After 12/10, the road to marriage equality is not over, we wait for the 12/26 bill into the next session, but also the collection of photographs, together remember the power of the day.

December 10, for the marriage of affirmative stand out of the end of the concert, a few with the veteran station on stage will be choked, they said, this is they have seen caldor the most full. For 30 years, I have never seen so many people go to the streets to fight for gay rights.

When the rainbow balloons are lifted, we head up, memory of those who died because of gender temperament and sexual orientation, if the beautiful soul has an afterlife, let them live in a society without discrimination and fear, we do not forget to look forward to the road to fight for rights, as the beauty legislator said, we stand on top of the mountain, But there's still a long way to go. (Recommended reading: Reread the rose teenager: Ye Yongji dead, but there are more Ye Yongji in the world )

The beauty legislator, 12/26, will send three bills in any case. The next session, next April, will be the quickest to pass marriage equality, also next June. The scene heard noisy "civil law does not fix, discrimination endlessly" and "marriage equality, cai English refueling" slogan.

Yesterday, women fans team in the scene, we eight meet 12:30 to the scene to find a place, hold high women and blush Red Hand card, "Life is very long, I would like to accompany you walk together" life is difficult, let's get married easier. Our position is very close to the stage, one side of the tree, see the same old Chi Jiawei struggling to wave with his more than 30 years of rainbow flag, just remember, the gay movement has been so long, we walked so far, and finally came close to the position of progress, is now, to the future.

Invite in Caldor scene or not at the scene of you, follow the documentary photography set of Eyes, remember 12/10 scene moved and strength, let us tell ourselves, "Our ticket is arrived at the terminal, do not get off midway." 」

"It's a long life, and I'm willing to walk you through it." "" is long, I would being with the "very end."

occasional rain, and the scene can be everywhere See the Rainbow.

Six colored roses in front of the stage

Pray the teacher climbed to the tree, looking at the distance, waving rainbow flags. I heard the boy in the back of the row secretly asked, who is that? The younger generation may not shout out Chi Jiawei Teacher's name, originally along with the road also walked so long, the generation alternating, the new old face together on the street.
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A piece of pink, gorgeous, support Taiwan through marriage equality.

Love may be the complexity of other people's mouth, in fact, it can be very simple. You hold me in your arms, I can imagine what we have later.

' Maybe marriage isn't all heterosexual choice, and not all homosexuals want to get married, but what we can do is make marriage an option, ' says HUSH.

Lin Linzo with the time force legislators to show a firm stance to promote marriage equality.
He smiling to say, along the way, comrade friend very enthusiastic, kissed him several, he felt the special honor.

The woman is in the live, inviting you to witness the scene

Stand out, all walks of life to support comrades.

Green Peak said that the hope that the community has a "horizontal", not to a bad. Instead of being supported by others, you have to attack others, but as a rare experience and an experience. Also hope that opponents can have a head-up heart, to think about the issue of equality of marriage. If there is a head-up heart, everyone enjoys, will be true freedom.

Woman fan author Avross, with the flying Rainbow

Woman obsessed with blushing red author Aguili Pretty

It was late and it began to rain, and people propped up an umbrella. Wang Tianming He Xiang, Chenxue breakfast people stand on the stage, to remember the power of today at this moment.

Finally, He Shishi on the scene to sing "rolls." Rice, she said, Hong Kong and even Asia should thank Taiwan for such efforts, and would like Taiwan to become the first Asian country to pass through marriage equality, blowing wind to Asian countries. Also hope that under the leadership of Taiwan,"rolls." Reiss doesn't have to sing anymore because the world has become more loving.

This day, I want us to remember all the time.