2016 Pirelli's annual Almanac flipped over sexy hot , a mobile face, celebrities who represent women's rights feministas: Patti Smith , Amy Schumer, Yoko Ono, etc. -- to take a look at the calendar and look forward to a better 2016 than physical curve .(Recommended reading: Nigerian author, Adicie: "I am a feminist, because we deserve a more rightiable world" )

The Italian Tire Group's annual Almanac has been known as "the Gospel of Men", and has been nicknamed the "Gospel of Men", known for its photographic style of "men's loneliness" for half a century.They have been denounced as trafficking in flesh, a single, hot, sexy image of women.

In one year, Pireli broke the definition and framework of the sex, followed by a large size model, and in 2016, Pirelli invited the annual women's celebrity, who cared about affirmative action and justice for the weak, with the American photographer Annie Leibovitz's negative definition of sex.

This year's photo photos show women's traits: perseverance, soft, wild or implied, tennis women, Serena Williams, American rock singer and writer Patti Smith, Yoko Yoko Ono, actress Yao Chen, American television monitor Kathleen Kennedy and other women as brand new symbols. (Sibling: Zeng Kai, Emma Watson, Vera Davis!2015 Nine-uncompromising Women's Momin )

Amy Schumer: My truman is worth the same love

Amy · Schumer (Amy Schumer)

Women, Beautiful , , Strong , thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, sexy, sexy, disgusting, perfect woman.' — — Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer wears her underwear, picks up the coffee and shows her rich and wrinkles, and no one will doubt that she drinks the coffee. It's like saying, "Are you looking at me?"

Amy Schumer is an actor, screenwriter, and director.He was awarded the 67th Emmy Award in the United States.She has always been disgruned from the mainstream, and she has always embraced her and her figure in the show. Amy Schumer is full of confidence about the fondness, and she once said, "I have a small belly and a difficult fat, but I am also worth being loved."In Hollywood, she does not fear the media's criticism and promote the value of women.(Recommended reading: There is a woman with a small belly, it's actually the hottest )

Petty Smith: What are the reasons for your life to follow the path of life?

Petty · Smith (Patti Smith), American singer-songwriter and poet.

"If you biting a person only once, there is no reason to follow the wave.""

Pink's Godmother, Petty Smith is an extensive art complex, a new page in the history of rock and roll, and a lifelong love of literature and painting.She combines rock and roll with a new aesthetic of rock and roll, with a "child" of "child" and a love that is deeper than the young lover.

We want to remember that musicians don't come here to serve the media, and the media isn't here to serve the music, " she said.If they really serve the people, that is the people.Without stopping the transmission of ideas and creativity, Petty continued to participate in musical performances, perpetuations of her human rights concepts, in addition to the artistic creation of Petty at various exhibitions.

Yoko Ono: Please don't stop me from being myself

Yoko Ono

Please don't stop me from being my own way, feel my energy, or shut up."

This year, the 82-year-old Yoko is the second wife of Japanese-American musician and John Lennon ·She likes to send "feminist", "love and peace" in art, for 40 years, and this year, the "Yoko Ono: a woman's dance platform".

When you think of John · Lennon, you must also think of Yoko, just because of her lover's identity, but also because she's a great artist, a unique charm, and you never think of Yoko, and she once said, " Maybe you think I'm small, but I have a deep, deep space inside. Yoko Ono is a woman with such a bold step.(Siblon: Twenty First Girl Songs to Your Full Power )

Natalia Vodianova: Power to me

Natalia Vodianova came from Russia, where she began helping her mother when she was six years old. When she was 14 years old, she was discovered by the stars while she was helping her fruit in a local town. In three months, she learned English and went to Paris for modeling training. Two years later, the VIVA modeling agency, signed by the contract, became a supermodel.In 2015, Forbes was ranked fifth in the world's most lucrative supermodel list.

She was fond of philanthropy and founded the Naked Heart Foundation of the Child Charity Foundation in 2005."I don't know any psychiatrists, but I know that the playgrounds can at least leave the children away from the painful reality," she said."Many people say she's a Cinderella, but she's even more of her own magic mother, and more than anyone," strong and beautiful, and they are the source of beauty."" (Recommended to you: When the world says I shouldn't be seen: Madelyn's clothing modelling dream )

Yao Chen: A Woman's Sexy From Thought

Chinese actor Yao Chen

I am a man who is a man of face and who doesn't like to cry in front of a person.I am not a strong man, but I am definitely a traitor!

Chinese actor Yao Chen and Ambassador Yao Chen the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in China have been focusing on refugee activities over the past five years, using a down-to-earth way to topple what others have said to be "doing what they do."Yao Chen's real life seems to be not allowed in entertainment circles. When kindness becomes a sin, she doesn't care about the wind and rain or she goes on her own path.The two marriages, including Yao Chen's two marriages, were both divorced twice, and she remained at the top of the sky, with a single mother and a single mother who lived happily ever after.

Yao Chen also said on this shooting: " Everyone who took part in this experience of this experience has a sense of pride, a sense of non-sexy, but this kind of sexy comes from their minds and minds.And I'm a part of them, and I'm proud!"

Williams: the true woman who dared to lose

World Tennis Queen Williams (S.Williams)

"Luck is not related to success, because I spent a lot of hours and hours practicing on the field, just for that particular moment, although I didn't know when it was coming.""

Serena Williams is a United States female professional tennis player.She was the sister of Venus Williams, who was later called "Little Wilderlies" and "Small Wee" by the media.In July, she won the Best Women's Tennis Athletes Award for the seventh time in the world.

Even if his career was remarkable, he wrote down the "Four Contest" titles and accumulated the of the Grand Slam title of the "21st Grand Slam", and often accused Xiaowei of "not having enough ", "like a man".
should be defined by the woman's taste?Who should be the standard for " women"?J.K. Rowling has a small force: " She's a real athlete, a real model, a real woman!"You see the strength of muscles in her arms every inch, and we thank you for bringing the meaning of this generation to the real woman — dare to win, lose, and not give up the life she wants."(Extended Read: Nude Photography: Aesthetics of the Athletes with You See Power )

12 Woman Turnout Sexy, Sexy. Sexy. It turns out not only physical, but also mind and intelligence.Next, let's go through the full year of the year — the — 2016 " the Pireli Almanac.

Kathleen Kennedy, Hollywood Gold Film Productions

Shirin Neshat, Iranian director, producer, actor, screenwriter

Tavi Gevinson, the youngest in the United States, is one of the most influential 25 teenagers in 2014, known
"The Times", known for its use of second-hand clothing.

Melllody Hobson, President
the American Film Production Company, DreamWorks Animation,

Fran Lebowitz, Actors, Producers, Primary Works are

, < Super Star: Andy ·'s Time and Life >, etc.

Right: Agnes Gund is currently the Honorary Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.It was awarded the National Medal of the Arts in 1997.
Left: Sadie Rain Hope-Gund, the granddaughter of Agnes Gund, also loves art sponsoring and collection.

Ava DuVernay, the first black woman to be nominated by the Golden Globe Award for Best Director.
2012, she was nominated for the Best Director of the Sundance Film Festival by the "Middle of Nowhere" ("Middle of Nowhere"), and finally won the Grand Prize of the jury.