Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Pop diva Madonna (Madonna), 58 years old this year, in a Billboard (Billboard) award for the Female Artist of the year, delivered a speech criticizing the media and the public's dislike of the actress, and looking at the wrong way to Madonna bad feminism. (same field Gayon: feminist bad daughter: Ketilofi's teenage rebellion )

"Billboard" for the United States the most authoritative music magazine, annual award of Female Artist Awards eye-catching, this year, this award by Madonna (Madonna) na elder sister, she debut 34, in addition to popular queen name, everyone called her sister.

This sound elder sister, is Madonna crosses the youth to the old age to become domineering, she is the record sales highest female singer, 2000 years ago her in the popular cultural circles to bring the full elasticity sexual desire symbol: The abuse love, the bundle ... Cultural critics say Madonna is a sex rebel, and more people are pointing out that Madonna's lust has gone out of the way. However, secular criticism of her, some feminist also criticized the bold style of Madonna, light that she was in Sichuan and Hillary Clinton's presidential election, "vote for her I will give you oral sex" let feminists fear.

Many people love to hate this global feeling, one side to do Hett side infatuated with her, the wild woman in the 2016 United States "billboard" awards ceremony said: Sorry, you have been black special me, but I, now is standing here. (same field Gayon:"Be true to yourself, you are born perfect!") "lady Gaga's Woman story )

Let's follow Madonna this year's award-winning speech into her rebellious and unruly life.

Rebel actress code one: Who says you can be beautiful, but not too smart?

"As a actress, I would like to thank you for giving me such an award after 34 years of being humiliated by my constant dislike of women and incessant verbal bullying." In the entertainment circle we play this game: If you are a girl, you must abide by the rules of the game, please note below. You are told to be beautiful, cute, sexy, but don't be too smart, don't be too conspicuous. 」

1990 U.S. "Capitalist" magazine review Madonna for the generation of the smartest entrepreneur, her record sales in billion, but Madonna earn a full purse, only one belief: let others to determine their own happy people, is poor people.

"I'm tough, I'm ambitious, I know exactly what I want." If it makes me a hooker, yes! OK. 」

Her cleverness was sharp and she did not want to hide it. Of course, Madonna is not less abused, perhaps you would say that not every girl has her capital, can let oneself to fight for rights and interests, but do not forget, Madonna also experienced a patriarchal society and part of feminism in the hands of the stone hit her day, because she is not timid her own sharp, She dared to endure the glare of the spotlight and hurt people, so she was like a wild fire, spread in the music pop culture circle.

Rebel actress code two: No need to be slutty just right

"You are allowed to be a doll in the eyes of a man and play their slut, but you don't want to have your own lust." Then, I mean, never, never reveal your sexual fantasies to the world. The rules tell you to be a man's favorite woman, and don't forget, you have to make other women feel comfortable. 」

Madonna said that the society's double standard for women's human nature. Japanese writer Ueno Crane in the book "Tired of women" that men cut women as "saint and prostitute to rule", in other words, as the women and the object of the marriage is very different, the reproductive function of women and sexual pleasure female two ethnic groups in the eyes of the patriarchal line is clear, non-aggression. The unruly man, like Madonna, naturally panics, and she never pleases a particular tribe, so there is no such thing as "please men, not offend women."

Madonna has said in a visit that many men are afraid of her because men fear women have both rights and autonomy for sexual pleasure. The male anxiety caused by Madonna the latent consciousness that men are afraid of failure and fear that female subjects transcend patriarchy. She continued to tease the system, in an arrogant posture to surpass herself. So far, Madonna is still the only actress on the stage stroking his nakedness. (Recommend you: thousand female Lust: academic circle, social movement and the feminine lust in popular culture )

Rebel actress code Three: Do not grow old? When you're old, you can have lust.

"In the end, don't get old, grow old is your sin, you will be exposed to blatant discrimination and insult, after the complete disappearance from the music circle." 」

In the Billboard Award-winning speech, Madonna again kicked the entertainment circle to uphold the young rule. The entire American entertainment industry is based on the commercial interests of the female audience is known, the actress over 40 is "retired", gossip media for sales to exploit women's body and face. Madonna at the age of 50 was confronted with pressing media rage: "f*ck! I'm 50 years old, what do you want. (Extended reading: gender Watch: flat chest and old hips pride!) The rules of the goddess of the Imollet, Kee Lanatri, Madonna )

The media don't care about her old fart's flabby skin, last year, she in the "Bitch I ' m Madonna" MV sold her youthful dead body, nearly 60 of her like a girl wearing a thong twist body, kiss the meat, an example of a ripe old days, Madonna confidence with a cheap gesture to greet the world's jaw.

Madonna in the past to earn a lot of capital by their own youth, walking on the aging road, she is opening up a new path for herself, trying to flesh their own wrinkles to arouse the male desire, even with the girl's gaze between the desire to identify. Only Madonna can surpass Madonna, she is really selfish than Emmahuasen HeForShe. Madonna seems to carry all the scars of a woman's body since the beginning of time, a one-time exposure to the eruption in her life, a sigh of relief for the weak woman.

Bad feminism, walking on a lonely road

Finally Madonna mentioned his book "Erotica Era and Sex" was Camille Paglia accused of backsliding: "It is like saying:" Oh you are a feminist, so you do not have lust. "I am different from this feminism, I am a bad feminist." 」

She counted, Michael Jackson died, Tupac Shakur died Whitney Houston gone, Amy Winehouse gone, David Bowie gone, the music circle legend is allowed to fall, she is holding for them: "But I ' m still standing. I ' M one of the lucky ones, and every day I count my blessings.

Madonna is aware of the way men move forward, she spends a lot of money on women's capital, but does such a patriarchal dividend, the use of capitalism, be a dogma that contemporary women should know? The question is worth pondering. Madonna in the postmodern way of seizing power, yet the opposite of Madonna mirrors is a group of women who cannot escape from their patriarchal expectations or are still oppressed at the bottom of their patriarchy. On the way of contemporary feminist practice, Madonna is lonely and deviated from the reality, her appearance also suggested that the feminist circle is tolerant of heterogeneous possibility? Or maybe that's why she's a legend.

We should not criticize women who show lust and blame sexual exploitation on them, but change the society that does not welcome women's lust for sex. 40 years ago, Madonna 18 years old, she faded her clothes and performed her nipples and genitals in front of the camera, and she paraded the woman who had long been regarded as a disgrace to the stage, freeing her body to be stared and slaughtered. In the Battle of gender Liberation, Madonna has gone a long way, and her bad feminism has broken the political correctness of cultural construction and has continued to offend the public with incorrect posture. (same field Gayon: the inner force of chivalrous woman!) Interview with simply wish: "Feminist efforts to let feminism Die")

"I know I'm controversial, but I think the most controversial thing I've ever done is stick to it," he said. Finally, I would like to say that your resistance will only make me stronger, make me work harder, make me a warrior today, shaping me to be today's woman. So I want to say to you, thanks. 」

She is 58 years old, she is still standing here, she is the pop music, feminist circle of Perpetual mania. Maybe Madonna is a trick, but it's really addictive.