Interview director Wang Pingwen, listen to her into a gay family to see the real look, to understand the contemporary Taiwanese gay families with children face legal difficulties, may one day fall in love with a family.

"I was 65 years old, I had two daughters and a son, and when I knew my older daughter was gay, I am very shocked, this is very strange to me, I think, how our daughter will have this matter, I would like to say that I am not happy to forget, but I found that my children than I am not happy, I can't accept my child's unhappiness. 」

"The conduct of the Family", based on a real family, director Wang Pingwen said that know the story, because the film's father in front of the Legislative Yuan, he told the government, told the public, I am a gay father, I hope my daughter can start a family.

A traditional image of the father of Taiwan, the original can live a wider, our parents may wish our love. Outside of the video you can't help wondering how long it will take for every child to have this kind of father hug. (Recommended reading: Gender observation: 1210 Caldor See!) Comrades need to live like a human being.

Women fans hope to see more home with you, interview the "family" director Wang Pingwen, listen to her talk about the family under the camera, do not let prejudice, hinder the gentle growth of the family.

Family style: Fathers like me also support marriage equality

"The family's conduct" series of works is to see the older generation of people and marriage equality, or even open all identity prejudices, let the community know that everyone can support marriage equality. The director said: "In the November, we saw a group of parents in front of the Legislative Yuan, the film's father is in the crowd, he shared the story of his sons and daughters to start a family, see him standing here is very touched." Dad's shape is one you can imagine Taiwan's most traditional father, wearing a hat, wearing a polo shirt, but his mind is so soft, I want to say his story, see a father happy to see the daughter of Happiness heart. 」

The film was filmed in a documentary manner, the director hopes to show the most faithful story-like appearance, he walked into the hall of the family, saw his father's daily life, see the Family reunion appearance: "Only the truth, to convince people to focus on the issue, I have to visit my father and her daughter, and the daughter of the partner, After the interview I wrote down all the words they said, and now the narration that the film hears is their original sentence, what they really want to say in their hearts. 」

The quality of the director said the most profound Mo father talk about the daughter of the process of the cabinet: "The film's father told me that his daughter in high school he found that the daughter is not the same as other people, because the daughter's telephone fee is always very expensive, he knew that she and another girl is very close, found that after the father and mother discussed, think first don't tell her daughter, in six months of observation , father himself has been looking at the data, the domestic and foreign homosexual data collection, six months after the thick data printed out, to find a time to tell her daughter, he took the thick data said: "Mom and Dad accept." 』。 (Extended reading:"See Comrade" Big Turtle x JoJo: Two If you love each other, you can make a home )

In the interview with the daughter of the film, the daughter mentioned the first time with a partner to see the feelings of parents, she said that at that time told her partner, we will eat in the vicinity of the home, do not wear too formal, did not expect parents to wear formal clothing to come, the family in the vicinity of the steak house with a meal, both solemn and precious to complete the first meeting.

Every happy comrade has a family that knows how to respect behind.

The story of dad helping his daughter out of the closet is lovely and sweet, and what we see is a vision of a parent who is willing to go into communication with their children. Product director said that the family's most special is that they hold open mind: "Their idea is particularly open, treat people sincerely." All the children in their family will go to school together, so the so-called common learning is to let the children learn with their parents. Parents ' way of education is to respect their children's development and personal characteristics. For example, the general family has children crying, usually parents will give authoritative education, do not let the children cry, their home is very different, never blame the child, will not use the way to the children to speak to the child is equal. I was filming the scene. The way they communicate with their children is: "Would you like to ...?", never a tone of direction or order. 」

In particular, the father said that it is hoped that the law can be revised through the civil law, because the grandchildren will be in kindergarten next year, if it is very strict management, it will even cause the gay parents do not have the means to pick up their children. Gay families with children, there will be more obstacles to family life, these comrades born children, will face more strange vision.

A happy and respectful attitude, so that a family can be more empathetic to each other, the director said: "In fact, the film in the father and the general generation of parents no different, they also accept the traditional knowledge of the growth, the only difference is, Dad's heart is very open, he always first understand again, respect each child, to now dad will use I Pad lectures, absorbing a lot of knowledge. "(recommend: Sex Watch: The law ignores gay stories, no love, no room Biansen )

Product director also said, do not stop learning should be everyone's homework: "I will remind myself to take a step more, beyond their own stratosphere, we all say that Facebook will only see you and the idea of the same position, I am aware of the fact that people encounter with different ideas will be rejected, and even gradually alienated from these friends. I think we all have to learn to talk to people from different sides, for example, when I see opposition in Facebook, my first move would not be to block him, but to solve him, to see his other articles, to see why he had such an idea, or to see a topic on the internet that I didn't pay attention to. The most important thing is to hold the attitude of openness and learning. 」

"Because the times are constantly changing, we will one day become the so-called traditional generation, do not become a hindrance to young people, grow into a friendly pluralistic society." 」

As creators, they must speak across the stratosphere.

The director focuses on gay issues from a creative perspective and expects the film industry to have more sex narratives. "Whether it's an image or a media magazine, in terms of creation, we still don't have much to do with same-sex issues, and we need to get the gender diversity of society to be seen, such as television movies in Taiwan Today, and we can see that there are very few roles of same sex and gender, and even if they are very rigid. Through the faithful presentation of the story, it is important to make generations of people who receive messages through different media channels understand different gender roles. 」

She shares the values that no matter who they are, so it is up to the public who accepts the message, or the creator, to remain skeptical and willing to understand. Many people say that Taiwan is a false open society, perhaps the real problem is generational differences, out of the stratosphere, only in the same cabinet, walk to the parents of the deterrent. The director said that the reason we had to contact more objections was to get the children out of the closet: "We have a lot of gay teenagers who are not being treated well, and they face the challenge of self-identification and environmental malice at that age." 」

Times are changing, there are always people who walk fast and slow down, and it is important that we walk a group of people farther and longer.

Hear the voice of comrades, also remember to listen to the heart of ABBA words: "The answer is very simple, is love and acceptance." 」