept Lin Jia married, why can't accept marriage equality".

Tai Jia proposal, both warm heart and sincerity, fans are proud, proud girls girls time did not love the wrong person.

But the spotlight lamp is not entirely applause, some people scoff: "He split leg, really can't bless." Or you see a few messages, "Ding Wenqi the 10 reasons to win Deng Zi chess." I unavoidably for the predecessor shout decline, the woman is not the love battlefield booty, should not be in two parallel time and space in the relations in the competition.

Disturb the lover's world is never a loved one, but the message group under the irrelevant strangers.

Will Deng Zi long relationship format, only outsiders are not reconciled. The people who watch the play are fools, devote some of their love to the clumsy, remember a few times love and hate reincarnation of the suffering, the original we are the left behind the predecessor.

Not everyone is willing to be wasted all the time, not every relationship should be unforgettable. Stop being an abandoned predecessor, we shouldn't be the ones to be pitied.

You really love, how can you say let go? So you do not want to turn, unwilling to him faster than you happy. You think you can hold him, in fact, entangled himself.

The predecessor is like this: I recall you, does not mean that I still love you, I just remember the happiness of their own, the predecessor is that not give you a lifetime but let you understand the love of people;

An ex is a practice, and a former is the only way to return.

We are the scenery of others, why live in the past? Love you that one, hurt you that one, who is your love in the Bole?

"She said well. 」

In the crowd they say, the noise has nothing to do with love, years quiet good only two people know. And we, also should say to oneself good, enough, can go forward, the road of love wish you are your own bole, see oneself also deserve to be so solemn love, dare to a certain picture.