single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. If you want to love, Love Like a rock godmother Petti Smith Patti Smith, want you to do my eternal homesickness, I love you and really rich. Do not be lovers, we will be the eternal family, everything to each other, we become ourselves. (Recommended to you: thought is my sexy belt!) Annual Influence Women Almanac: Little Williams, Petti Smith, Ono )

Petti Smith is full of poetry, her songs are, Life is, Love is. She loved Robert Mapplethorpe, and he was always a unruly teenager in her heart, confused and charming, lonely and dangerous, a pair of wild children, who loved each other as an everlasting family.

They first met, she was only 21 years old, Rob took her favorite Persian necklace, placed in the palm, like a shoulder blade shape, she impulsively said to him, "Don't give it to other girls, send it to me." He smiled at her and reassured her that the necklace was finally wrapped in purple cotton paper and returned to her hand, and he wanted to be her scapula.

Since then, they have been together. At that time, they were so poor that they could not even afford to pay for the museum tickets, they bought a ticket, went to see it, and came out and said to the other person. They share a pair of eyes, and all they see is love.

"The boy I met was shy and not very talkative," said Robert Petti Smith. He likes to be led, to go into another world with all his heart and soul. Even when he was feminine and tame, he was full of masculine beauty and protective lust. 」

Love is very neutral, they explore each other's beautiful body, enjoy the protection and protection of the day, like children have the natural desires, suffocating kiss sleep years, feel that they are loved by the universe, clearly very poor, but also very rich.

In the turbulent 670 years, Pattismith and Rob is doomed to shock, stepping through Brooklyn, each walk of the picture is like Leica Lens, the hodgepodge of cities hidden too much despair, they look into each other when they see pure beauty.

"What will we do?" "Patty asked. "We will always be together." "Robert answered.

Rob later passed many men, and his loving Patty was defiant, like the cover of "Qunma", wearing a white shirt and black tie, leaning against a white wall, staring at the camera with a sparkle. They are so young, they leave each other, and fear will not grow up.

I deeply remember "just children" in the book Petti Smith wrote these plots, feel beautiful, everything to each other, we become ourselves. This is Rob after the death of AIDS, Petigiu owed the love letter, the book is full of her Miss Rob's expression, they once said, to be together.

If you want to love, Love like Petti Smith. Love like my twin brother, body and love are neutral, do each other's mirror, caress all your uneasiness and scars, as I cherish myself.

If you want to love, Love like Petti Smith, I love you so I would like you to only be yourself, the world is fresh, you are young, don't worry and I love you.

"I understand that in this little time and space, we have delivered each other's loneliness and filled it with trust." "Petti Smith said, and I want to say to you.