"1210 let life no longer die, for marriage equality stand out concert", this day whether you are comrades should stand out, because we talk about is not only marriage equality, but also the doctrine of the Untied sex criticism.

On the day of world Human Rights Day, Taiwanese gay campaigners called on 12/10 of gay-same-sex couples to embark on a caldor, affirmative-marriage bill,1210 to stop life from dying and a concert for marriage equality . This is the second time after the gay parade, comrades on the streets, Rainbow riotous noise makes people tired, choose not to say, quiet, choose to gaze or hug, they said: "Regardless of the civil law or law, I have nothing to do, I love gay friends, but I do not want them to marry, in fighting for the interests of the road, I hope you can have a little tenderness. 」

I remember 11/28 in Qingdao East Road outside the second public hearing, I met many people who leave for the streets, the crowd is all kinds, regardless of class regardless of status, 20,000 people stand for the right to live. At that time we did a street interview, the author much Yao said: "I have no choice not to come." "Designer boy said Taiwan is absurd:" I do not know why we now stand here, wasting everyone's time cost, waste of social resources. 」

How are we supposed to be gentle? How much tenderness do people need in front of anger? We also need how much gentle dialogue, how many letters to the union letter, how much wind and rain on the street strength, in order to change back to a child Enron become their own, and even peace of mind to go to the toilet may.

Two public hearings down, some say that comrades like cockroaches, you see a comrade representative has tens of thousands of comrades, some people say that homosexuality can be married, then one day can be married to the Ferris wheel, and some people say we do not want to destroy the majority of the system, some people say that homosexuality must be corrected, we have to do is to import them into the correct. (Extended reading: "marriage affirmative hearing" opposition stance: "Let gay marriage, there will be the same ripple effect of the cockroach spread")

Next, I would like to respond from the text record to "Let Life no longer die" the main theme, the role of homosexuality in Taiwan's history, and the way they walked. Then we will know that those who walk through despair are the reason why we insist on hope.

From the most precious same-sex friendship in ancient Greece to "psycho-gay"

The existence of such "distinct", the earliest written record of the ancient Greek male homosexual partner appeared in Homer's epic works "Elliott", Ancient Greece, the prevalence of adult men and adolescents of same-sex love, and the most highly respected homosexual aesthetics. In the Chinese culture, the first record of same-sex friendship in "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi", "a Dream of Red Mansions", "Jin Ping Mei", has been a vague thing in the text, until the early Republic of China, homosexuality in the medical theory of disease came to the Chinese region, deep-rooted "homosexuality is the disease" concept.

Maybe you can't believe it. 1979 years ago, homosexuality was a sin in criminal law. In 1986, Taiwan appeared the first primary AIDS, social panic, Chi Jiawei in the same name to the court to petition marriage was rejected, the court said: "Homosexuals are a minority of the metamorphosis." ";1992 years, Taiwan's first television reporter secretly photographed lesbian bar, comrades to become the media on the chopping block of fish; In 1993, a female student in northern Lin Qinghui, Shijiya charcoal burning suicide, write down" the nature of social survival is not suitable for us ", North a female principal response" We North a woman, no homosexual ";1995 Years Chiuxin in a foreign land with scissors stabbed chest suicide, she left the Shiraz for Taiwan and the crocodile of the female with the construction, so that love people have a love of the subjectivity and then departed; 1997 Changde Street incident, 15 gun police to the then gay space in Changde Street without motive, audible police and gay community conflict; 2000, Pingdong Gaoshu Middle School students Ye Yongzhi was found lying in the toilet pool of blood, the head was badly hit, send medical first aid died the next day.

Until the millennium, the first gay parade held in Taiwan in 2003, more than 10 years ago, when comrades were not so marginalized, they were still discriminated against, but there was no real legal protection for gay men to note the Sun.

And what have we been through in the past more than 10 years?

10 years after the gay parade, Comrade's Road

The Gender Equality Education Act of 2003 has been adopted to ensure that teachers and students of different sexual orientation can work equally or teach on campus, and that educational institutions should implement anti-discrimination education; In 2006, Michen proposed the first draft of the same-sex marriage law in Taiwan; in 2016, the Second Marriage Equality Act was introduced into Parliament, After two public hearings, opposing voices and endorsing voices all stood on the streets.

However, in this long decade, there are still life due to gender temperament, sexual orientation died.

2013 years of personality and the gay community composed of "friendly Taiwan Alliance" published a survey of the gay situation, 29% of the comrades can not stand the strange vision of society and have suicidal thoughts, the people who have suicidal thoughts and 18% attempted suicide.

As many as 58% of gay respondents had been hurt by others, 91% in the form of verbal violence, followed by interpersonal exclusion, direct physical violence and 14%,3% had been subjected to sexual violence. The incidence of violence concentrated in the middle of the period of up to 59%, high school 43%, it is worth noting that the national small also has 36%. (Extended reading: written after the end of the second trial of marital equality: discrimination, Ye Yongji and Yang Yunxing who will die )

This October, the 67-year-old Biansen from the 10 floor of the residence, friends agree that the reason for his suicide is that Zengjingshu, a Taiwanese companion who has lived with him for 35 years, died of cancer because they were not legally legally married and were unable to make any medical decisions for him before his partner's death.

I had an interview with Gushinyi in 2015 for saying "good old together", when she said: "When will our children suffer?" We were so hard not to be the dead comrade. "The tone of a faction relaxed, but is full of desolation; I interviewed the Lu Xinjie, she said that despite their own rigorous, are still biased, and biased is normal, the most terrible is ignorance:" to admit their ignorance, more honest to face themselves, only better possible. " 」

Comrade's story is so desolate, we have not escaped Chiuxin metaphor, I always remember much Yao wrote "Shangguang plant" mood, she said I hope we can have a not tragic female comrade narration, see lesbian real alive appearance.

Indeed, whether I am gay or not, I am so alive, want to hold a right to equal love, want to exercise as a person in the world to create wonderful qualifications.

Comrades should not just Qingsha news sex bombing entertainment, comrade is not their mouth a few of the heterogeneous, comrade is not a class, but a choice of identity. Gays are not the only two choices of depression to death or suicide. Only by eradicating discrimination can we pluck up the pain of the comrades ' blood.

Not a "you knot you, I knot my" can be solved, but need a "we are happy to see each other happiness"; it's not a set of interviews. Additional safeguards can eliminate discrimination, but allow everyone to have the protection of being a citizen in the exercise of legal life and death.

In fact, comrades do not have to marry, comrades just need to live like a person, love does not owe, like a human.

Designer: Huang Fanjin

Stop misreading the sexual revolution! Let everyone live the shape they like

Marriage equality is only the first step, not only the choice of love, but also to allow gender freedom, so that each sexual orientation, gender identity, gender temperament, can be untied. Even if I am a person, can I choose to live as my own conscience? Whether I am a boy or a girl, whether I want to be strong and weak, whether I want to be strong or not, who cares for the boy to leave no tears, who interferes with the girl's free adventure.

The bill also stops, comrades continue to die, be malicious discrimination, be seen as the other side, pushed to the brink of isolation, continued to the other side of the second Life.

I hope that the path of equality in marriage goes faster, because we still have a lot of gender interests to pursue: those who live at the bottom of their lives, women who are condemned for abortion, women who do not receive equal pay for work in the workplace, men who act as men in the secular world, people who suffer from AIDS, and the odd traits ... Marriage is the pursuit of sexual liberation, is to allow all the freedom of the sex emancipation, is across the class threshold, so that the spirit of the shackles of dogma to untie.

Not misreading sexual liberation, sexual liberation is discussed because of "physical sex, sexual orientation, gender temperament, gender identity, sexual preference, sexual life style, sexual practice, Sexual identity "by the various oppression, sexual liberation of the discussion is the relationship between the individual subject and society, sexual liberation pursuit of the gender spectrum projection in the community of democratic equality and justice, because of freedom, we also have to assume more self-discipline and independent thinking." Return to the most basic human psychological needs, we should not be for others to pursue a happy lifestyle choices, everyone should make their own choices. (Recommended reading:"Women in the picture book" does not teach children?) Let us help you! Crack five myths about gay marriage

"These sexual prohibitions show that everyone is required to allow only a single sexual life, regardless of the innate and acquired differences in the sexual structure of each person." Many people have been deprived of their sexual enjoyment and thus become a source of serious injustice. --"civilization and Its Discontents"

Freud's benefit (utilitarian) has discussed that happiness is not a model, not a standard, we must go to trust human beings have the ability to adapt to a more flexible gender environment, in a variety of choices, respect for their own thinking.

This gender movement, but also the liberation of society, from the gender context of the race, political, economic, cultural areas of the struggle. We hope to legalize same-sex marriage as gongs and drums and to ring the first sound of Taiwan's gender freedom.

Born as a person, should live more heart, you are so, evil is so, as the son,12/10 let life no longer die .